Ultimate Easter Basket Stuffers & Gift Ideas Kids Actually Want

With Easter coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking about some Easter basket stuffers and gift ideas! If you’re anything like me, you like to personalize these and not buy the ones that are pre-made at the stores.

Why do I choose to make my own? Well for starters, they are quite expensive for what you get inside of them. Usually they are filled with minimal dollar toys and candy but yet they charge you triple of what it would have costed had you made that exact basket yourself!

Therefore, I’d rather make the Easter basket myself so I can be certain that my child will love everything that’s inside.

And better yet, I get to fill it up with cheap and affordable Easter goodies that are NOT candy or chocolate.

Here is your ultimate Easter basket guide which will give you plenty of affordable and valuable Easter goodies to put in your child’s basket. These Easter basket stuffers and small gifts are guaranteed to not only put a smile on your child’s face but ensure they always remember the true meaning of Easter.

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All prices below were last updated Feb. 2021

Toy Specific

Okay, lets be real. Our kids LOVE toys! So instead of getting them toys throughout the year, why not gift it to them in the form of their Easter basket?

Some of the gifts may or may not be Easter specific, but the main thing is that they should fit in their basket (obviously). ? These toys they’ll love make up for some great Easter basket stuffers!

Little Unicorn – Pony Easter Eggs

If your child is into colorful ponies, then they will love these cute little things! Plus you get all four Pony Easter eggs for only $12.99 here.

And since they are toys in eggs, they can even be used during the Easter egg hunt! But in that case, you would probably need more so the kids don’t fight over them (because you know they will). ?

Bubble Gun Blower

My son is seven and he is still into bubbles, he loves them! Me? Not so much since your hands get all sticky. However, I usually make an exception on Easter since we will be outside most of the time.

I will be surprising him with this bubble gun blower this year in his basket since it’s only $14.95! You can get your bubble gun blower here too.

Giant Bubble Wands

Okay, doesn’t this look super cool?? I remember wanting this as a child and my parent’s never got it for me (even though I wanted it really bad). So in this case, I might buy it and live through my child or even keep it for myself (if he lets me). ?

Just kidding. He won’t let me LOL. But at least it’ll be something we’d both enjoy so is definitely worth the $14.95! Get your giant bubble wand here.

Beyblade Burst Evolution 4-Pack

If your child is 5+ years old, chances are he wants a BeyBlade. I know, I had no idea what this was either until leading up to Christmas and this was the ONLY thing on my 6-year old son’s wish list. Apparently, this is like the new generation Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh so ALL the kids are into this.

So guess what we will be putting in my son’s Easter basket this year? Yup, this four pack of BeyBlades. You see, these are collectibles and the more they have, the more combinations they can create to win battles. If you get this, you will be the rock star parent – I promise! Get your 4-pack of BeyBlades for $29.99 here. These are only $7.50 each when they are normally $12.99 for one!

Easter Reading Books

This is probably the most important. And to be honest, these books should probably be read leading up to Easter instead of putting them in their Easter basket.

These books will help explain the true meaning behind Easter to your children and may even help get them excited for it. Minus the parties, eggs and gifts, it may excite them on what it means to celebrate Easter.

I personally have many of these below including a few extras and highly recommend reading these to your children! My son likes to read these throughout the year as well, not only during Easter time.

The Story of Easter

This was the first book I ever got for my son when he was three years old. It is a small board book that easily and and briefly explains why we celebrate Christmas. And to this day (four years later), my son still likes it when we read this book.

Plus it’s extremely helpful in teaching the meaning of Easter and for only $6.99! Get your copy of The Story of Easter here.

God Gave Us Easter

This series of books is super cute and I especially love it since it focuses on mother and child relationships. We have the Christmas version and plan on getting this one as well since we loved the Christmas one so much!

This book is a bit longer which is why it is a bit pricier at $8.84 (or $6.99 for the Kindle version), however it is totally worth it. Again, my son loves to read these books year-round (all the seasonal books, not sure why? ?) but I’m not complaining, haha! Get your copy of God Gave Us Easter here.

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

Yup, this is another book in our book shelf. And since this series is a bit older, they are quite inexpensive so we tend to gather up new ones each year. ?

This book is a bit longer yet super cheap at only $4.74. So might as well collect them all at this price! Get your Berenstain Bears Easter Story book here.

Happy Easter Mouse!

You’ve read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” right? Please tell me you have, it’s a classic! If not you, then I’m sure your child has (or will) in school. Regardless, it’s a super cute book and is one of my favorites!

