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40 Best Gifts for Working Moms That She’ll Love (& Actually Use)

These gifts for working moms are ones that will either make her working life easier, be a gift she can use at work, mom gifts to practice self care and more. It’s your ultimate guide of gifts that the special mom in your life will actually love and use.

Plus they’re broken down in a way that will help you understand her working mom brain a bit better because it comes from a working mom herself (me).

So take a look below and find your special mama the perfect gift this next holiday season or special occassion!

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christmas gifts for working moms

Gifts to Make Working Moms Lives Easier

Now these gift ideas below are specifically meant to help make your working mom’s life so much easier. And don’t worry, I’ll explain how each gift idea can help do this so that you can better understand what goes on in our busy lives.

So here are the best gifts for working moms that will be useful in our everyday lives.

robotic vacuum as one of the best gifts for working moms

1) Robotic Vacuum

We all know that things have to get cleaned someway, somehow. But when we’ve been working all day long, the last thing we want to do is clean. But thankfully, this robotic vacuum helps take away this task from us by taking care of the floors for us. All we have to do is press a button and relax while our floors get vacuumed clean.

Now that would be a dream present for mom. Take a look at this highly rated robotic vacuum from Amazon here.

2) Amazon Dot

Moms are always running around the house trying to get things done. At the same time, our brains are kinda doing the same thing so we tend to think or remember things at the most random time and normally when our hands are full. Amazon Dot can help by letting us just shout out whatever came to mind so that it can either add it as a reminder or as a note for us to come back to later.

It’s definitely one of those small techy gifts that we would appreciate so much. Take a look at the Amazon Dot here.

Keurig coffee maker as my favorite gift for working moms

3) Keurig Coffee Maker

It is very rare that a working mom can function without coffee. Now thankfully, my fiancé gifted me my Keurig coffee maker a couples years back and has been an amazing kitchen appliance that gets put to good use every morning. As I’m getting ready, the coffee is getting dripped into my travel mug so that it can be ready when it’s time to go.

In the mornings, every minute counts so having my coffee go straight into into mug helps a ton. So take a look and pick your Keurig coffee maker color option here.

crock pot slow cooker as a great gift idea for moms

4) Crock Pot Slow Cooker

Now a crock pot slow cooker is definitely something that I need to get used to using more often. Why? Because imagine us being able to come home and dinner has already been cooking all day. I’ve done it a few times and it is awesome knowing that dinner is technically already served. This in itself makes it more than just one gift for mom (it’s more like several in one).

So take a look at this awesome crock pot slower cooker set here and help dinner be cooked without mama cooking it (technically).

FitBit Versa is a gift moms would love

5) FitBit Versa

I honestly don’t know what I would do without my FitBit Versa. It not only helps me stay productive throughout my work day, but it helps me keep track of my health and sleeping habits as well. I tend to be a workaholic so having an hourly reminder to get up or checking how I slept helps me try to maintain a good balance. This lets me know it can help her too.

Take a look at this super cute rose gold FitBit Versa and other color options here.

Tile Mate Key Finder is a great gift idea

6) Tile Mate Key Finder

You know what’s the worst? When you’re running late in the morning of a big presentation and cannot seem to find your keys. This is seriously the worst feeling ever and having a Tile Mate Key Finder in this situation would really help. Running late and getting cranky before work is not a good start to the day.

So spare your working mama some of this trouble and grab this Bluetooth Tile Mate Key Finder here.

7) Brain Dump Journal

Remember how I said that things come to us at the most random times? Yeah it’s true. So instead, I try to push out all of these thoughts and reminders at the beginning of each month to avoid this as much as possible. This digital Brain Dump Journal for Moms helps give us a place to dump out our thoughts. Plus it makes the perfect “extra” gift as it only costs $3.

And because it’s so insanely cheap but valuable, it makes one of the best gifts for working moms. So grab your brain dump journal here.

Get her any one of these gifts above and I promise that you’ll be making her life just a little bit easier and every bit counts when we’re a mom.

But I have to admit that sometimes the best gift could also be something that we would use every single day, so those are the types of gifts for working moms we’ll cover next.

