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39 Genius Ways to Recover from Working Mom Burnout

Hey there mama, how’s it going? I know things are tough right now (now more than ever) so don’t worry if you are experiencing the working mom burnout syndrome. It happens to us all.

As long as we can quickly adapt and recover from this, we will be good. The important thing is to know once it’s here so that we can act on it and begin feeling like a refreshed new mama.

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What is mom burnout and why does it happen?

Did you even know that mom burnout is a real thing? Yup, there are even new studies that confirm this.

As described in Psychology Today, a [mom] burnout is “an exhaustion syndrome, characterized by feeling overwhelmed, physical and emotional exhaustion, emotional distancing from one’s children, and a sense of being an ineffective parent.”

Now, if you add on being a working mom to the mix, I’m sure there are many other researchable factors that play into this mom burnout that we feel.

I mean, how can we not get this working mom syndrome when we are expected to do so much? From working, to nurturing and raising our kids, feeding our families, taking care of the home, and so on and so on and so on.

But hey, I’m not taking credit away from dad because they do so much too. My fiancé aka “daddy” is such a hard-worker himself and does so much for our family. But you have to admit that we have “special mom powers” that dads don’t have. Am I right?

So yes, working mom burnout is definitely a thing but it doesn’t have to stay very long (or happen often). Let’s find out some ways to help you recover when you’re feeling at your burnout stage.

39 Ways to Recover from Mom Burnout

Luckily, there are soo many different things you can do to recover from working mom burnout. Because hey, if there was only a handful, we would probably go through the list quite quickly.

But that’s not the case here. So let’s go through this awesome, long list of mom burnout recovery ideas. And if you’re crunched on time, you can grab your free downloadable burnout ideas checklist here.

1) Take a break

Yes, this is the most obvious yet I know it can also be the hardest. But as a full time working mom myself, I know how important it is to just take a break from it all sometimes. Even if this means locking myself in my bedroom for a few minutes each day (or the bathroom LOL).

The key thing here is to take a break, both mentally and physically from all duties, pre and post burnout.

2) Realign priorities

If you are experiencing this working mom burnout more than you should, then it probably means it’s time to realign some priorities. This is where something like a Brain Dump Journal can come in handy as it helps you clear your mind. You can jot down priorities for the upcoming months and set aside anything that isn’t urgent or actually needed.

Luckily, I have a full-year monthly journal that’ll help you stay organized. Plus, it’ll remind you what you should actually focus on for the month so you don’t go overboard.

Grab your Ultimate Brain Dump Journal for Busy Working Mamas here

mom cuddling with daughter to relieve stress

3) Cuddle with your babies (even the big ones)

Okay you have to admit that even though our kids can annoy us sometimes, their cuddles still make our days sooo much better. I absolutely love to cuddle with my son, especially when I’m feeling down. It reminds me that there is always someone who loves me no matter how imperfect I am.

So when you’re feeling down or burnt out, grab your kids and have them cuddle with you in bed for a few minutes.

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4) Unplug from social media

Sometimes relieving some of that mama stress is as simple as unplugging from social media. Unless your social media feed is filled with motivational quotes and cute babies, you’re bound to find some sort of negativity or gossip.

So avoid going down this rabbit hole and shut down your social media for a few hours at least.

5) Practice self-care

I know you’ve heard it mama, you really need to practice self-care. And there’s so many different ways in which you can do this. With so much stress going on in the world right now, it’s even more important to truly take care of yourself.

I mean honestly, when you take care of yourself, you feel like a brand new and much better mama.

mom taking a nap with baby to recover from working mom burnout

6) Take a nap

I know you want to and I know it isn’t easy to take one. Our little ones definitely do NOT like it when we try to spend even a minute away from them. I get it. But either way, you have to, whether it’s with them or without them. Or if your kid is slightly older (like my elementary schooler), turn off that mom guilt and let them watch some TV while you nap.

Even a few minutes of shut eye can do you so much good, especially if you’ve been having some stressful working days.

7) Get some exercise

I know, I know.. you’re probably thinking, ‘what the heck Lucy? I’m supposed to be getting rid of my burnout, not adding onto it!’ But hear me out. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and burnout doesn’t necessarily translate into physical burnout. Your burnout syndrome could only be mentally as well.

A healthy body equals a healthy mind and both of these combined means more energy for a busy mama like you (who could really use it).

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8) Pray, pray and pray

In our household, we turn to the Lord daily and include Him in our daily morning routine. This is something so powerful and literally only takes a few minutes out of your day. You can pray together as a family like we do, or you can take a moment and pray your thanks by yourself.

Either way is perfectly fine. Praying to the One above all really does help relieve some of those thoughts and feelings you’ve had bottled up inside. So give it a try and add it into your daily routine.

