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27 Types of Gifts For Nursing Moms (From Essentials to Unique Ideas)

Finding the perfect gifts for nursing moms is actually a super thoughtful idea. Although breastfeeding is an amazing bonding opportunity for mothers and their babies, it also comes with many physical challenges. 

Let me tell you…. breastfeeding is exhausting! Our breaks in-between are very short so finding the right gift for breastfeeding moms is an amazing idea.

And below is an extensive list of gifts for nursing moms or soon-to-be breastfeeding moms. They were specifically chosen by a current breastfeeding mother (ahem, me), so I know what we want LOL. So don’t worry, I got you covered with some amazing options that will make any breastfeeding mama happy!

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Must-Have Gifts for Nursing Moms

Nursing-friendly clothing, breastfeeding essentials and breast pump supplies are all must-have gifts for nursing moms. As in, you can’t really go wrong with most of these because it’s literally what she needs LOL.

So if you’re wanting to help your new mama out by getting her some breastfeeding must-haves, check out these gift options below.

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Nursing-friendly clothing

Nursing-friendly clothing is great because it makes breastfeeding comfortable and easy. Plus, with all the spit-up that comes thereafter, there’s really no limit to how much breastfeeding-friendly clothes she should have haha. 

Oh and most of these are not just for nursing moms, but for expecting mothers as well! So just be sure to know her clothing size or get a gift receipt in case she needs to exchange it.

Nursing Tops

There are several types of nursing tops, from zippers and buttons to lift-flaps, your options here are literally endless. 

Here are some of my favorite nursing tops you could use as gift for your breastfeeding mama:

Grab this three-pack of nursing tops here (comes in different colors).

nursing blouse as one of the best gifts for nursing moms
Check out this cute sleeveless blouse here
cute long-sleeve nursing top
Check out this cute long-sleeve nursing top here
nursing top for moms

Here is another cute long-sleeve nursing top in various colors

nursing top options for moms
Take a look at these different colored nursing tops here

Nursing Pajamas

Nursing pajamas make a great gift idea because they’re comfortable enough for her to sleep in, but still allow easy access for nursing. And who really wants to struggle at 3AM in the morning when our goal is to get our baby back to sleep? Not me! 

Here are some cute styles you can choose from:

nursing pajamas for moms
View this comfy nursing pajama set for mamas here
pajama set as one of the best gifts for nursing moms
Take a look at the different color option for these nursing pajamas here

Grab this nursing top and shorts set here.

Nursing Hoodie

Nursing hoodies are great for when it’s chilly outside. They’re especially perfect for the fall and winter seasons, but she may also wear it indoors as that seems to be a very common trend nowadays. 

Below are some comfortable nursing hoodie options:

nursing hoodie
Take a look at this nursing Hoodie with front pocket here
nursing hoodie for breastfeeding moms
Take a look at this fall themed nursing hoodie here

Check out the different designs this nursing hoodie comes in here.

Cozy Bathrobe

Bathrobes are great gifts for nursing moms who are home for several hours in the day and nursing every few hours. These make it easy to lounge in and nurse since you basically don’t even need to pick out an outfit haha.

Here are some super soft bathrobe options that make perfect gifts:

Grab this super cute matching mom and baby robe here.

Take a look at this soft kimono robe here and it’s color options.

Reusable Breast Pads

Every mom definitely needs reusable breast pads as we never know when boobies might leak LOL. So to avoid a show, reusable breast pads make great gift options (bonus points if they aren’t visible under clothing).

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Check out these organic bamboo nursing breast pads here.

Check out these washable Kindred Bravely nursing pads here.

These nursing-friendly clothing options all make great gifts for nursing moms so definitely consider gifting one of these. 

breastfeeding supplies gift basket

Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding essentials are must-haves because well, they’re some of the most used items each day. Therefore, she’ll probably appreciate having multiple of the below. 

That means you don’t really have to worry whether she has one or not. More than likely, she may already have them but could still use an extra to avoid consistent laundry haha.

Breastfeeding Pillow

Every breastfeeding mama needs a good breastfeeding pillow as they’re complete lifesavers. So yes, this is an absolute must-have  as they help to position the baby and provide back support for the mom.