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Gifts for Working Moms to Use at Work

Have you ever considered getting that special mama something that would be useful for her at her job? Maybe not since you probably have no idea what that would even be, right?

Well don’t worry because as a working mom myself, I have quite a few gift ideas that have either worked great for me or are ones that I personally would have loved to receive.

travel weekender bag for working moms

8) Work Travel Bag

Working in the corporate world sometimes means that traveling is part of the job. So with travel comes the need to pack efficiently and have everything that you need in a travel carry-on work bag. Ideally, these should have some extra pockets, be spacious on the inside and be large enough to fit their work laptop and accessories at minimum.

Take a look at the variety of work travel bags here.

stylish laptop backpack as one of the awesome gifts for working moms

9) Stylish Laptop Backpack

Now I don’t know about your working mama but I like cute and style. So another great gift idea for mom would be to get them a stylish laptop backpack because who said the corporate world has to be boring? And practical doesn’t have to look ugly either.

Take a look for yourself at this super cute and stylish laptop backpack that you know she will love and use daily.

10) Apple AirPods

Okay which mama wouldn’t love some Apple AirPods as a gift idea? Actually I myself am more of an Android girl but know many moms are Apple all the way. These noise cancelling earbuds are perfect especially if working in a noisy cubicle area or if she simply wants to listen to some podcasts while she gets work done.

So check out these Apple AirPods here and give your mama the gift that she really wants this year.

presentation remote is a gift idea for the mom who works at the office

11) Presentation Remote

Does your working mama do lots of presentations? If so, having a presentation remote would make her presentations go by so much easier. This would allow her to click through her presentation from anywhere in the room. No more sitting at her laptop and clicking the space bar or arrows to proceed.

Take a look at this presentation remote here that can help make her presentation go by smoothly each and every time.

tumbler and planner set

12) Work Hard Stay Sweet Agenda and Stainless Steel Tumbler Set

Help her stay organized and motivated with this 18-month colorful agenda with hand-lettered inspirational quotes and stickers designed to help mama achieve her goals. As a matching bonus, the cute insulated-tumbler makes it the perfect pair.

Take a look at the full details to this agenda and tumbler set here.

13) Boss Mom Pens

Sometimes a practical gift can be turned into a really special one just by giving it a little personal touch. So why not give her a set of boss mom pens to remind her how awesome she is. It’s small motivational gesture that could help her push through the daily work chaos

Take a look at these Boss Lady pens here.

14) The Happy Planner

Now someone was recently looking for new planner recommendations in a working mom Facebook group and this Happy Planner seemed to be a hit amongst working mamas and I can see why! It has space for Monthly, Weekly and Daily tasks, along with space that can be used for brain dumping.

The multiple layouts it provides makes it perfect for list and note takers too. And if you’re a visual person, the stickers that come included will help ensure you don’t forget anything again. Check out the different Happy Planner options here.

laptop lap desk as one of the gift for working moms

15) Laptop Lap Desk

I have this laptop lap desk and love it so much because it helps me work from just about anywhere. If I’m tired of sitting at my desk or simply want to go sit on the couch or bed while I work, this lap desk helps me do that. I especially love that this one has a spot for my hand mouse because working from the laptop mouse is not as easy, making this one my favorite lap desk of them all.

And I’m sure your working mama would love this one too so take a closer look at this laptop lap desk for yourself.

USB hub adapter as a gift idea

16) USB Hub Adapter

Depending on how much stuff your mama has going on, they may need a USB hub adapter. Having one of these helps them connect all the different cables that they may need like their monitors, printer or even keyboard and mouse.

I’ll admit that this is probably one of the least wanted but most needed gifts for a working mom. So take a look at the USB hub adapter and see if it’s something that you could give her as an add-on gift.

portable charger as a great gift idea

17) Portable Charger

Now a portable charger is something that any working mom could use regardless of what type of work they do. There could be a limited amount of outlets or maybe the outlet is a bit too far for her comfort. In my case, it was down under the desk which required me to really duck in there to be able to plug in my phone.

