37 Uplifting Self Care Ideas for Moms Needing a Break

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out lately mama? These self care ideas for moms will help you forget about everything going on in the greater world around us, at least for a little while. Just because things seem to be falling apart all around us, doesn’t mean we have to push back our own self care, nope.

In fact, we need to practice self care for moms and take care of ourselves now more than ever. So let’s get into the best self care tips to help you feel like a new and improve mama, consistently.

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37 self care ideas for moms with free printable self care checklist

Why is self care for moms important?

Well this is easy and you probably already know the answer as I’m sure you’ve already heard it before. But just in case you haven’t, here it is.

You need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others, including your chubby cheeked kiddos.

Yes this means putting yourself first which I know is very hard for us to do. But it really is okay to need a break from time to time. We do sooo much that we should be allowed to practice these self care ideas for moms whenever we want. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to no longer feel like an overworked mom? I think so, actually I know so.

So that’s why I’m here. To share with you some awesome self care tips and ideas for us busy moms so that you can easily add in self-care into your evening or morning routine.

self care ideas for moms

37 Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

Alright, now onto the good stuff to help you actually start practicing some better and much needed self-care.

1) Commit to dedicating time for self-care

For starters, how can you even practice self-care before you even commit to it? You have to be motivated to want to take care of yourself and therefore, make this a priority. Decide how often you will commit to practicing self care whether it’s daily, 2-3 times per week or weekly (for starters). And keep in mind that self care can take as little as 15 minutes long.

2) Write out your thoughts in your journal

When was the last time you journaled? It was probably sometime in your pre-teens but why do you think you haven’t tried it again? It’s not silly to write things down. In fact, it actually helps because it’s a way of venting and getting thoughts out of your head. And that’s exactly what this Worry Journal helps with. It’s a place for your to brain dump all your worries to guide you through and remove your anxieties.

3) Unplug from social media

No, you don’t need to unplug from social media forever. But social media can suck you in and can even be toxic at times, so it’s good to unplug from it every now and then. Instead, refocus and don’t fall into the trap of letting social media waste another 30 minutes of your day and put those 30 minutes to better use (like practice self care for moms *wink wink*).

listening to music as part of self care routine for moms

4) Listen to your favorite music

This one is probably my favorite and always has been, even much before I became a mom. Music has always been my mindful getaway and helps uplift my mood whenever I listen to it, especially if it’s something I can sing-a-long to. And the best part is that you can listen to music while you’re doing just about anything.

5) Take a quick walk around the block

Another great way to either relax or let go of some of the overwhelmed mom anxieties is by taking a walk. This can either be a super short and quick walk around the block (didn’t mean for that to rhyme haha) or take a longer stroll around the neighborhood. Having the fresh outdoor air blowing in your face is such a nice feeling to have.

6) Stretch or do some yoga

C’mon, you knew this one was coming right? LOL! There are just so many yoga benefits that it’s almost silly not to try it yourself. Besides reducing stress, it also helps relieve anxiety, promotes better sleep quality (which us moms definitely need) and so much more. That’s why it’s literally on every self care ideas list for anyone to try.

mom stretching as one of the self care for moms ideas

7) Do a quick workout at home

And just like yoga has some amazing benefits, so does working out. I mean wouldn’t you feel so much better mentally and emotionally if your body felt it first? And trust me, the hardest part is just starting. Once you’ve started your workout routine, the rest of it is easy. I’m not the only one who feels like a simple 30-minute workout made me drop 10 pounds, am I?

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8) Read a book

Reading a book, eBook, or anything really (even this blog post), helps you focus on something other than your everyday life. It takes you into this world of imagination or knowledge that you wouldn’t have had before reading it. Just avoid the news for this one as that could create the opposite effect of what we’re wanting.