I personally love the Boppy breastfeeding pillow but there are several other options too. 

Here are some of the most popular nursing pillows for breastfeeding moms:

Check out the famous Boppy Nursing Pillow here.

Check out this My Brest Friend Deluxe Breastfeeding Pillow here.

Breastfeeding Pillow Slipcover

Remember how I said that babies spit up a lot? Yeah, so you might as well get her a spare slipcover to avoid her needing to wash the same one over and over again.

In fact, I personally started with one and now have two. But sometimes, I feel like I could still use more LOL.

Here are some cute breastfeeding pillow slipcovers for boys and girls:

Get this cute floral two-pack Boppy pillow covers here.

Get this cute two-design animal Boppy pillow cover here.

Grab these two-pack of stretchy nursing pillow covers here.

Water-Resistant Boppy Pillow Cover

While slipcovers are great and all, sometimes the amount of milk spilled onto it doesn’t protect the pillow itself. So to avoid having to wash the entire pillow every few days, protecting it with a water-resistant pillow cover is a smart decision. 

She may actually not even know these exist (I didn’t for a while) so it makes a great top contender for a gift idea.

Grab the Boppy water-resistant pillow cover here.

Nursing cover

Now all these breastfeeding must-haves so far have mostly been for when she nurses at home. However, a nursing cover is perfect for when she’s nursing in public (if she prefers to cover herself up that is). 

It’s important for the nursing covers to be breathable and it’s a bonus when they’re cute haha. Plus, many also double up as car seat covers so you would kinda be gifting her for the both of them LOL.

So here are some nursing cover options she may like:

Check out this nursing cover with a built-in burp cloth and pocket here.

Check out this nursing cover that can be used in 8 different ways here.

Lactation Cookies

Yes, lactation cookies exist and they’re meant to be on the must-have section LOL. Besides being a delicious snack, they claim to help with boosting a nursing mamas’ milk supply. 

She may or may not need them, but why not get her something tasty. After all, she deserves a treat!

Here are some delicious lactation cookies for her:

Check out my personal favorite Lactation Cookie Bites here.

Or if she likes baking, take a look at this Lactation Cookie Mix here.

So yeah, even though she may or may not have some of these breastfeeding essentials, they’re ones that are good to have extra ones too.

Breast Pump Supplies

Some other gifts for nursing moms are breast pump supplies. This is especially if she’s actively pumping, trying to boost her milk supply or wanting to increase her breast milk stash.

However, she may already have some of these below so it would be good to find out what she’s missing as she doesn’t need multiple of these.

Breast Pump

If she plans on keeping a breast milk stash, a breast pump is definitely what she needs. Luckily, insurances cover the cost of a breast pump but depending on where you get it from, they may or may not cover the one she specifically wants.

Take a look at the most popular breast pump options below and check to see if any are covered under her insurance here.

Take a look at this Spectra – S1 Plus Electric breast pump here

Take a look at this Lansinoh Smartpump2.0 Double Electric breast pump here

Take a look at this Medela breast pump with MaxFlow here

Hands-free Pumping Bra

Moms are busy and when you add in breastfeeding to the mix, multiply that by 10. Then add in pumping on top of that, well then… her day is pretty much gone at that point LOL.

That’s why having a hands-free pumping bra would make a great gift idea for nursing moms. This way, she doesn’t have to stay tied down to a chair while she’s pumping.

Here are a few hands-free pumping bras with great reviews:

Check out this top-seller Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands Free Pumping Bra here

Check out this Momcozy hands-free pumping and nursing bra here


Some moms are over-producers and others want to save every little drop of milk they produce. The Haaka makes it super easy to do this as it catches any milk leaked while nursing. 

This is also a good alternative if a mom doesn’t want to pump so often but still wants to build up a small stash. It’s a super popular let-down catcher many breastfeeding moms recommend so would make a great gift idea.

Check out the full details of the Haaka here

Elvie Curve

Now, the Elvie Curve is very similar to the Haaka mentioned above except I love it so much more. It has the same concept except this one fits in the nursing bra so cannot be kicked off by the baby.