This could also be the case for your mama so having one of these could really save her the hassle. Take a look at all the portable charger color options here.

blue light blocking glasses is a much needed gift idea

18) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Now I’ll have to admit that blue light blocking glasses are not something that I have tried yet however, it is something that I’ve been seeing pop up more frequently. And since I’m pretty much at a computer screen all day long, I am highly considering getting these (or maybe someone will get them for me haha).

So protect the eyes of your loved one and check out this pair blue light blocking glasses here.

keyboard and mouse pad as a gift for working moms

19) Keyboard & Mouse Pad

As a working mom who sits at her desk all day long and does lots of hand and finger movements, I have learned the importance of taking care of your desk ergonomics. Having a keyboard and mouse pad is super important to prevent hand issues down the road. So although your special mama may not want one, it still makes a great gift idea when trying to get her something she needs.

Take a look at all the keyboard and mouse pad design options here as I’m sure they’ll be one perfect for her.

stress balls for hardworking moms

20) Stress balls

Did you know that stress balls are more than just stress relieving balls? They actually help strengthen your hands and wrists so is the perfect small gift idea for those who do lots of typing. Plus if she’s working in the corporate world, I’m pretty sure she actually does get stressed throughout the day so these would help relieve some of that tension as well.

Take a look at these stress balls with inspiring quotes here to remind your working mama to remain cool, calm and collected.

So there you have it. These are the best gifts for working moms that they can use at the workplace or when working from home. Though I’ll admit that some on this list are more needs than wants. Therefore, I would recommend that if you do choose one gift idea from this category, that you also get her something special from the category below.

I mean it is a special occasion after all and she deserves the full needs and wants package, don’t you think?

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Subscription Boxes Mom Will Love

If you really want to surprise her with something unique and give her a gift that you probably have never given her before, then one of these subscription boxes would be perfect.

And in case you don’t know, a subscription box is pretty much a box filled with surprises each and every time. You don’t know what will come inside before you order it. However, you can take a look at previous boxes to get an idea of the type of items that come included. For each subscription box, the value of what you will receive well exceeds that amount of the cost (which is why they are so popular).

You can choose to either grab one box or set a recurring box to arrive for a certain amount of time. But with everything that comes with each subscription box for moms below, even just one of these will make her smile.

mom things subscription box

21) Mom Things

For the busy mom who deserves to feel special, this Mom Things subscription box is for them. Previous boxes have included veggie choppers, fashion accessories, gratitude journal, face masks and more making this perfect mix of practical yet deserving. And as this is one of the most popular mom boxes, they tend to sell out quickly.

Take a closer look at this Mom Things subscription box and the previous boxes to decide if it’s “the one.”

on the go mommy subscription box

22) On the Go Mom

Just by looking at this On the Go Mom subscription box makes me feel like it’s one of the most cheerful gifts for working moms, especially because we are definitely always on the go. From wellness to beauty, home organizational items and snacks, this has a bit of everything to help moms juggle our busy lives.

Take a look at this On the Go Mom subscription box here to see if it’s personality fits the one of the special mama in your life.

pampered mommy subscription box for busy moms

23) Pampered Mommy

How many times have you seen the special mama in your life pamper herself? Ideally, they should be treating themselves to a nice relaxing bath or even putting on a face mask at minimum once a week. So if this isn’t happening, this Pampered Mommy box would be the perfect reminder that they deserve to practice self-care too.

With 5-7 products in each box, you know they’ll be able to pamper themselves so take a look at this Pampered Mommy subscription box here.

therabox subscription box for working moms

24) TheraBox

And speaking of self-care, why not get them a TheraBox subscription box which is specifically aimed at reducing stress and increasing joy in your special mama’s life by practicing self-love. Also, what makes this box unique is that it was put together by therapists and contains over $120 worth of products inside.

Click here to watch the TheraBox unboxing video and find out why this is one of the most popular subscription boxes on the internet.

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snacksack subscription box as a working moms gift idea

25) SnackSack

LOL so my desk at work is honestly filled with a bunch of different snacks making this SnackSack subscription box an awesome gift for your working mom. I guess this because I wasn’t the only one at the office with a desk full of snacks. The reason? There are times where we are just too busy to even warm up our lunch or maybe we forgot it behind.