9) Take advantage of your mornings

If your kids sleep in a little or if you can manage to get yourself up before the house does, you can easily fit in some self care time every morning. Remember how I said self care doesn’t have to take very long? It can literally be 15 minutes before everyone wakes up and expects you to start your daily duties. I know this might be tough at first but thankfully, Crystal Paine explains this all very well in her Make Over Your Mornings course.

prayer faith quote - she is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future

10) Pray, pray and pray

I don’t know about you but prayer always makes me feel better. We pray together as a family but it’s also good to take some time to pray alone. Pray for the health and well-being of yourself and your family and give thanks for everything that you already have. Know that there is always someone willing to listen to us, even when it’s something we hold dear to our hearts. So pray to Him.

11) Remember what you’re grateful for

Being a working mom can be tough so sometimes it’s easy to forget all the good things in your life. So just like prayer is important, so is showing gratitude for what you do have. So grab a journal like this 90-Day Gratitude Journal, and write out your happy thoughts to help spark some extra positivity in your life each day. It really will help you feel better and probably even help you feel grateful for practicing these self care for moms ideas.

12) Take a nap

Oh man, this self care idea for moms is honestly one of my favorite ones. I LOVE taking naps and I make sure my son lets me have them (even if it means he can watch TV while I take a quick one). Because seriously, they are so needed! We have so many long days that sometimes we just need a little energy boost to keep going and naps definitely help with that, so make sure to squeeze them in throughout the week.

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13) Catch up on your favorite shows

Ahh, do you know how many TV shows I have fallen behind on? Like, I am seriously needing to catch up on the last season of Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I’m that mom). But you know what? This is one you don’t have to do alone. You can do it with your significant other. Simply find some shows that you both like and binge watch once the kids go to sleep. Now this is something we do together all the time so I guess it’s like self-care for parents (not just moms).

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14) Listen to guided meditation

I know this sounds cheesy but sometimes it’s exactly what you need. Having someone else walk you through how to meditate will not only teach you how to do it right, but it’ll show you that it actually takes no time at all to do it. Simply find a quiet space, pop in some earbuds and let the meditator do their work.

15) Remember your medical appointments

When have you ever forgotten to take your child to their annual checkup? I highly doubt you’ve missed out on any of their checkups and definitely take them in to get seen whenever they feel ill. But how about you? Are you remembering to get checked every year? Remember that it’s super important you take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally so you can live a healthy lifestyle and be here longer for your kids.

16) Nourish your skin

Okay who doesn’t like having nice, smooth skin? But it won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen if we don’t take care of our skin to make it look flawless. From what to eat to what stretches to do, the overall goal is to help you feel more at peace with yourself by taking good care of your skin. So even if you’re a busy mom, this self care idea is one you can’t skip out on.

17) Schedule a massage

I know this is easier said than done but a part of being a mom is seeking for help. And in this case, the help you would need is for someone (like Dad) to watch the kids while you get a massage done to relax those tense muscles. Or better yet, have your hubby give you a massage instead (this way it’s free haha). But if all else fails and you’re on your own, this is the foot massager both my fiancé and I turn to after a long day at work.

18) Take a long shower

No seriously, don’t take your usual 5-10 minute showers but instead take a nice, long, hot shower for longer. And yes I know the phantom cry that you’ll hear for taking extra long in the shower but trust me, they are usually phantom cries and not real ones. How do I know? Because 7 years later, I still think I hear my son crying (he’s 7, definitely not crying). It doesn’t have to be often but try to squeeze one in during nap time each week or after your kids go to bed.

diy spa basket for spa day at home for moms

19) Pamper yourself with a spa day at home

Throw some aromatherapy bath bombs into the tub, dim the lights and take a relaxing bath. Or if that’s not your style, you can give yourself a facial or even get a foot massager. You can even do it all on different days! There are literally so many options on how you can have a spa day at home so don’t take this self care tip for moms lightly and definitely fit it into your schedule.

20) Relax your face with face masks

Another one of the best self care ideas for moms and one that could even be lumped with an at home spa day is to relax in bed with a face mask on. Plus there are so many options of different types of face masks you can use including this skin care face mask set here that you’ll never be left without any. And they only take 10-20 minutes of relaxation time for you to use them (that’s probably why my fiancé likes joining me with this too).