It still catches leaked milk during the let-down while nursing the baby. Plus, it’s much more discreet. The best part for you is that she may not even know this exists so you would be the superhero once she realizes how much this can help her.

Take a look at the Elvie Curve full details here

Breast Pump Backpack

If your nursing mama is also a working mom, a backpack for her breast pump would be super convenient. Instead of trying to stash her breast pump into her purse or taking it in the pretty basic (kinda ugly) bag it came with, grab her a cute breast pump backpack like the one below.

Take a look at this Luxja Breast Pump Bag with compartments for cooler bag and laptop here

Take a look at this breast pump backpack with cooler here

So you see, although these are breastfeeding essentials, there are still some great gift options for her. But in case you’re looking for some more unique gift ideas for breastfeeding moms, take a look down below.

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nursing mom feeding her baby

Unique Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

Now, she may already have all the essentials or perhaps you want to gift her with something a bit more unique and fun. 

If so, here are some gifts she can still use while breastfeeding even though they’re technically not essentials, along with thoughtful gifts for nursing moms she’ll absolutely love and appreciate.

Gifts She’ll Use While Breastfeeding

These gift ideas for breastfeeding moms below are some that she may not already have and could use while she’s nursing. 

Reminder Bracelet

A breastfeeding reminder bracelet is what nursing moms use to remind them which side they nursed on last. This is helpful because they’ll know which side she should nurse on next.

There are so many reminder bracelets, some are simple and others not so much. Below are some cute options she may like.

reminder bracelet for nursing moms
Check out the different color options for this Nursing Reminder Bracelet here
reminder bracelets for nursing moms
Take a look at these reminder bracelets for nursing moms here.

Baby Tracking Journal

A baby tracking journal is helpful because not only does it track her breastfeeding schedule and timing, it tracks other things too.

Plus, these make great baby keepsakes for your mama to reminisce on later. Here are a few tracking journals (both printable versions and hard copies you can order).

Grab this 3 month baby tracking journal here.

Check out this spiral 6 month baby tracking journal here.

Breastfeeding Door Sign

If your mama lives with others in the home or whenever she has visitors, a hanging door sign helps let people know she’s busy breastfeeding. It could even be a way to let her older kids know to go keep themselves busy and leave her alone LOL.

Take a look at these cute breastfeeding door sign options below.

Check out this “Do Not Disturb” door sign here.

Check out this 2-Pack of breastfeeding hanging door signs here.

Water Bottle

Breastfeeding moms need to drink A LOT of water in order to stay hydrated and keep their milk supply up. For that reason, water bottles with intake markings on them are extremely helpful for busy moms. 

Here are some water bottles that can help remind her to drink her water.

Take a look at the different color options for this water bottle here.

Select your water bottle size and color here.

Rolling Cart

Now you may be thinking “why the heck does she need a rolling cart for?” LOL. If she doesn’t already have a breastfeeding station, a rolling cart is exactly what she needs to create one.

It’s where she can keep all her breastfeeding essentials near her nursing station. This way, it’s all available when and where she needs it.

Get your rolling cart here.

Ready Rocker

Have you ever tried sitting down while holding a baby? Many times they’ll cry the minute you sit down unless you’re rocking them back and forth. But if you’re not in your rocking chair or perhaps don’t even have one, you’ll probably have to stand back up.

Now a new mom experiences this all day long LOL. But with the Ready Rocker, a portable rocker for any chair, makes it super easy for her (or dad) to rock the baby from anywhere. They can even take it with them in case they visit some friends or family.

So this is definitely one gift idea she would love.

These are all super cute ideas that will be nicely paired up with a much more thoughtful gift like the ones below.

nursing mom feeding her baby

Special Nursing Gifts She’ll Appreciate

Now these are probably the best gifts for nursing moms on this list. They’re super unique and thoughtful as they’re not as common.

Plus, many are ideal candidates for a super cute Instagram-worthy picture haha. But seriously, if you’re considering getting your mama a gift while she’s currently breastfeeding her baby, these gift ideas below are going to be her favorite.

