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Crazy Fun Stay at Home Date Ideas for Couples With Kids

We’re parents, I get it. What does dating even look like anymore? And is it even possible to consider at home date ideas when we have kids? 

If anything, our date nights have turned into family nights, days and mornings. And though we love spending time with our kids, this shouldn’t stop you from dating your partner. They are the reason why you have a family to begin with LOL! 

Now I know it seems impossible to have a parents night in without your kids around. But this is why your date would have to be at night (not evening). In fact, these awesome stay at home date ideas for couples are specifically for after your kids have gone to sleep.

So get ready to date your loved one again in the comfort of your own home with these fun things for couples to do at home.

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Stay at Home Date Ideas for Couples

Are you ready to date your hubby again? I hope so! 

It’s time to get prepared to enjoy some fun and creative dates while in the comfort of your own home. And the best part is you can do all of these even if you have young kids so no excuses LOL!

couple doing painting and wine at home

DIY painting & wine

Have you ever been to a painting and wine class? If you haven’t, then now is your chance to test it out at home for yourself. It’s super fun and is a great way to spend the night.

There are many YouTube videos for online painting classes so you can do this at home. And the only difference from the in-person class is that you’ll need to provide your own material. But hey, you can improvise on some of the items to keep it affordable.

Here’s what you’ll need for a DIY painting and wine date night at home:

Plus the best part is that the purchased tools are mostly reusable items to last you at least 1-2 more sessions! 

But if you want the easy way out, you can also opt-in and grab an art kit like this one that has everything put together for you, including instructions. Plus, it might even end up being cheaper this way!

No matter which route you go, by the end of your first painting and wine at home, you’ll want to do this again. So have fun painting your new creation with your partner! 

Wine tasting experience at home

If you’re a wine lover, this date night idea is for you! Instead of getting your usual wine preference, select a variety of different wine options you haven’t tried before.

Shoot, you can even bust out some cheese cubes to add onto the wine tasting experience LOL. Take a look here to see which wines pair best with which food and snacks. 

And remember to keep the setting intimate as it is a date after all. So dim the lights or turn on your LED candles, add some rose petals to the table and cheers to some great wine! 

Prepare a late night snack together

Snacks are just for kids…said no one EVER! You know you like to sneakily eat cookies AFTER the kids have gone to sleep haha. At least I hope it’s not just us LOL!

So next time, instead of eating those store bought cookies or Oreos with milk, make your own snack together. 

It can be something as simple as baking pre-made cookie dough or something a bit more complex. But have fun with it! 

Throw some flour at each other, put some frosting on his face or even have a snack cook-off (even though we already know who’s going to win haha).

The only trick to this would be to try to find a quickish recipe that would take less than an hour to prepare. This way, you can have time to enjoy your snacks while watching your favorite shows or movies while the kids are fast asleep.

couple cooking at home as an at home date idea

Take a virtual cooking class

Both in-person and virtual cooking classes are becoming increasingly popular. Whether or not one of you knows how to cook, it’s still a fun experience to cook something together.

Now, I’ll admit that this might take some patience if you’re normally the cook of the family (speaking from experience LOL). Give your partner a chance to learn and do some cooking as well. It’s something for both of yall to enjoy, not just one.

Given, if you have young kids, doing this at home date idea does mean you’ll be having a late dinner. Thankfully, it’s not an everyday thing so I’d say it’s worth it.

Have a candlelit dinner

Keep it romantic and have a nice candlelit dinner with your spouse. In fact, you can even combine this stay at home date idea with the virtual cooking class above. I mean, you gotta eat what you cooked right?

Plus, this will probably be one of the most relaxing meals you’ve had in a while since the kids would be sleeping LOL. 

So once again, dim the lights and set some candles around the table to keep the romantic vibes going. It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your spouse with deep conversation over some delicious food.

Do an Escape Room at home

Doing an escape room is on my personal at home date ideas list as I’m sure my husband would enjoy it. 

Finders Seekers makes it easy with this Escape Room Game Kit that includes everything you need to do this at home. And no, you don’t need to get it monthly in order to enjoy it for one night. 

However, I recommend trying to get your kids in bed a bit early on this night because depending on which puzzle or mystery you receive, it could take you up to 4 hours to solve. This is of course, depending on how good you guys are at solving puzzles LOL.

couples playing video games at home

Play video games together

If you think that video games are just for kids then think again. Yeah, this probably isn’t something you’ll do all the time but it can be fun with the right game.

