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220 Kids Would You Rather Questions They’ll Actually Want to Answer

Kids Would You Rather questions are a great way to have fun with your kids while they exercise their imagination. However, I know just how hard it can be to come up with some questions on your own, especially as a busy parent. 

So if you’re wanting to keep your kids entertained without screen time, Would You Rather questions are a great way to mix things up.

And yes, I know there are so many questions out there already, however, these are ones that you can specifically evolve into conversations versus the simple “cat or dog” kind. 

So grab your printable Would You Rather Cards here with over 300 questions and read below to see why you should ask Would You Rather type questions, when you can use them and the different ways in which you can play this game.

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Why You Should Use Would You Rather Questions Printable Cards for Kids

Besides the fact that this is a good pass-time for kids, there are also other reasons why Would You Rather questions are good for them. 

Helps with critical thinking

Would you rather questions help encourage critical thinking skills as they are forced to weigh their options on the spot. 

The questions that are asked help them compare the different choices presented, make sense of it and then immediately decide. And by having to consider things that they normally wouldn’t, it can help stimulate other ideas in their head.

Gets them laughing

Kids love to laugh and the funny or gross questions below can help them do just that. 

And since kids have a huge imagination, many times they’ll end up picturing themselves or you in the situation presented. If it’s something silly or funny, they’ll end up bursting out with laughter, which is exactly the point.

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Keeps them busy

With over 300 questions, these printable Would You Rather cards keep kids entertained for quite a while.  

You could hand it off to them to answer with their siblings so that you can get some work done at home. Or you could bring them along with you to have ready whenever they claim to be bored. And let’s face it, they get “bored” often LOL.

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Helps you bond as a family

Would You Rather questions are a great way for families to bond together and connect with one another on a deeper level. 

And depending on your child’s age, you may need to help explain the scenario to them, turning it into a teachable moment as well. 

Plus, there are questions that’ll help you all to get to know each other better based on the answers they choose. You may be surprised on what they pick so get prepared to have some fun as a family answering these questions.

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When To Use Your Kids Would You Rather Questions

They’re also great for many different occasions, which makes them an excellent activity to enjoy at almost any time. 

Below are some examples of when it would be perfect to bust out these printable Would You Rather Cards for Kids.

Road trips

Road trips are long and can get quite boring which is why it’s a great time to pull out these fun questions. Kids love the back and forth debates, so this can be a way to make those road trips more enjoyable. 

Plus, it’s also a way to keep them from asking “are we there yet” a trillion times each hour LOL.

Anytime there’s a wait

Anytime there’s a long wait like at the doctor’s office, at an amusement park or any long line in general, these questions can help kids stay occupied so they aren’t just thinking about the wait. 

Simply pull them up on your phone and start asking away. Before you know it, the wait will be over.

At the dinner table

When you’re eating dinner or a little snack as a family, these questions can help avoid the awkward silence. 

They can be used as conversation starters as you could have everyone also say why they picked their choice. This could spark a friendly debate within the family as others may have chosen the opposite for a different reason.

During family game night

I love having family game nights, but let’s be real, sometimes it can get a little bit boring as you’re playing the same games over and over. 

These questions will spice things up and can bring back some good energy into your evenings. Besides just using these printable Would You Rather Cards for Kids Q&A style, there are ways in which you could turn it into a fun game (which we’ll talk about below).

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In the classroom 

Would You Rather questions also make great icebreakers. It’s a fun way to start conversations between classmates who may not know each other very well. When kids answer similarly, it may spark new friendships among them.

It’s also a great way for teachers to bond with their students. If a student feels connected to their teacher, they’ll be more interested in learning from them and will actually pay attention during lessons LOL.

At holiday parties or gatherings 

These questions aren’t only fun for kids, they’re also great to pull out during family gatherings or at holiday parties.

It’s a creative thinking party game idea that can be used as icebreakers, while eating your holiday meal or simply by asking randomly during those silent moments we always have.