So imagine giving the gift of healthy snacks to try and see how this SnackSack subscription box helps do just that.

None of these call your attention? Take a look at the hundreds of different subscription box options here (you may even find one you love for yourself LOL).

Or maybe subscription boxes aren’t your cup of tea but did like the idea of giving your special lady the gift of self-care, so self care gift ideas for moms are up next.

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Comfort & Self-Care Gift Ideas

We all know that moms tend to be “too busy” to take care of themselves. Sometimes all it takes is for someone else to remind them that they deserve to take time for self-care for and that’s exactly what these gift ideas for working moms will do.

They will not only give her comfort during her bad days but they’ll also help her practice self-care even though she lives a busy lifestyle. Plus, wouldn’t you rather be around a more relaxed mama instead of the tense one?

foot massager as one of the best gifts for working moms

26) Foot Massager

We actually have this exact foot massager at home and it does wonders. It especially feels great when I have been on my feet all day or after getting home from being in my heels. And let me tell you, I’m not the only one using this, nope. My fiancé uses this all the time. So even though it would technically be a gift for her, it’ll also be a gift for you too.

Take a look at the amazing features this foot and calf massager has to offer here and be prepared for foot massages on demand.

27) Neck & Shoulder Massager

Okay so I’ll admit that we like to treat ourselves from time to time so we also have this neck and shoulder massager. It’s great whenever I’ve been sitting at my desk all day long or when I feel pretty tense. Just a few minutes of using this thing helps me recover and gets me back to feeling like new.

Once again, it’ll technically be a gift for you too so check out this neck and shoulder massager here.

essential oils for stressed working moms

28) Essential Oils

So lately I’ve been hearing about all the amazing benefits essential oils can bring. This is probably why they are becoming an increasingly popular gift idea for working moms, or any mom for that matter. And with so many ways to use them, a beginner’s essential oil set would be a great place to start.

Take a look at all 20 essential oils included in this essential oils beginner’s gift set that can help her relax and concentrate better.

essential oils diffuser for working moms who need to relax

29) Essential Oils Diffuser

Piggybacking from what I mentioned previously, an essential oils diffuser helps spread the nice smell throughout the home. This creates benefits for not only the mom but for the entire family. Acting as a humidifier with nice light combinations, it can help keep the whole house relaxed.

Take a look at the 10 essential oils included with this diffuser set here and see why this is a perfect gift for mom.

relaxation spa gift set for working moms

30) Relaxation Spa Gift Box

What if you took it an extra mile and gifted her with a spa day at home? We know that it can be a bit hard for us moms to get out of the house especially without our children so instead, this relaxation spa gift box has everything that she needs to relax and practice self-care without leaving the home.

It’s one of the best gifts for working moms because it’s not something that we would normally get for ourselves so take a look at this relaxation spa in a box set here.

gifts for working mom could be bath bombs like these

31) Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

If you have a tub at home then there is no reason why your special working mom should ever run out of bath bombs. They are the perfect addition to any gift you give as they will help keep her calm and relaxed. The purpose of these bath bombs is to help ease the mind, body and soul of the overworked mom.

So select her favorite scent and grab a set of dozen of these smell-good bath bombs here.

32) Sheet Face Masks

Omg I love using sheet face masks! I tried the whole peel-off mask thing but those really hurt whereas sheet face masks are just super easy to put on. They still leave your face feeling nice and soft while also making your skin look so rejuvenated. And thankfully, this is one of those self-care ideas that only take 10 to 20 minutes to do.

So if she’s always on the run and barely has time for self care, these sheet face masks are the way to go so check them out here.

house slippers for women as a working mom gift idea

33) House Slippers

Or how about getting her some cute and comfy house slippers that she’ll love? DSW is known to be every women’s secret shoe shop so you know that they’ll be a pair you can pick out for her. You can choose to keep it basic or furry or maybe even a pair of slipper booties.