21) Get a mani & pedi

This one is by far my most favorite thing to do. I LOVE getting my nails and toes done. And yeah, I usually go for the deluxe pedicure so they can wax my feet and massage my legs. It also gives me a chance to either catch up on some reading or TV shows (other self-care ideas for moms mentioned earlier). Just make sure you don’t forget the headphones so you can double up your self-care in one setting.

22) Take advantage of your evenings and nights

If you’re a night owl like me, you probably think you have a good handle on your evening routine but do you reallyyy? I guess it depends on how you spend them and how you feel the next day.

Make Over Your Evenings is a course that can help you realign your evenings so that you don’t feel overwhelmed the next day. In fact, you’ll have more energy and therefore already be practicing self care for moms without even realizing it. It’s definitely one I recommend taking.

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23) Prioritize your sleep

Okay so I’m kinda giving you a sneak peak at one thing you would learn from the course above and that is to prioritize your sleep. As hard as this seems, don’t you think not sleeping enough is actually making your days even harder? Think about it. If you were getting sufficient sleep, you’d be less cranky and more energized and therefore more productive throughout the day. All of which are good for your health by the way. 😉

24) Blend essential oils to manage your mood

Did you know there are crazy good benefits to using essential oils in your everyday life? Like, they can even help manipulate your mood a bit to help you feel less stressed and more happy. It’s weird how things like this work but cool at the same time. It’s weirdly calms you down while increasing your energy and bettering your mood. Oh and there are even others that really contribute to helping improve your immune system. Honestly, the list goes on so grab your essentials oils and live in a better mood.

positive self affirmations for moms - You are mom enough

25) Practice positive self-affirmations

One great way to help you feel better about yourself and remind you what you’re worth is by telling yourself positive affirmations. Remind yourself that you’re a great mom and that you’re doing the best you can (because you are). And I know this sounds a bit silly so instead you can try coloring it out using these Coloring Affirmation Cards. Nope, coloring is not just for kids and it can probably help you more than it can help them LOL.

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26) Go shopping in-person or online

Ohh mannn. Shopping is my THING! This has always helped me feel better and less stressed, even before I became a mom. I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a smart shopaholic haha! Smart because I don’t splurge like crazy on things I don’t need, but shopaholic because when I need things, I need a lot of it haha! So do some shopping, whether it’s online or in-person (just don’t tell your husband about this one LOL).

27) Help someone else

But wait Lucy, aren’t we talking about me? Yes we are but… when was the last time you helped someone else? Maybe it was a week ago, a month ago or even years ago. But I’m not asking you this so that you can feel guilty, no. I’m asking you to think about this time because what I really want you to remember is how you felt after you helped them. Didn’t it feel good? Helping someone else is probably one of the most overlooked self care for mom ideas because it doesn’t focus on yourself (but that’s the point with this one).

moms watching comedy show and laughing

28) Watch a comedy show

Did you know Netflix has tons of comedy shows on there? If not, boy you’ve been missing out on some good laughs. And laughter is always good as it definitely helps you destress. I mean obviously, the in-person comedy shows are much better but for now, Netflix will have to do. And if you’re not on Netflix yet, you can get a free Netflix trial here so you can get your laugh on.

29) Pick up a new hobby

Find a new hobby that you absolutely fall in love with so that each time you do it, you forget about everything else. Your hobby could literally be anything whether it’s learning how to bake, sewing, scrapbooking etc. The more you fall in love with your hobby, the more it will actually translate into less stress and a self-relief type of task that you actually enjoy.

30) Watch the sunset or sunrise

Oh what better self care idea for mom than to watch the sunset or sunrise while sipping on a nice glass of wine or a mimosa? The one you should watch will depend on whether you are a morning or a night person (for me it would be the sunset, I don’t think I’d ever make it to see the sunrise haha). I personally have tried to do this in my backyard but unfortunately have my yard covered with trees. So if you’re in a nice open space, definitely take advantage and watch the sunset or sunrise for the both of us!