There are literally so many places where you could use these kids Would You Rather questions so take advantage of how convenient that is.

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would you rather printable cards for kids

Fun Ways to Use Your Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Now that you know why these questions are so great to have and where you could use them, it’s time you found out how you can make asking questions into a great memory or fun game.

Ask from the list

Once you have grabbed your printable cards here, you can either print them out or view them digitally on your phone or tablet. From there, all you would need to do is start asking away. 

Of course, this is the most basic way and probably not the funnest. However, it’s the most common way families use these cards, butttt that’s probably because they don’t know about the methods below.

Cut, and flip them over 

To turn it into a game, start by printing out the cards and cutting them along the lines. 

From there, flip the cards upside down from various categories over on a hard surface and shuffle them around. 

Then, everybody can take turns picking a card to answer. 

Play with dice

Another way to turn these questions into a game version is by using a die. 

You would still need the printed cards but instead of shuffling them, you would stack them in their categories and flip the decks upside down. You then assign a number to each category. 

To start the game, you roll the die and whichever number it lands on is the card deck you would choose from to answer.

Cut, fold and randomly select

Once you have printed and cut out the Would You Rather cards for kids, fold or crumble them up. Then, mix them up in a bowl or bucket so that they’re pretty randomized in there.

From there, you would pick a card without peeking and answer that question.

Kids Would You Rather Questions

I bet you’re ready to get to the questions now LOL. So below are over 200 kids Would You Rather questions that you can start asking right away.

They are a large sample of what you’ll receive in the printable pack with 300+ questions here.

funny would you rather questions for kids

Funny Would You Rather Questions

Here are some super funny Would You Rather questions that are sure to make kids laugh (and you too).

1.) Would you rather have the head size of a soccer ball or a golf ball?

2.) Would you rather have a red nose or purple feet?

3.) Would you rather have hiccups for a whole week or sneeze for a whole day?

4.) Would you rather wear a diaper forever or never wear underwear?

5.) Would you rather cry non-stop for a day or laugh non-stop?

6.) Would you rather have three eyes or two noses?

7.) Would you rather never have to clip your toenails or never get a haircut?

8.) Would you rather have baby hands on an adult body or adult feet on a baby body?

9.) Would you rather meow like a cat after every sentence or talk like a whale?

10.) Would you rather have a tree growing from your head or arms made out of plants?

11.) Would you rather have webbed feet or webbed hands?

12.) Would you rather sleep upside down or sleep in the trash?

13.) Would you rather be tickled for three hours or licked for one hour?

14.) Would you rather wear clown shoes forever or a clown nose forever?

15.) Would you rather ride a donkey to school or a camel?

16.) Would you rather have a wedgie everywhere you went or smell like a skunk?

17.) Would you rather have an emoji face or a rainbow-colored head?

18.) Would you rather sing every time you hear music or dance every time?

19.) Would you rather crawl like a baby everywhere you go or wiggle like a worm?

20.) Would you rather have purple teeth or pink fingertips?

21.) Would you rather never go to the toilet again or never sleep again?

22.) Would you rather speak backwards or speak in rhyme?

23.) Would you rather never stop dancing or never stop singing?

24.) Would you rather drink out of a baby bottle in public or wear a visible diaper in public?

25.) Would you rather have super fart powers that make you fly or super burp powers that blow things away?

gross kids would you rather questions

Gross Would You Rather Questions

Here are some gross Would You Rather questions that no one will probably want to answer but will have to LOL. They’re the kind that make you say “ewwww!”

26.) Would you rather eat from dirty dishes or wear dirty underwear for a week?

27.) Would you rather eat a cat furball or a handful of ants?

28.) Would you rather find thousands of spiders in your room or 50 bats in the kitchen? 

29.) Would you rather not shower for a month or not brush your teeth for a month?

30.) Would you rather find dog poop under your bed or a month-old cheesy pizza?

31.) Would you rather eat donuts with spinach or lettuce with sprinkles? 

32.) Would you rather get pooped on by a bird or peed on by a person?

