Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Busy Mama

Moms are our busy superheroes. And even though they should be treated that way every day of the year, at least this is the one time where we can show them how much we truly appreciate them. Have you already brainstormed some Mother’s Day gift ideas for your busy mama?

Ditch the typical gifts you find in the stores. Everyone goes there and everyone gets their moms the same gifts. And I’m pretty sure your mom deserves unique and custom gifts instead. So that’s why these Etsy Mother’s Day gifts are perfect for that special woman.

These awesome 10 gift ideas for moms were carefully selected to ensure they would be something she’ll love. Check them out for yourself. But be warned, you might end up wanting to keep some of these for yourself!

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Awesome Gift Ideas For Mom

These Mother’s Day gift ideas are not just for any mom. They’re for the rock solid, hard working, dedicated and nurturing moms who could use a little extra self care, love and laughter while staying extra comfy.

These are perfect for your mom, your wife, sister or any special mom in your life. And like I said, this even includes yourself! Just slide this post into your hubby’s inbox as a hint *wink wink.*

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Lavender Spa Gift Box

lavender spa gift box

Of course, every single mom could use a relaxation kit. The trick here would be to not only get her this smell good lavender spa gift box, but to schedule her some time to enjoy it as well. That’s why this is one of the best self-care ideas for moms to do this Mother’s Day!

Trust me, the mama would love this. I mean, what’s not to love about bath bombs, soap, lip balm, candle and a super sweet note reminding her to take care of herself like the queen bee she is.

Click here for more details.

Engraved Yeti Tumbler

engraved tumblers

It’s no secret that many moms cannot function without coffee. I’m one of them LOL. I use my Yeti mug every single day and it’s still one of my favorite gifts till this day.

And now, YOU can give her a custom engraved Yeti tumbler in her favorite color so you know she’s going to love it. On Mother’s Day morning, pour her some of her favorite coffee in this tumbler and hand it over to her. No wrapping will be necessary as you would have already gotten rid of the grouchy morning monster.

Click here for more designs and details.

Customized Photo Mug

customized mothers day mug

Haha, like I said, we love our coffee! And awww, who wouldn’t want a customized photo mug? Okay, okay, you caught me. No, I wouldn’t want a mug with my face on it, but I’d definitely be fine with my son’s.

Another picture idea you could use is child’s artwork instead of a photo. One of my favorite custom photo mugs is the one where my son drew me a turtle in the sea when he was three! So get creative with this photo gift for mom and find the most awesome picture to put on the coffee mug.

Click here for size and color options.

Super Mom Tee

True, true and true. And let me tell you, mamas will ROCK this shirt! Mom quotes shirts are my favorite shirts to wear because they speak to me. And this super mom tee is definitely one to add to the collection.

But no, don’t just get this shirt by itself. If you really want to wow her, get her a full outfit or something to match with the tee. Or if they’re a collector of mom tees like me, multiple mom quote shirts will do, haha!

Click here for more color options and sizes.

Mama Necklace

You could also choose to go a more traditional gift route and give your mama a simple necklace like this one that she can wear with just about anything.

It makes it one of the perfect gifts for busy mamas as she won’t have to worry about trying to make sure it matches her outfit of the day. It’s definitely a top gift idea for moms.

Click here for more details.

“Mama Juice” Wine Cup

custom wine cup

So coffee is for mornings and afternoons, but once the evening comes around, BRING OUT THE WINE BABYY! We need some relaxation time after the kiddos go to bed, so why not give her a dedicated wine glass to go with it.

But no, don’t just give her this “mama juice” wine glass by itself. No no no! Make sure you pair it up with her favorite wine bottle (or two) to complete the gift. And if you really want to impress her, just turn it into a full blown wine gift basket for mom!

Click here for your font color options.

Unique Mama Wall Art

Or perhaps the special busy mama in your life loves art. If that’s the case, why not get her a creative piece of mom wall art like these that she can hang in her office or home.

This would be one of those gifts that isn’t as common which means it’ll truly be a great surprise. From breastfeeding to pregnant to dads and military, this shop here has a range of portraits to select from.

Click here to see all artwork options.

Stress Relief Mom Box

mom care package

Yes, of course she’s stressed! Yeah, she’s holding it together pretty good but it doesn’t mean she couldn’t use a little break. That’s why this stress relief mom box is perfect for her! Someone needs to help come up with self care ideas for mom since she won’t do it herself.