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mom unplugging from phone and everything

9) Unplug from phone completely

Similarly to what I mentioned earlier, unplug. But this time, completely unplug from your phone. Yup, your entire phone! That means no emails, no phone calls, no text messages… nothing. Either put it on silent and lose it or shut it off completely for at least an hour.

And you know what? You don’t even have to spend this hour alone. Instead, spend an hour of quality time with your kiddos who would appreciate it so much anyways. ♥

10) Redo to-do list

Look back at your to-do checklist and see if you may have been a bit unrealistic. Us moms tend to try to do as much as we can, and in many cases… more than we can handle. And for the most part, we do it well, until the burnout happens anyways.

So take a look at your list and see how and where you can cut back for the next few days.

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11) Consider making a switch

Oof, now this one is a hard one, I know. But it’s important to evaluate and see how much your job is playing into your working mom burnout. Is it the biggest contributing factor? If so, it’s not healthy for you and you should strongly consider finding something new.

Yes, it’s easier said than done but it’s still something to consider.

dad helping mom clean the house

12) Have dad take on mom roles for a day

Haha it makes you laugh just thinking about it right? I mean, can you imagine daddy taking over all the mom duties for a day? For some, it will be easier than others. And no, it doesn’t have to be an entire day but at least have him take over some of the duties you normally take care of.

Have him wash the laundry, clean the kitchen, answer all the kids questions… all while you relax in bed and do another one of these recovery working mom burnout ideas.

13) Go on an adulting getaway

What the heck is an adulting getaway? This is where you get away from your “adulting” life for a while.. and that includes your kids! Yup, that’s right. I’m telling you to leave those little munchkins with grandma for a weekend and go travel with your hubby or girlfriends.

Just because you became a mom doesn’t mean you can’t travel anymore. In fact, sometimes a mini vacation is exactly what you need to recover from your working mom burnout.

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14) Drink some wine

Oh man, how much wine do you drink mama? I assume you drink at least a glass or two per week after the kids go to bed, right? Well keep doing it LOL! In fact, you can even have quality wine delivered straight to your door.

What better gift to give yourself than some good tasting wine? Or better yet, tell a friend or your husband to “surprise” you with some wine.

Visit here to see how you can have wine delivered to your doorstep.

mom singing with daughter to relieve burnout

15) Jam out to some music

Sometimes you just need to sing at the top of your lungs to let out any negativity from your life. Releasing in song is such a great way to recover from working mom burnout as you are focused on the song and lyrics.

Just make sure that whatever songs you do choose to sing, that they are uplifting and positive. No sad songs, sorry.

16) Catch up on favorite shows

And while you’re drinking that glass of wine, you might as well relax on the couch and catch up on your TV shows. What better way to relieve that working mom burnout than to plop your feet onto the couch, sip on some wine and Netflix & Chill?

So once the kids go to sleep, turn on the TV and put it on LOW so they do not wake up. This way, you can enjoy a bit of “me” time.

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17) Do some gardening in your yard

There’s something about growing your own food that makes you feel like you have full control. Maybe it’s because you are now taking care of a living thing that doesn’t talk back to you. ? And if you have no idea how to garden, don’t worry because has got you covered LOL.

From learning how to grow delicious vegetables, preserving what you’ve grown and so more much – it’s your ultimate guide to everything gardening. Plus, you’ll feel at peace in your own yard.

mom relaxing on the patio getting some fresh air

18) Get some fresh air

Yes mama. Fresh air is important so go outside, even if it’s only to your patio. Something about being outdoors, feeling the wind blowing and hearing birds chirping is so relaxing. Plus, whenever I go outside, it helps me think.

I can clear my head and hear my own thoughts so that I can feel more refreshed when it’s time to go back indoors.

19) Try something new and exciting

Think about something you’ve been wanting to try. This could be a hobby, a side hustle or a passion project. Shoot, you could even start your own mom blog! Find something that you’ve been pushing to the side (but really wish you hadn’t) and just do it.

The excitement of starting this new “thing” will help create a rush that will relieve your burnout almost instantly. Trust me, I feel that way every time I’m here writing to you.

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20) Go bike riding

Now this one is one that I am super excited to start doing because my bike just came in. Woot woot! My son and fiancé have gone bike riding without me so perhaps it’s my turn to go alone. ?

I already took my bike out for a test drive and even though I haven’t rode one since I was a pre-teen and almost crashed into a bush, it was still sooo nice to feel the fresh, fast breeze in my face.

Don’t have a bike yet? Order one online from Academy here and pick it up on the curbside.

monthly brain dump journal

21) Practice self-meditation

If you’ve never practiced self-meditation before, you could start with guided meditation. The point of meditation itself is to just give you some time to yourself, to relax and let go of all thoughts.