Well this one is an Easter version of that book! How cool is that! And it is no where near as expensive as the original. This board book is only $5.54 for the hardcover so grab your copy Happy Easter Mouse here and enjoy this lovely book with the family.

An Easter Egg Hunt for Jesus

“All the animals are excited for the season of rebirth, because it means Easter is soon to come! Little Bunny and his friends get ready for the special and important day with an Easter egg hunt. But when Little Bunny makes a mistake that makes him think he’s ruined all the fun, his friends and family come together to help him understand the meaning of Easter—a celebration of Jesus’s resurrection.”

What a great intro! This is a great book to read with your kids to remind them the real reason why we celebrate Easter. Yes, we can have bunnies and eggs but we need to keep Jesus in our mind and heart, always. Get your copy of An Easter Egg Hunt for Jesus here.

The Story of Easter (Little Golden Book)

This is another great book that explains Jesus’s story in a way kids can understand. It’s a great introduction to little ones who are at the age in which they can learn about the real reason Easter is celebrated. This book even includes illustrations of the Last Supper, Jesus carrying his cross and more.

Towards the end, it also briefly introduces how the Easter tradition came about! It’s never to early to teach your children the real reasons behind the holidays we celebrate and books make it easy for us to do so. Order your copy of The Story of Easter here for the incredibly low price of $3.98!

Other Basket Fillers

So other than candy, chocolate, toys and books – here’s some more Easter basket stuffers ideas! They will love these just as much and some will even keep them entertained!

Easter Stickers

Most kids LOVE stickers. My son does. He has tons and tons of stickers and sticker books and doesn’t care what kind they are. I guess you can say he’s an unofficial sticker collector… ?.

Anyway, every year I get him new stickers to add to his collection. It’s great because he also enjoys sharing the stickers with his cousins and friends so it becomes a gift giving win-win. Plus, these unique stickers let their imaginations roam free by creating their own mess-free Easter eggs! Grab your Easter Egg Sticker Pack here for less than $9!

Easter Craft Kits

This craft set is so cute and just what you need to keep the kiddos entertained on the days leading up to Easter. It can also be something you can put in their basket so they can complete on the day of!

And since there’s three to this pack, why not do one yourself? These Easter crafts will for sure get added to your annual décor. Get your Easter Craft Kit for $9.80 here.

Mad Libs

Who doesn’t love some good Mad Libs? This will make for a good pass time this Easter for and with your kids. Let your creative juices out and see what funny or silly words you can come up with to fill in the blanks!

Plus it’s a great way to help build your child’s vocabulary! So get your copy of Easter Mad Libs here for $4.74.

Easter Socks

I don’t know about you but in this household, we LOVE socks! We love wearing socks to represent something we love and especially love seasonal socks! My son and I wear our Christmas socks year-round because we love them so much. ?

So why not throw in a pair or two to use as Easter basket stuffers? Get your pair of Easter socks here.

iSpy Easter Activity Book

An Easter basket is not complete if you don’t have an Easter activity book in there! Activity books are great for entertaining kids, whether at home or on the go. Just make sure to include some crayons in their basket to go along with their new activity book. ?

This bright and fun colored iSpy Easter Activity Book is only $7.97 and you can grab yours here!

How to Draw (Step-by-Step) Easter Book

Now this is a unique one I bet you had not considered (I know I hadn’t). But it is a super cool idea to gift our children a How-To-Draw book as it will help improve their art and concentration skills. There will be room for tons of great teaching moments for your kids as they try to draw the bunny or other Easter related pictures.

These teaching moments would likely be on patience, focus, neatness and a few others. So this is a great book to add to their Easter basket! Get your How To Draw Easter Book here for only $7.97 and keep everyone entertained for hours!

All prices above were last updated Feb. 2021

Happy Easter!

So this year, instead of filling their Easter basket with candies and treats, let’s give them some Easter basket stuffers that they can actually use! I can almost guarantee they will love any of these ideas (especially the toy specific ones) – you know I’m right. ?

Which items from the list did you decide on? Do you have any recommendations on other Easter basket stuffers our kids may like? Please connect with me and comment below as I would love to hear from you!

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  3. Great Ideas! I’ve been wanting to get a few little, non-chocolate things to add to my daughter’s basket, without going overboard. Love the ideas of socks, stickers, and bubbles! Thanks!

  4. I have already gotten some books, but was struggling to find other basket stuffers for my son. Your ideas of the bubble gun blower and stickers are perfect.

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