Breast Milk Jewelry

Breastmilk jewelry is one of the most precious and meaningful gifts you can give her. You send a small amount of her actual breastmilk (find a way to get some LOL) for it to be preserved and turned into the jewelry accessory of your choice. 

Check out these beautiful breastmilk jewelry options below and really try to get her one created sometime before her breastfeeding journey ends.

breastmilk rose gold necklace
Take a look at this gorgeous Halo Breastmilk Necklace in Rose-Gold or Sterling Silver here
one of the best gifts for nursing moms is breastmilk jewelry like these rings
Take a look at these beautiful Classic Oval Breastmilk Rings here
Teardrop Breastmilk Ring
Take a look at this teardrop ring breast milk keepsake ring here

Breastfeeding Subscription Box

Another option you could do is gift her with a breastfeeding subscription box. Even though you typically sign up to get these monthly, you can cancel it right away.

These types of subscription boxes make good gift ideas because they contain several products in which the total value costs more than what you’re actually paying. So in way, you’re getting everything at a discount (and which new mom doesn’t like to save money LOL).

Here are a few breastfeeding subscription box options available:

breastfeeding subscription box
Take a look at what The Milk Buds Lactation Subscription Box offers here
breastfeeding subscription box gift idea for nursing moms
Visit this cute The Boobie Box here
breastfeeding subscription box
Take a look at this Peace, Love & Breastmilk Subscription Box here

Breastfeeding Art

If your mama likes artwork then perhaps a unique piece of breastfeeding art would be a good option. She could hang it or place it near her breastfeeding station or simply keep it as a keepsake to remind her of the beautiful journey she’s experienced.

Take a look at these breastfeeding pieces of art below.

breastfeeding art
Take a look at these various watercolor prints here
breastfeeding art as gifts for nursing moms
Check out this piece of watercolor print here

Breastfeeding Course 

Even though breastfeeding can be a beautiful thing, it’s also extremely stressful. In fact, the first weeks with a newborn can be a challenging time and even for months after.

So if you’re planning on getting a gift for a new nursing mom, it would be extremely beneficial for her to enroll into a breastfeeding course. I made the mistake of not doing this and spent the first weeks struggling and crying because of latch issues.

So do her a HUGE favor and grab the breastfeeding course here so that she doesn’t have to struggle like I did.

Streaming Service

Another gift idea for new or breastfeeding moms is to sign her up for a streaming service, if she doesn’t have one already.

Breastfeeding moms will spend a lot of time in their nursing chair so watching TV is a great way to help time pass by.

This can be Netflix, Hulu or even Prime Video.

Breastfeeding-themed onesies

How cute are themed baby onesies? Babies look so freakin’ cute in them and I’m sure your mama friend will find these baby breastfeeding onesies to be perfectly fine gifts, even if they aren’t really for her LOL.

I mean, look at the onesies below and tell me she won’t like them haha.

breastfeeding baby onesie
Check out this “I’m Here for the Boobies” onesie here
eat local baby onesie
Take a look at this “Eat Local” baby onesie and its different color options here
milk drunk baby onesie
Select the style of “Milk Drunk” top you want here

Breastfeeding matching tees

Similarly, you can go a step further and grab her some mommy and me breastfeeding tees. They make the perfect photo-opt and I can almost guarantee that she would love them.

Take a look at some of my favorite breastfeeding matching tees below.

mommy and me breastfeeding tops
Grab this “Milk Maker” and “Milk Monster” Mommy and Me Combo here
mommy and me shirts for breastfeeding moms
Check out these fall perfect Mommy and Me “Boobie Spice Latte and Spice Spice Baby” matching set here
mommy and me supply and demand tees
Click here to select your Mommy and Me “Supply and Demand” tops

must-have gifts for nursing moms

Have Fun Shopping!

As you can see, there are so many gifts for nursing moms. And coming from a breastfeeding mama myself, I have my eye on a few of these. 

Breastfeeding is a special yet stressful experience so don’t be shy about spoiling your mama during this time and get her one of the best breastfeeding gifts ever!

Do you have any other gift ideas for nursing moms that should be added to this list? Which breastfeeding gift are you going to go with? Let me know in the comments below as I would love to hear from you!

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