It will allow you to practice mindfulness and concentrate on receiving positive energy to calm your life.

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22) Get creative with some crafty projects

Let out your creative side by starting some crafty projects at home. It’ll give you something else to focus on… something that will either become a beautiful masterpiece or a funny memory. Michaels is our go-to craft store for everything.

You can choose to start a new paint project, start scrapbooking all those old photos of yours or sew your own face masks. No matter what craft project you choose, it’ll help you feel a big sense of relief.

Check out which crafts are on sale at Michaels here.

mom friends hanging out to take a break from kids

23) Hang out with some friends

Call up your girlfriends or you best bud and schedule some time to hang out (without your kids). You want to spend this stress-free time venting to your friends and hearing their problems as well so you know you are not alone in the stressful world.

And if your other friends are working moms as well, even better because you might be able to relate even more. But regardless, your friends are your friends for a reason so make time for them whenever possible.

24) Do some cookie baking

Mmm I don’t know about you but I am a HUGE cookie monster, especially freshly baked cookies. So even though this is probably not the healthiest option I should be making, it’s definitely the most deliciously rewarding haha!

No don’t bake every single day but every once in a while doesn’t hurt. And if cookies isn’t your thing, bake some brownies, cupcakes or whatever you find tasteful.

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25) Plan ahead

Now I am a hugeee planner and I strongly believe that this is what has helped me prevent so many working mom burnouts that probably would have happened. By roughly knowing what I can expect really does help me align my priorities and have a bit more structure in my life.

However, I know that not everybody is a planner but trying to do some sort of planning can really help.

mom looking through photo albums as a way to recover from working mom burnout

26) Look through photo albums

Don’t you just melt every time you look back at the time when your not-so-babies-anymore were born? I even shed a tear each time I pull up my 7-year old son’s baby photos. So going through photo albums, not just of your kids but of any special moments in your life helps you feel a bit more happy.

So dust off those old photo albums of yours, or pull up your online albums and scroll through your past memories to remind you of the good in your life.

27) Stop watching the news

Yeah, especially right now. There is just so much sadness going on in the world right now that sometimes you just need to shut it off. Trust me, I know because when this pandemic started, I was about to get married. So I literally watched the news every single day for multiple hours each day. And the only thing I got out of it was more stress.

Yes, we had to make the devastating decision to postpone our wedding, but this also meant I could stop watching the news. And from there, I had an immediate sense of relief because the bad and sad news was doing me no good.

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28) Use essential oils

Did you know there are literally essential oils for just about everything? You can use one essential oil or create your own mix (following proper instructions of course) to help you feel more energized or less stressed.

So if you haven’t looked into the benefits of using essential oils, I highly recommend you do so as it could also be used as burnout prevention.

Grab your affordable starter pack of essential oils from Amazon here.

family gone camping

29) Plan a camping weekend

Not going to lie, camping isn’t really myyy thing because of bugs, ew. However, other working mamas swear by it so I figured I’d include it in this list for you. Plus, I’m sure anything in the outdoors always gives out a sense of relaxation.

And honestly, I know this is going to have to go on my personal list sometime soon because my fiancé really wants to go. Who knows, I might even like it!

30) Play board games with the family

Raise your hand if you’re as competitive as I am? ??‍♀️ So one working mom burnout recovery idea that I personally use all the time is play Uno with my family. It takes only a few minutes of our day and is very fun (we have multiple versions including this Emoji UNO one here).

But if Uno isn’t your thing, other board games will work just as fine. Letting out your competitive side is what will help you relieve some of that stress.

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31) Start a new task delegation list

It’s about that time mama. It’s time you take a stand and start delegating some of your tasks. I’m sure your to-do list is already long enough so have your kids and partner or whoever is living at home with you take on some of the responsibilites.

If any of your kids are past the age of 2, then it’s time to delegate some easy peasy chores. You can grab your free chores checklist for kids below so they can not only start learning some responsibility, but give you a break as well.

Grab your free chores checklist for kids here.

mom online shopping

32) Treat yourself to some window shopping

Before the pandemic, one way I would relieve stress was by walking the mall and shopping. If I had no money to spend, then I would do just fine window shopping things I couldn’t buy or afford.

But now things have drastically changed and we may not be able to shop the malls right now. So we’ll have to switch to online window shopping in the meantime.

33) Watch funny Tik-Tok videos

Laughter is a great way to relieve some stress and no, Tik Tok is not just for teens anymore. It has ventured into the “new YouTube” but with a gallery filled with videos of people and kids doing silly stuff. It’s like the modern day “America’s Funniest Videos.”

So download the app and lay in bed with either your hubby or by yourself and scroll through these hilarious videos.