There have been many nights where we have used our son’s PlayStation or Nintendo Switch for our own benefit, after he has gone to sleep. 

These are some of our favorite games to play with each other (or should I say… against each other LOL):

We have gone hours playing these games before and it can get pretty intense LOL. So don’t underestimate this at home date night idea because you could be missing out on a lot of fun!

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Put together a challenging puzzle

If you guys are into brain exercises and want to do something that involves some focus, consider putting together one of these challenging puzzles

And if you really want to make it interesting, set a timer for completing the puzzle and try to beat it. Or, if you are competitive natured, a fun twist would be for each of you to grab your own puzzle and try to finish putting your puzzle together first.

Making puzzles doesn’t have to just be a quiet activity unless you prefer it this way of course.

Have a two-player game night

Playing games is always a fun at home activity you can do, especially if you’re a competitive couple like us LOL. And surprisingly, there are actually a lot more two-player games than I expected.

Here are some games other moms recommended in some Facebook groups when asked to provide ideas on games they can play with their husbands:

Some of these are ones I’ve never heard of before but are definitely getting added to our list of games to try out. This at home date idea is actually one we do quite often so I personally can’t wait until we play these games above.

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Complete a DIY project

Now for some moms, this might be one of their favorite at home date ideas yet. But for me, not so much LOL. However, this is definitely something my husband would enjoy us doing together, especially if he gets to pick the project. 

He has so many DIY project plans in his head and would definitely appreciate it if I helped. So I guess there needs to be a compromise on who picks the date some nights, huh? LOL jk. 

But if you guys have something in mind, like refurbishing old furniture or painting the guest room, see it as spending time together instead of a chore. It’ll be much more fun this way!

couples watching movie at home

Have a movie night

If you want to keep it traditional, one of the most common stay at home date night ideas for couples is to watch a movie. 

Since you’re avoiding going out to the movie theater, you can bring the theater to you by transforming your living room or bedroom. Keep it dark and a bit loud (if you can), grab some buttered popcorn or movie candy and pick a movie from your favorite streaming device.

Having a late movie night with your spouse is a great way to end the night in a relaxing way. Or maybe you’re into thrillers which give you a chance to cuddle up LOL. 

Regardless of what you choose to watch, it’ll finally be a movie that’s not Trolls or Frozen haha.

Netflix binge & chill

No, this isn’t the same as the last date night idea LOL. Netflix is where we go to binge watch TV shows or comedy shows. 

Recently, Netflix came out with their completely own series of TV shows and if you haven’t seen them yet, you should really check them out as they are pretty good.

Though I must admit that I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love the shows but hate the fact that they only have one season since they are so new. Though the bright side is that it keeps us from going overboard on the binge watching LOL.

I’m not sure what your TV show style is but our favorite shows to watch on Netflix have been: Jane the Virgin, Good Girls, Ozark and The Umbrella Academy. I know these are all completely different from each other but it helps keep Netflix & chill time interesting haha.

couples dancing in living room for an at home date night

Learn a dance routine

Now this date night idea at home is one of my personal favorites (and one we haven’t done in a while). It’s honestly so much fun! 

You’ll need to start by moving your couches out of the way to give you some extra space. And depending on which type of music you decide to dance to, you might get a bit sweaty so dress accordingly LOL.

Since we’re a Hispanic family, we of course always choose our native music to dance to including Bachata, Cumbia or even Reggaeton (though this one doesn’t need a dance routine).

And with so many dance lesson instructors teaching on YouTube, you’ll never run out of dance routines to learn. The best part is that you’re dancing in your living room with someone you’re completely comfortable with so it’s okay if you goof off or mess up. No one else is watching, literally.

Just be sure not to put the music too loud because you may wake the kids and cut your dance lesson short.

Make Tik Tok videos

Yes I said it. Tik Tok is the new thing right now and now we can see why. We spend a good amount of time watching Tik Tok videos to get ideas for some we want to make.

Want to know the one we’ve been trying to do… The Footshake Dance! Yup, we’ve been practicing it but we haven’t perfected it yet, so can’t record ourselves yet haha. 

But hey, this also falls under learning a new dance routine together so double win under the stay at home date ideas for couples.

Seriously, it’s actually a fun app with tons of video options for you to create. No, it’s not just for teens anymore and many many celebrities have been spending lots of their social distancing time creating Tik Tok videos. So follow the trend this time, get out of your comfort zone together and make some fun videos!