33.) Would you rather eat a cockroach or get stung by a bee?

34.) Would you rather never wash your hair or never wash your feet?

35.) Would you rather stick your hands in a bowl of brains or a bowl of eyeballs?

36.) Would you rather ride a farting horse for an hour or kiss a smelly skunk once?

37.) Would you rather have ants for dinner or swallow a bee?

38.) Would you rather poop your pants on the bus or pee your pants at school?

39.) Would you rather shower with honey or use mustard as lotion?

40.) Would you rather find 100 bees in your room or swallow five cockroaches? 

41.) Would you rather step on a pee puddle barefoot or sit on a nasty public toilet? 

42.) Would you rather smell dad’s socks or underwear after work?

43.) Would you rather have booger-flavored candy or candy-flavored boogers?

44.) Would you rather poop chocolate bars or pee smoothies every time you use the bathroom?

45.) Would you rather brush your teeth with a toothbrush that fell in the toilet or in mud?

46.) Would you rather eat someone else’s fingernails or eat your fingernails covered in dirt?

47.) Would you rather use leaves as toilet paper or pickle juice as soap?

48.) Would you rather eat fruit with mold or drink water from the toilet?

49.) Would you rather be covered in ladybugs crawling or worms wiggling on your body?

50.) Would you rather walk around with a burping duck or a farting elephant?

kids activities would you rather questions

Fun Activities Would You Rather Questions

These kids Would You Rather questions are based on activities one can do so are pretty relatable and can even inspire some bucket list ideas. 

51.) Would you rather listen to the same song everyday or never listen to music again?

52.) Would you rather play sports or learn how to play music?

53.) Would you rather always run fast or always walk slow?

54.) Would you rather watch a professional game live or watch a live play?

55.) Would you rather get up-close seats once or far away seats five times?

56.) Would you rather be really good at playing sports or really bad at every other game?

57.) Would you rather always lose or never play?

58.) Would you rather play a new instrument or learn a new language?

59.) Would you rather fly on an airplane or take a road trip?

60.) Would you rather go on a helicopter ride or a balloon ride?

61.) Would you rather climb a mountain or walk through a forest? 

62.) Would you rather visit a new country each day for a week or tour the same country for a week?

63.) Would you rather know what places you’re touring or have let it be a surprise?

64.) Would you rather see the world by boat or by plane?

65.) Would you rather go camping in the country or sight-seeing in the city?

66.) Would you rather go to an all-you-can eat ice cream bar or a candy bar?

67.) Would you rather give up all games or all screen time?

68.) Would you rather meet your favorite cartoon character or favorite superhero?

69.) Would you rather swim in jello or swim in chocolate? 

70.) Would you rather have a food fight or a water gun fight?

71.) Would you rather jump on clouds or slide down rainbows?

72.) Would you rather touch the top of the sky or the bottom of the ocean?

73.) Would you rather make sandcastles at the beach or snowmen during the winter?

74.) Would you rather travel for the rest of your life or never leave your home again?

75.) Would you rather visit every country on Earth or go to space?

daily life would you rather questions

Daily Life Would You Rather Questions

These Would You Rather questions below are inspired by our daily lives. They’ll make them think about how their life would be like each day if they chose one or the other.

76.) Would you rather sleep with lots of stuffed animals or none at all?

77.) Would you rather sleep on an air mattress or on the couch?

78.) Would you rather have noisy neighbors or mean neighbors?

79.) Would you rather be without water or without electricity? 

80.) Would you rather buy five cheap toys or one expensive one?

81.) Would you rather take care of a baby or a sick puppy?

82.) Would you rather do your homework or your chores?

83.) Would you rather have a clean room with nothing in it or a dirty one with anything you want?

84.) Would you rather wash all the dishes for a week or all the laundry for a month?

85.) Would you rather make your own food or eat what mom made?

86.) Would you rather cook something new each day or the same thing everyday? 

87.) Would you rather go to school 4 days every week and no holiday breaks or school everyday?