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34) Take a bubble bath

If you have a tub at home, please tell me you are taking advantage of the greatest tub benefit aka bubble baths. Nope bubble baths are not just for kids and these awesome bubble bath products for women prove it.

If you’re experiencing the crappy working mom burnout syndrome, get in the shower and take a nice relaxing bubble bath.

Check out these scented and long-lasting bubble bath products here.

working schedule for moms

35) Set a working schedule and stick to it

Now I know this will be harder for some than for others but if possible, stick to your working schedule and follow it to the T. Give yourself at least those two days off a week to take a break and spend time by yourself and with your family.

Avoid those extra working hours as much as you can as that’s usually a high contributing factor to your working mom burnout.

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36) Schedule in daily self-care time

Again, practice any type of self-care whenever possible, even if it’s a few minutes a day. You really need to schedule in some time for you to care for yourself. And honestly, if you don’t know where to start, these 27 Uplifting Self-Care Ideas for Moms has got you covered.

mom excited to do some spring cleaning in her closet

37) Do some spring cleaning

I think you’re starting to get the picture here right? Many burnout recovery ideas require you to focus on something other than your normal life. So yes, spring cleaning falls into this mix since it’s not something you do everyday.

So clean out your closet and then save your kid’s closets for the next burnout LOL. There’s just something about tossing out the “old” to make space for the “new” that’s so calming.

38) Ask the hubby for a body massage

If you’re feeling stressed and tense, one of the best things you can do is ask your spouse for a body massage. But because I know this is not always possible, the next best thing is to grab a foot massager like this one here.

And it’s the next best thing because as a busy mom, you do a lot of walking. So imagine being able to get a foot massage done whenever you’re sitting at your desk at home or watching TV on the couch. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Check out this awesome foot massager with a 4.4 average rating by over 2,000 people here.

39) Take a break (again)!

And lastly mama, take a break. Any chance you can, take one. Take one in the bathroom, when you’re showering, whenever you can. Just take a break. We can’t be there for our families in the way we want if we’re continuously burning ourselves out.

Everyone needs a well rested, mood-free mama so if you need one, take one.

39 recovery ideas for working mom burnout

Cheers to a more relaxed mama!

Now you know 39 genius ways to recover from working mom burnout. But honestly, you want to try to avoid getting here in the first place. So use these ideas to help you prevent burnout as well. Life is better when we’re one happy mama!

What is your favorite way to prevent or recover from busy mama burnout? Which one from this list will you be trying out next? Please share your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you!

And if you haven’t already, make sure to grab your Ultimate Brain Dump Journal for Busy Moms here.

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21 thoughts on “39 Genius Ways to Recover from Working Mom Burnout”

  1. What a great list! My favorite tip: Cuddle with your babies. There’s nothing like watching TV shows (who am I kidding, we’re watching Paw Patrol again and again!) with my babies, while we sit in my rocking chair! My daughter is starting Grade 1 and my son is starting kindergarten, but I will rock them even when they’ll be 75 if they want to!!!

  2. These are such great ideas! Idealized I haven’t left the house for more than 30 minutes alone since probably February! I need to find time to do that. Baking sounds like fun, cookies on the way!

    1. Hahaha yup, we’ve been stuck indoors at home mostly as well. Definitely try to sneak some of these in after bedtime lol and cookies is amazingggg ?

  3. Wow. These are fantastic tips. And I learned a few new ones to try. During the quarantine, I started a little hydroponic farm. That has been so much fun and a stress relief for me. I need to take your advice and stop watching the news. That is what brings me down the most. Be safe.

    1. Oh that sounds so fun! I would love to hear more about that though it sounds like my backyard would be way too small ? Stay safe as well and yup, stay away from the news lol

  4. Gee, I can’t relate to working mom burnout at all. ?In all seriousness, thanks for addressing a highly relatable issue, and thank you for including such a comprehensive list of ways to take care of ourselves. You have some wonderful ideas here. Much appreciated!

  5. this was so helpful, I needed to hear this as I was going through the mommy burnout and didn’t even know it, will be taking this advice and regain myself thank you so much.

  6. Great ideas! Working mom burnout is real, even when you work at home. People always assume that because I can work from my sofa my workday/life is easy but it has its own stresses like any other job.

    1. Yup I agree. And right?! Like yes I work from home (sometimes before but everyday now) but like I’m still working! Totally agree and it’s real which is why we have to watch out for it ??

  7. Thank you for sharing such a great list. It’s so easy to forget some of the simple things we can do for ourselves and to become so overwhelmed.
    There are some great ideas in here I wouldn’t have though of myself but I will definitely be trying soon. X

    1. Yes it really is easy to forget but who can blame us right? ? Happy to know you’ll be adding in some much needed relaxation time to your schedule!

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