Ultimate Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers & Littles

With Easter coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking about some Easter basket ideas for preschoolers. If you’re anything like me, you like to personalize these instead of buying the ones that come pre-wrapped in the stores. 

Why do I choose to make my own? Well for starters, they’re quite expensive for what you get inside of them. Usually they’re filled with minimal $1 toys and candy, but yet they charge you triple of what it would have cost had you made that exact basket yourself. 

Therefore, I’d rather put the Easter basket together myself, so that I can also be certain that my child will love everything that’s inside.

And better yet, we’ll get to fill it up with cheap and affordable Easter goodies that are NOT candy or chocolate.

Here are your ultimate Easter basket ideas for preschoolers with plenty of affordable goodies to put in your child’s basket. These Easter basket stuffers and small gifts are guaranteed to not only put a smile on your child’s face, but ensure they always remember the true meaning of Easter.

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Preschooler decorating easter eggs for basket stuffer

Toy Specific Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Okay, let’s be real. Our kids LOVE toys, so instead of getting them toys throughout the year, why not give it to them in the form of their Easter basket?

Some of the gifts may or may not be Easter specific, but as long as they fit in the Easter basket, we’re good right? LOL! These toys below make some great Easter basket stuffers for your littles and elementary-aged children. 

Little Unicorn – Pony Easter Eggs

If your child is into colorful ponies, they’ll love these cute little things! And since the toys are already inside of the eggs, they could even be used during the Easter egg hunt! 

>> Check them out here.

Bubble Gun Blower

My son was into bubbles long after he was 7 and now, my daughter loves them too! Me? Not so much since your hands get all sticky. However, I usually make an exception on Easter since we’re mostly outdoors. 

>> Surprise your kiddos with this bubble gun blower here. 

>> Or grab the Easter specific one here.

Giant Bubble Wands

I remember wanting this as a child as it’s pretty wild to see just how big these bubbles can get (perhaps even bigger than your toddler). The Complete Kit makes it a great activity to do outside on Easter with the whole family. 

>> Grab the Giant Bubble Kit here.

Beyblade Burst Evolution 4-Pack

If your child is 5+ years old, chances are they want a BeyBlade. Apparently, this is like the new generation Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh so ALL the kids are into this. These collectibles are sold individually or in packs, each with its own unique battle strengths. 

>> Grab a 4-pack here and surprise your kiddo with this toy!

Easter Stuffed Animal 

Another great Easter basket idea for preschoolers and littles are stuffed animals! Both of my kids loveeee these so much, and even though they end up laying around from time to time – they’re still a favorite to hang out with. 

>> Take a look at all the Easter stuffed animal options here.

Easter Books for Kids

These are probably the most important. Honestly, these books should probably be read leading up to Easter instead of putting them in their Easter basket, unless you plan on reading them the day of.

These books will help explain the true meaning behind Easter to your children and may even help get them excited for it. Minus the parties, eggs and gifts, they’ll know what it really means to celebrate Easter.

We personally have many of the Easter books for kids below and highly recommend reading them to your children

The Story of Easter

This was the first book I got for my son when he was three years old. It’s a small board book that easily and briefly explains why we celebrate Easter. And to this day, my son still enjoys reading it and now shares it with his little sister. 

>> Grab your board book here to help teach the meaning of Easter, in a kid-friendly way. 

God Gave Us Easter

This series of books are super cute and I especially love that it focuses on parent-child relationships. We have the Christmas version and plan on getting this one as well since we loved it so much!

>> Order yours here.

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

Yup, this is another book on our bookshelf. It’s an oldie but a goodie and makes a great Easter basket gift idea, especially for elementary-aged kids. It’s a story that encourages discussions about the resurrection and how Easter is greater than the Easter bunny. 

>> Grab your paperback copy here.

Happy Easter Mouse!

You’ve read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” right? Please tell me you have, it’s a classic! If not you, then I’m sure your child has (or will) in school. Regardless, it’s a super cute book and is one of my favorite Easter basket ideas for preschoolers. 

>> Grab the Happy Easter Mouse book here.

An Easter Egg Hunt for Jesus

This is a great book to read with your kids to remind them the real reason why we celebrate Easter. Yes, we can have bunnies and eggs but we need to keep Jesus in our mind and heart, always. It shares a beautiful story with forest animals as the main characters. 

>> Check it out here.

The Story of Easter (Little Golden Book)

This is another great book that explains Jesus’s story in a way kids can understand. It’s a great introduction to little ones who are at the age in which they can learn about the real reason Easter is celebrated. 

>> Grab the hardcover book here.

It’s never too early to teach your children the real reasons behind the holidays we celebrate and books make it easy for us to do so. So whether you grab a few books to read in the days leading up to Easter, or to read on the day of – these are ones that should definitely be a part of your Easter holiday. 💕

A little boy playing with an egg from his easter basket.

Easter Activity Basket Fillers

So other than candy, chocolate, toys and books – here’s some more Easter basket ideas for preschoolers.  They’ll love these just as much and keep them entertained too. 

Easter Would You Rather Questions

My son is at the age where if we ask him a question, he responds back with just one word. So recently, we started using table conversation topics to connect better with him, and get more back than just “good” as the answer. 

These Would You Rather Questions Cards are printable and include Easter specific questions you can ask, which lead into even more conversations. 

>> Grab them here.

Easter Stickers

Most kids LOVE stickers. Both of mine do. They have tons of stickers and sticker books and live out the lives of unofficial sticker collectors LOL. The cool thing about stickers is that they’re super inexpensive, and can also be shared with friends and family, without making a mess. 

>> Choose your Easter stickers here.

Easter Mad Libs

Who doesn’t love some good Mad Libs? These make a good way to pass time on Easter with your kids as you can let your creativity out. Fill in the blanks, build up your child’s vocabulary and see what funny or silly stories you come up with.

>> Grab the Easter mad libs game here.

iSpy Easter Activity Book

An Easter basket is not complete if you don’t have an Easter activity book in there! Activity books are great for entertaining kids, whether at home or on the go. Just make sure to include some crayons in their basket to go along with their new activity book. 

>> Grab the paperback iSpy Activity Book here.

How to Draw (Step-by-Step) Easter Book

Now this Easter basket idea is a unique one and better suited for elementary kids, ages 4-8. It’s a book that shows you how to draw Easter elements, which also improves your kid’s art and concentration skills. 

>> Check it out here.

Happy Easter!

So this year, instead of filling their Easter basket with candies and treats, these Easter basket ideas for preschoolers and littles are ones they can actually use. 

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  1. These are great! With Coronavirus, I won’t be able to see my niece at Easter, so I will definitely be sending her an Easter basket with goodies. Thank you for the ideas of what to put in her basket!

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  3. Great Ideas! I’ve been wanting to get a few little, non-chocolate things to add to my daughter’s basket, without going overboard. Love the ideas of socks, stickers, and bubbles! Thanks!

  4. I have already gotten some books, but was struggling to find other basket stuffers for my son. Your ideas of the bubble gun blower and stickers are perfect.

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