88.) Would you rather have more breaks during school or leave school earlier?

89.) Would you rather eat out forever or only home-cooked meals forever?

90.) Would you rather have a job you don’t like but make good money or have a job you love and make little money?

91.) Would you rather start your own business or be a boss at a big company?

92.) Would you rather go to school everyday and never work or never go to school but always work?

93.) Would you rather work outside of the home or work from home?

94.) Would you rather test out new video games or rate new cartoons? 

95.) Would you rather create a new video game or direct a new movie?

96.) Would you rather have more money or have more time?

97.) Would you rather have lots of money and no friends or little money and lots of friends?

98.) Would you rather have a robot that cooks for you everyday or cleans for you everyday?

99.) Would you rather never go to school or never do your chores?

100.) Would you rather live without a phone or without a laptop?

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just for fun would you rather questions

Just for Fun Would You Rather Questions

These Would You Rather questions for kids are literally just fun questions to ask. Some of their responses may surprise you, while others may spark a debate.

101.) Would you rather have a magic lamp now with one wish or get one later with three wishes?

102.) Would you rather be super funny or super smart

103.) Would you rather be the size of an ant for a day or the size of a giant?

104.) Would you rather understand animals talking or see magical creatures?

105.) Would you rather make a new discovery or a new invention?

106.) Would you rather stay a kid forever or be an adult forever?

107.) Would you rather never grow old from current age or age normally?

108.) Would you rather be stuck on an island with one person or live in a different country alone?

109.) Would you rather be stuck outdoors for three days or stuck inside for a month?

110.) Would you rather be inside your favorite cartoon or your favorite video game? 

111.) Would you rather always talk super fast or have to mouth every word?

112.) Would you rather win $10 on a scratch-off ticket for sure or flip a coin to maybe win $50?

113.) Would you rather understand every language or understand dogs?

114.) Would you rather eat 10 of the hottest chicken wings ever or two big bags of hot cheetos?

115.) Would you rather walk around with a paper bag over your head or always have to announce your name?

116.) Would you rather have eyes in the back of your head or an extra arm?

117.) Would you rather switch places with your parent for a day or your sibling?

118.) Would you rather have super vision or the ability to read people’s minds?

119.) Would you rather have to say hi to everybody or never say hi to anybody?

120.) Would you rather your body turn into the color of your drink or always be the color green?

121.) Would you rather camouflage into every background or have a body that’s always flashing lights?

122.) Would you rather know what your parents think or what your friends think?

123.) Would you rather become friends with aliens or become friends with sharks?

124.) Would you rather be smart with no money or have no money but be smart?

125.) Would you rather get a brain freeze after every meal or a heartburn every time you drink?

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movie inspired would you rather questions

Movie-Inspired Would You Rather Questions

Now let’s see if you can guess where the inspiration for these fun Would You Rather questions below came from LOL.

126.) Would you rather have ice powers or have the ability to live on water and land?

127.) Would you rather have superhuman strength or be able to fly?

128.) Would you rather have your own fairy godmother or a genie that grants three wishes?

129.) Would you rather fall in love with a beast or kiss a frog prince?

130.) Would you rather find nice monsters in your closet or nice aliens under your bed?

131.) Would you rather always have a white braided hairstyle or big, red, curly hair?

132.) Would you rather have a hook as a hand or have giant, flappy ears?

133.) Would you rather be raised by cute fairies or raised by wild gorillas?

134.) Would you rather race super fast or fly on a magic carpet?

135.) Would you rather be accident-prone or have a bad temper?

136.) Would you rather have to clean up after dwarfs or clean up after evil step-sisters and step-mother?

137.) Would you rather smash everything you see or swing through trees?

138.) Would you rather be captured by pirates or fight an enchanted dragon?

139.) Would you rather go snow sledding with or go tractor tipping?

140.) Would you rather have your nose grow every time you lie or giggle uncontrollably every time you laugh?

141.) Would you rather sleep for 100 years or always be sleepy?