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couple singing on couch

Sing it out at karaoke night

Even if you’re the shy type, at least you’re not singing in public with a crowd. Your spouse or partner has probably already heard you sing in the shower or car ride so this isn’t much different. Well, except for maybe actually knowing all the lyrics LOL.

So have a fun karaoke night with this portable karaoke machine that’ll transform any setting into a cool party. Simply look up your favorite songs on YouTube, turn on the light effects and sing your lungs out together with the duo mics. 

Oh and if you have kids, they’ll eventually want to join in on the fun LOL. But for this date night, just keep it between you two.

Have a virtual double date

You probably aren’t the only couple in your friend group that is needing a night away from the kids (even if by away I mean in different rooms LOL). 

And because finding a babysitter isn’t always possible, consider inviting another couple to have a virtual double date with you. This can take place via Zoom and is pretty much just a chance for you guys to catch up while speaking face-to-face, possibly over dinner (in opposite screens).

It may sound like something you wouldn’t do but don’t knock it until you try it. It may even turn into something your do routinely since it’s quite simple and free to do.

couples completing a workout together

Do a couples workout routine

Bleh, I know I know. This one isn’t my favorite either but hey, it’s more fun than working out alone. I would say that the times we have tried actual “couples workouts” together, we have ended up goofing off and laughing like 30% of the time LOL. 

What? Rolling under each other and giving each other a kiss after every sit up is a lot harder than it appears haha! Plus, isn’t kissing and laughing a workout on its own? I think it is.

But in all seriousness. There are so many couples workout YouTube videos to pick from so find out that you both agree to. 

However, I’ll suggest a little pre-work here. Don’t do what we did, which was wait until the exact moment to find a video to watch. We wasted quite some time doing this. So instead, go through videos during the day and then pick one to do together that night. 

couples mixing drinks for stay at home date night

Mix your own drinks

Now this one is one that we’ve honestly been meaning to do for a while, except we keep forgetting to buy the supplies from the grocery store whenever we go LOL. 

For this reason, I highly suggest you grab a cocktail kit like this one so that you have everything you need to mix your own drinks. Plus, it’ll be much easier to have a step-by-step recipe not only for one date night, but more to come.

I mean, how cool would it be to play bartender for a night? And even cooler that the expensive price tag doesn’t come with it. Instead of paying $12+ per drink at a restaurant, you spend a whole lot less to make several for the same price.

Have a spa night

Now if you’re looking for a more relaxing type of date night, this one’s for you. This is one of the most relaxing and romantic at home date ideas you can try in the late hours.

Stage your bedroom or bathroom by dimming the lights, fluffing the pillows, preparing the blankets and getting out the spa supplies.

Here are some spa essentials you could use to create your perfect DIY couples spa date night at home:

Being a parent is stressful so us parents need nights like these from time to time so go relax and have a romantic night with your hubby.

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couples massage as an at home date idea

Give each other massages

Oh don’t massages sound nice? This would make a super romantic date night at home. Give each other massages while you sip on some wine or eat some chocolate and call it a night.

Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t know how to give a massage. I’m sure your partner will let you know if you’re hitting the spot. But if don’t, there’s a YouTube video tutorial for this too LOL.

Or you can stick with a foot massage because you can’t go wrong with this. Just don’t forget the massage oil to make it even more relaxing and romantic. 

Camp out in the living room

If outdoors is your thing or your husband has been dying to take you camping but hasn’t, camping out in your living room could be fun. 

Forts aren’t just for kids. They can be just as fun for adults too as long as you have the right essentials like ahem *s’mores.* Yeah, camping would NOT be the same without making s’mores and who doesn’t like s’mores? 

My husband is a huge S’mores lover so camping out and making S’mores at home is definitely something we are trying soon. And thankfully, this S’mores Maker and S’mores Kit makes it easy for you (and us) to do this.

So grab some cozy blankets, light your fireplace if you have one, grab your S’mores Maker and S’mores Kit to have the perfect camp out in the living room.

couple having a picnic in backyard as their at home date night

Have a picnic outside

Perhaps you actually want to spend time outdoors instead. In that case, grab your baby monitor and have a picnic on your patio or in your backyard. 

You can choose to make this picnic simple with sandwiches and healthy snacks or take out your fancy picnic basket with the dinner essentials to eat a warm-cooked meal.

In fact, if your kids sleep long enough to get any of these stay at home date ideas done, you could combine some of the ideas already listed above. 