Take a look at the variety of house slippers here and find the most comfy one for her.

sleep robe for women - gifts for working moms

34) Comfy Robes

If you’re thinking about grabbing a pair of comfy slippers like suggested above, why not get a soft, comfy robe to go with them? It’ll be like getting her a full sleepwear set so she can be comfy at all times.

Take a look at the different comfy robes here to see which would she would love the most.

pink sleeping mask as a gift for working moms

35) Sleep Masks

Does your special working mama have problems falling asleep too or is that just me? Haha! Perhaps making it super dark in the room with a sleep mask would help make it a bit easier for her. They are known to improve sleep quality (thus making her less cranky in the mornings). Now who wouldn’t want that? LOL!

That’s why this is one of the best gifts for working moms so check out the different sleep masks here.

You have to admit that these gift ideas for working moms are quite enticing, especially the ones that could benefit more than just them LOL. And because we tend to put our own self-care last, these are always great reminders that we should actually be making our health a priority.

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More Gifts for Working Moms

Lastly, here are the final gifts for working moms that I just know she’ll love too. She either would really appreciate one of these, she’ll love them or she needs it (even though she might not know it).

36) Premier Wine Set

Now which mama doesn’t love a good glass of wine? You can grab a set of premier wine bottles that are known for their quality and taste. But what’s a good wine without a nice mama wine glass to go with it?

So take a look at this premier wine set here so you can get her feeling happy LOL!

dsw gift card

37) DSW Gift Card

Remember how I said DSW is the case secret shoe shop for every mom? Yeah I wasn’t joking, we LOVE this place. So if you are unsure of what to get or if you don’t know their shoe size, a DSW gift card would do just fine (I promise).

So make it easy for yourself and grab a DSW gift card here so she can find herself a pair (or two) of shoes she loves.

wallet wristlet for working moms

38) Wallet or Wristlet

Especially if she works outside of the home, she likely goes out to eat with her coworkers every now and then. In this case, a wristlet wallet would come in handy so she doesn’t have to take her full purse. When carpooling to a restaurant, sometimes we need all the space we can get LOL.

So pick out an awesome wristlet wallet here and save her all this hassle moving forward.

shoe gel cushions as a gift idea for working moms

39) Shoe Care

If your working mama wears flats or heels all day long, having some shoe care supplies would really help. Her feet would really appreciate the gel pads or sole cushions while her shoes could probably use a protector.

Take a look at all the shoe care supplies here to see which ones she doesn’t have but could definitely use.

gold necklace for christian moms

40) Gold Necklace

If you have a Christian woman in your life, this beautiful gold necklace was actually inspired by Proverbs 3:5-6 as a constant reminder that when we trust in God, He will guide our steps.

So not only does it look good but has a beautiful meaning behind it. Check out this gold necklace here.

So if you’re needing a bit extra to add to her gift basket or present list, a gift idea from this list will do just fine.

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She’ll Love These Gift Ideas!

No matter where she works or what she likes, she’ll definitely love one of the gifts ideas. If you’re still unsure on what to get, you could go for a gift she would want and one that she would need. Shoot maybe even one you can share hahah! But no matter which gift you get for her, I’m sure she’ll love it just because it came from you ♥

And if you’re a mama looking at this list, either pin for later or send it over to your loved ones with hints of what you want. So tell me… what’s the one gift you absolutely love from this list? Comment it below as I would love to know!

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  1. These are such useful and thoughtful ideas, I especially love the thought of subscription boxes – getting a mystery box every month wow! Thank you for sharing x

  2. My Echo Dot has really increased the quality of my life a ton!! I love playing music throughout the day- it lifts my mood and helps me be more productive! Great list!

  3. If you just buy 1 or 2 things on this list please buy the blue light blocking glasses and the Fitbit. Not only will mom get fitter with the watch but I can’t stress enough how important the glasses are. Science shows that blue light causes lack of sleep, hunger and even speeds up the development of cataracts. Great list Lucy.

  4. Excellent gift ideas for moms! You hit the nail on the head because I actually have a bunch of these same ideas on my Amazon wishlist! LOL I’m going to add the laptop lap desk to my wishlist! 🙂

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