How nice would it be to finally find the perfect work-life balance as a busy working mom? And if you’re like me, you might be a modern mama planning a wedding post children! So add that to the mix while you’re at it LOL.

Well don’t worry. I got your back! Us moms need to stick together, I mean.. they do say it takes a village to raise our children right? LOL! And much less if you’re planning your own wedding or somebody else’s while you’re at it.

About the Blog

But mama, like I said, this blog is all about us moms sticking together and trying to help make your lives as a busy mom a bit easier. Here you’ll find plenty of busy mom hacks to help you stay productive all while taking care of your little ones and being the best mom and wife you can possibly be (and enjoying every minute of it).

No, our lives should not be filled with only cleaning the house or working. We need to not only take care and enjoy life with our families, but take care of ourselves as well. But of course, making our kids happy (and keeping them healthy) is our number one priority so I’m here to help with that!


About the Name

So the name of the Cheers to Life blog brand stemmed from a little something we do every night. Every night at the dinner table, we’ll go around and “Cheers” to something good that happened in the day.

This is our reminder to ourselves that there is always something to be happy for. So when you have had a rough day, you can always “Cheers to life” and this is the ultimate takeaway I want you to have. ♥

About Your Blogger

Hey there! My name is Lucy ♥ And my lovely family and biggest supporters include my fiance, Marco, and 7-year old son, Dom. Here’s a little about me so you can get to know me a bit better.

I am a working mom who was blessed with my amazing son in my early twenties. Being a young parent was rough as I was forced to mature quickly and learn how to manage as a single mom for a few years.

I attended college full-time while working full-time and luckily, was blessed with a full-ride scholarship for my remaining two years (yes, it’s possible)! During this time, I met and fell in love with my wonderful love, Marco, who was the perfect addition to our family.

My world basically revolves around my family though I do have interests of my own, LOL! These include traveling, exploring new places, watching movies and TV shows (Comedy and Drama are my favorite!). Oh and did I mention I absolutely LOVE Christmas??

Anyways, so from Marco working his own small business in construction to my son being a sports fanatic (I’m also a soccer and football mom), I hardly have time for anything else LOL! But… I make time because it’s important for not only me, but for you too.

My life struggles and successes have helped me get to where I am today. And I want to share this with you, to help make your life a bit easier. ♥

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I look forward to connecting with you!


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