For example, you could take a virtual cooking class and then take it outside to eat picnic style. You can also pair up your delicious meal with new wine options you haven’t tasted before. Doing it this way would be a great idea if a date night is something you can only do every once in a while, so might as well go all out for it!

Take a trip down memory lane

Now this one is quite simple yet cute. Sometimes it’s nice to remember and go through your past memories. 

This could be looking at old pictures of you guys together, watching some silly videos you took of each other or perhaps going through photo albums and scrapbooks of other special moments.

Doing this is a great way to reconnect and remember why you fell in love in the first place and how your lives were before you had kids LOL. 

Try out a new hobby

Another thing you could do together as a couple is to partake in a new hobby, one that both of you can enjoy equally. 

The options of what you pick here are endless but here are just a few ideas:

  • Start a collection of something
  • Track and invest in stocks
  • Dance to virtual Zumba classes
  • Learn a new language 

Of course these are all ones you can do from home, but like I said, there are so many different kinds of hobbies you can do together. 

I’d suggest picking one that will be special and dedicated only for date nights. This way it kind of forces you to have one LOL.

Star gaze in the backyard

And lastly, how romantic would it be to end the night star gazing in the backyard? For us, it’s a bit harder since the trees cover up the sky, but even just relaxing outdoors and getting some fresh air would be nice.

Honestly, this one doesn’t even have to be long. Or you can combine it with one of the other stay at home date ideas for couples listed above. 

All you need is 30 solid minutes of fresh air to feel a sense of relaxation and peace with your spouse. And to make it a bit more relaxing, don’t forget your glass of… yup, wine LOL!

When in doubt, order a date night kit 

Now if you plan on making your at home date night a regular thing, take out the task of deciding what to do each time and simply order a recurring date night kit like this one

They’ll automatically send you a new date idea with the necessary props each month making it a special surprise for you both. 

Why Date Nights Matter

Look, I get it. Our kids are our priority and although we love them dearly, they make it hard for us to continue dating our partner. However, having date nights with your spouse is very important for several reasons.

Improves communication

Not only will you get to spend more time with your partner, but by doing this, it helps improve your communication as well.

This is especially true if the date night ideas you pick out are ones that involve (or could involve) deep conversations that you normally can’t have around your kids.

Decreases stress

Parents are often stressed out, especially if you’re a working parent too. And unfortunately, many times this is taken out on the spouse.

So by having constant date nights, it helps release some of the stress and tension that has gathered up throughout a period of time.

Strengthens your bond

Spending time with your partner keeps the romance alive and therefore strengthens your bond as a couple. 

It’s important to remember the reason why you fell in love in the first place. Dating each other throughout your relationships helps with this and even brings you closer.

Kids will be happier

Simply by being a happier couple and happier parents, your kids will benefit. I mean, how could they not be happier when they see their parents happy?

Kids tend to feed off our vibes so dating each other is a win-win for everyone in the household. That’s why these stay at home date ideas for couples with kids are important to do regularly.

Enjoy Your Date Night!

I bet you can’t wait to get your kids off to sleep now haha! Thinking about all the late night fun and relaxation we’ve been missing out on is really an eye-opener. But today that changes. So go plan out an awesome date night at home with your spouse!

What does your perfect at home date night look like? Have you done any of the ones listed above or are planning to? Please share in the comments below as I would love to hear from you!

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  1. very cute hahaha I enjoy you guys, isn’t awkward to your dance routine? like a romantic dance. I love movie night and star gazing with wine and pizza <3 <3

  2. Wow, these are very romantic and amazing way to do the best date at home. I really like it. Thank you for sharing this article.

  3. I’ve seen couples fall apart because they forget to put each other first. Even before their kids. Sure, kids may take up more time, but first things must come first. I love that you’ve posted here fun and easy ways for couples to keep each other a priority. And, like you said, your darling children are the by-product of that love story!

    1. I know it really stinks to see it. I mean I get it, it’s definitely different and a lot harder but both need each other to continue being the best parents and part of that is to help each other relax and remember that we’re people too lol we have our own interests and hobbies that don’t include our kids hahaha

  4. We do lots of Netflix and movie watching late at night. We used to play scrabble, but we’ve gotten out of that habit. I think I beat my husband too many times for him to enjoy it!

    1. haha we do Netflix and shows more than movies nowadays it seems like ? And LOL that is too funny!!!

  5. I did a post similar to this recently! How funny ? These are fantastic ideas, especially with being so limited to what we can do right now! Thanks for sharing ?