31) Grab some adult coloring books

Speaking of hobbies, you could even start coloring. And before you look at me all crazy, there are actually some good benefits that come with coloring and is becoming a more popular task for moms to do. So no, coloring is not just for kids anymore and these Adult Coloring Pages proves it. Oh wait, I said this earlier haha and that’s because this self care idea is true so don’t knock it until you try it LOL.

32) Take a painting class

Did you know you could find painting tutorials to do from home? Yeah, YouTube has a bunch of them so you can either choose to go in-person or find a great DIY painting tutorial online. And once again, this is one of those that you don’t have to do alone. You can either plan it with some girlfriends or even call it a date night with your boo.

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33) Go on a girls trip

Yes, this is a bit on the extreme side and I know it can’t happen often (especially now), but one can dream right? LOL! Jk, you should definitely make this happen someday. The initial guilt of leaving your kids behind will be there at first but I promise it won’t last. I mean, I’ve been on some pretty amazing girl trips and I came back feeling so refreshed so add this to your long-term self-care plan for sure (even if it’s for a weekend).

decluttering home as a self care idea for moms

34) Declutter your home

I know I know, the last thing you probably want to do clean or declutter your home. But did you know that having a cluttered home could actually be feeding your stress? Walking around and seeing a messy home just gets you even more frustrating because it reminds you of how much you have left to clean as a busy mom. So instead, just get rid of it. Take a few hours to declutter your home and therefore decluttering your mind as well.

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35) Take deep breaths

Okay mama, we’re busy like extremelyyy busy so I know just how hard it can be to slow down. However, we have to slow down and take deep breaths throughout the day each and every time we feel the stress coming. Did you son forget to clean up after themselves at the table for the 3rd time this week? Did you daughter get into your makeup bag again? Oooosaaaaa, take a deep breath, let it out and repeat. We will be okay mama.

36) Practice micro self-care daily

Once again, I know we’re busy. We do a lot but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a few minutes each day to practice some sort of self care for us moms. So take a look at this list above, download your free self care checklist and commit to practicing these micro self-care ideas every day, Micro meaning 5-10 minutes which i definitely think is doable in a 24 hour day, don’t you think?

37) Drink some wine

And lastly mama, drink some wine! Need I say more on this? 😅

Now Go Create Your Self Care Plan

Now you’re all set to go and ready to create your own self-care plan to make sure you actually start taking care of yourself too. Use these uplifting self care ideas for moms because like I said, it’s time you think about yourself for once. So remember to grab your free weekly self care checklist and commit to practicing self care (even if it’s for a few minutes each day).

Which self-care for moms idea is first on your list to do? Any other self care ideas for moms that should be added? Please share your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you!

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12 thoughts on “37 Uplifting Self Care Ideas for Moms Needing a Break”

  1. Wow! Such an inspiring read. I wish I could practice at least some of these in my daily life for inner peace and harmony. At times we just have time for everyone and everything else other than ourselves.

  2. I’ve got the glass of wine down! I’m definitely going to start adding some other ones to my routine! I think I’ve been more stressed than I’ve realized lately.

    1. Yeah for sure the glass of wine tends to be the most common stress reliever ? any specific ones you’ll be adding?

  3. I haven’t considered a self-care plan before – I think I tend to go about it way too haphazardly and then default to the same things over and over. I’m really excited to mix it up, make a plan, and try some new self-care practices!

    1. Right?! It’s so hard to think about ourselves ? Best of luck to you and I hope to find a great self care plan that treats you right! LOL

  4. You made me laugh with that glass of wine! Such great tips. Self care is so important, and I gotta admit that I enjoy binge-watching Netflix on a day off, just doing nothing and relaxing. It helps gathering strenght for the day-to-day routine 🙂

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