This will remind her to not only take care of her family, but to take care of herself also. Plus you get to customize the cute card that comes with the stress relief mom box to let her know why you think she’s so amazing and that she’s got this!

Click here for more details.

Custom Cozy Mom Blanket

And when it’s finally time to relax, it’s time to bust out the cozy, soft blanket to binge watch Netflix. Once my son is in bed, I plop on the couch to catch up on TV shows which is why this custom, cozy mom blanket is one of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas!

I especially love it since there aren’t many mom blankets made for Spanish speaking parents, so this is definitely on the list for me to get for my own mom. However, there are also English ones as well.

Click here for more custom details and options.

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Funny Mom Socks

funny mom socks

HAHA you know this is true! How many times has momma used this line before? Once mom is finally relaxed on the couch or bed, DO NOT make her get up! And now, they won’t even have to say anything, these socks will say what’s on their mind for them LOL.

Does mom have a different favorite saying? These funny mom socks can be personalized to say what mama says the most. These would also be the perfect add-on gift for your at-home movie date night!

Click here for more color options and details.

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Make This One a Special One!

How cool are these Mother’s Day gift ideas? They’re literally perfect for reminding the special, busy mama in your life to slowww down sometimes and appreciate herself. Moms do a lot so for at least one day, let them do a little.

What’s your favorite Mother’s Day gift you’ve received or given? Which one from this list is now on your must-have list? Share you thoughts below as I would love to hear from you!

Looking for more creative and unique gift ideas? Head over and take a look at some favorites here to continue supporting small businesses!

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34 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Busy Mama”

  1. I love all of these gifts. Such great and unique ideas. The socks are my favorite! I am ALWAYS saying “go ask your dad” to my kids. Now I can just point LOL. Wonderful gift ideas. I could use them all.

  2. I love these ideas! I am a huge coffee drinker and believe it or not, this is the first time I am seeing that Yeti mug. That makes an awesome gift! Thank you ?

    1. So am I! And yes, I already have a Yeti mug but it’s not personalized ? but at least it’s my favorite color haha but I agree that it makes an awesome gift for us coffee drinking mamas!

  3. I love these! The mini essential oils set and the blanket are my favourites. There’s nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket ?

  4. These are great gifts. I love the lavender spa gift set, that scent is so soothing. It’s hard to believe Mother’s Day is so close, I wonder if we will be released? That would be the best gift ever.

  5. Love those socks! I must say though that my favorite gift I’ve ever received was a photo mug with my daughter’s face on it. She was 4 in the photo and now that she is 19 I still drink out of it a lot. Takes me back to memories of when she was little and why I love being a mom!

    1. Aw that’s so cute! ❤️ Yeah I would love getting one with my son’s face on it haha. So crazy how you have kept that mug for so long though!!

  6. What a fun list of gift ideas! I definitely saw a few that I would love for myself and likely wouldn’t have thought of without your post. Gift guides can be filled with the same old boring things, but this one is great. Lot’s of unique options here!

    1. Thank you! So happy you found these unique and that you love them! It took me a while to find some cool options I would actually want haha

  7. I love the spa set, mom shirts and blanket as ideas of Mother’s Day gifts. They all encourage relaxing, which is something moms do not get near enough of and so desperately need.

    1. I 100% agree! I’m here exhausted as we speak yet still working since it’s the only “quiet” time I get ?

  8. Omg these are super cute gifts, especially the essential oil cases….?like I’m soo getting those for me to take on the road!!! Thanks for sharing

  9. Hi Lucy,
    These are great ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts. I will definitely have to show this list to my husband. I’ve been wanting a new tumbler, I love the ones in your list and having it personalized would be super cute. I think I also need a super mom t-shirt. lol. Especially after these past few weeks. Awesome list of ideas for what I should be asking for this Mother’s Day.
    Thank you,

    1. haha right! I don’t think I’ve ever gone through this many t-shirts before ? and I have A LOT! lol hopefully your husband picks the best one(s) for you! ♥

  10. I love the tumbler and the tshirts. I might have to get them for myself since my kids are just 4 and 1!
    All the items you listed look lovely.

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