  6. I just had my anniversary and we didn’t know what to do we end to have dinner with my parents in low at home. I will definitely take a notes of your suggestions and try same fun date night inside here ?

  7. Love it! It is extremely important to make time for your love life! You can’t just let your relationship fade into oblivion and then wake up one day and wonder what happened to it. Spending time with your spouse is a good way to maintain both of your happiness.

    1. yes spot on, i 100%! even if we weren’t social distancing, dating your significant other is so important, even after kids! love your statement ♥

  8. Hi Lucy,
    What great ideas! I love the paint with wine at home idea. I’m not very artistic but I wish I was. Lol. I’ve always wanted to do one of those classes with friends but get anxious about it. Maybe trying at home would be best for me anyways. It is so important during this time to remember to take time to be with your spouse and have time together. So thank you for sharing these great ideas!

    1. hahaha I’m not artistic at all either but it’s still so much fun just to do it! So yes, if you feel more comfortable doing it at home, then I highly recommend it!

  9. These are such lovely ideas.

    I insist on making couple times every single day especially during isolation, even though we are working along side each other every day. It’s so
    Important to make time for each other x

    1. yes I agree! this holds true even when not social distancing also except then, we have more options lol but just because we can’t go out doesn’t mean we can’t have fun at home!

  10. This is a great, well-rounded list that would work for so many different personalities! I’m going share it with my husband so we can choose a few! I am hoping for dance routine! ?

  11. You’ve got some great ideas! My husband recently discovered that he could download games like Mario Kart on our Firestick. He purchased one bluetooth handset to try it out, and it’s working great. This, of course, has led us to discuss getting another so that we can race with one another and have a video game night – because, why not?

    1. oh wow I didn’t know that! we have google chromecast, I wonder if it’s the same thing. We tried searching for a Nintendo Switch but apparently they’re sold out now….. but yup, video game nights can get pretty competitive & fun for sure!

    1. we haven’t done it in a longgg time but speaking about it makes me want to do it soon haha and thank you!

  12. Great ideas. My kids have roped me into some Tik Toks, my husband, too. It is pretty funny, though. And I have watched more epic movies than I ever wanted to. My husband loves those movies that you have to think about a lot, even after it’s over. I prefer a good Rom-Com, or other mindless stuff (Tiger King ?). But, I have watched what he wanted to watch because there is plenty of downtime these days, and it made him happy. Next up, a spa night with ice cream! Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. oooo spa night with some ice cream sounds delicious! we usually do movie night and ice cream haha and so happy to hear that you guys are finding a way to stay connected as a couple during these times ♥

  13. Excellent options! I think I am all for painting and wine! I love my wine! It actually sounds like so much fun that I am definitely going to plan that for us this coming weekend.

  14. Cute ideas for a stay at home date night! Tik Tok videos are so silly and ridiculous but they’re fun to watch. Haven’t tried making one yet though!

    1. lol they really but but sadly are addicting also ? we’ve only done one and it was a fail lol oh well, we’ll keep trying ?

  15. What great ideas! In the world we are living in today you need a change in your stay at home routine and these suggestions just might to do.

  16. We love cooking together and making mixed drinks together. And just did a binge watch of Tiger King haha! I would love to do the dance routine idea, if I could just get my husband to try country line dancing!

    1. Haha we tried watching Tiger King but wasn’t something that we continued.. but we’re about to finish the season of Ozark! Haha, if you have favorite mix drinks you do yourself at home, please send them to meee lol

  17. I love this! Even though I don’t have kids my partner and I definitely need some date nights! We are both so busy during the day that sometimes at night we kind of just chill and don’t actually do things together! I love the idea of a paint night. I have done one with a girlfriend and it was really fun!

    1. Yup, for sure these can be done by non-parents as well! We’ve done painting & wine also but not at home! Looking into getting the supplies for us to get it this weekend. Hopefully you get to try some of these! ?

    1. hahaha I used to do that when my son was a bit younger but now he’s too heavy, so he’ll join me on my mini workout breaks now ?

  18. What great ideas! My husband and I had a date night where we went to dinner and then Painting With A Twist but I never thought to try at home! He actually did better than me so I could use this as an opportunity to redeem myself ?

    1. Lol I feel you on that one! We’ve gone as well and his is the one I have hung up at home, mine is in a closet somewhere ?

  19. I love your stay- in date night ideas! It’s so easy for us to fall into the usual of just watching a movie once our three kids are in bed. Thank you for sharing these lovely ideas!

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