142.) Would you rather have Dalmatian puppies as pets or have an alien as a pet?

143.) Would you rather become a frog for the day or become a beast for the day?

144.) Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?

145.) Would you rather find a treasure map or magic beans?

146.) Would you rather have wings or a mermaid tail?

147.) Would you rather have zebra stripes or a giraffe neck?

148.) Would you rather have a super squirrel as a pet or a talking dog as a pet?

149.) Would you rather live underwater or a floating house in the sky?

150.) Would you rather have everything you draw come alive or become your favorite superhero?

christmas would you rather questions for kids

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Okay, but one thing I love more than Disney is Christmas! These Christmas Would You Rather questions are perfect to bring out during the holiday season.

151.) Would you rather have a body in the shape of a candy cane or a lollipop? 

152.) Would you rather be an elf for a day or a reindeer?

153.) Would you rather be a gingerbread cookie or a live snowman?

154.) Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or in the toy workshop?

155.) Would you rather sing Christmas songs at your school or go caroling in your neighborhood? 

156.) Would you rather have Christmas lights as hair or jingle bells as fingers?

157.) Would you rather have an elf at home for a month or spend a week with Santa?

158.) Would you rather grow a white beard like Santa or reindeer antlers? 

159.) Would you rather have a carrot nose like Frosty or a round red-nose like Rudolph?

160.) Would you rather get stuck in the chimney or never be able to stop riding the sleigh?

161.) Would you rather get a sneak peek at your presents or get one extra present for not peeking?

162.) Would you rather wear an ugly Christmas sweater for a year or visible long Christmas socks?

163.) Would you rather be Mrs. Claus or be the Head Elf in Santa’s workshop?

164.) Would you rather eat Christmas cookies for 6 months or eat candy canes for 6 months?

165.) Would you rather make toys all year long or play with toys all year long?

166.) Would you rather be a melting snowman or a munched on gingerbread man?

167.) Would you rather wear Santa’s big boots to school or wear pointy elf shoes to school?

168.) Would you rather have a red nose that lights up or have pointy elf ears?

169.) Would you rather be best friends with Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the red nosed reindeer?

170.) Would you rather wrap Christmas presents or help children take pictures with Santa at the Mall?

171.) Would you rather have large ornaments for earrings or a decorated wreath necklace?

172.) Would you rather be able to talk to your Elf on the Shelf or talk to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?

173.) Would you rather spend 24 hours untangling Christmas lights or check for missing light bulbs on a string of lights that’s 5 miles long? 

174.) Would you rather have a snowball as a head or jingle bells as fingers?

175.) Would you rather sleep on melted chocolate or sticky candy canes? 

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halloween would you rather questions

Halloween Would You Rather Questions

These Halloween Would You Rather questions are as spooky as they sound. But don’t worry, they shouldn’t scare your kids too much haha.

176.) Would you rather walk through a graveyard at midnight or spend a night in an abandoned house?

177.) Would you rather spend the night at a haunted house or spend the night at a cemetery?

178.) Would you rather watch a terrifying movie everyday for a month or be in a scary movie for a day?

179.) Would you rather have a creative costume or a scary costume?

180.) Would you rather get attacked by a giant spider or a spooky skeleton?

181.) Would you rather visit a haunted house or a haunted graveyard?

182.) Would you rather eat all your candy in one night or eat one piece every day for a year?

183.) Would you rather be wrapped up like a mummy for a week or sleep in a coffin?

184.) Would you rather play the villain in a horror movie or play the hero?

185.) Would you rather fly on a witch’s broom or drink some witch’s brew?

186.) Would you rather eat all your Halloween candy or exchange it all for money?

187.) Would you rather wear a scary costume or dress as a baby?

188.) Would you rather dress up as something scary or something silly?

189.) Would you rather have Halloween everyday or never have Halloween?

190.) Would you rather carve a pumpkin or bob for apples?

191.) Would you rather have a monster under your bed or ghost in your closet?

192.) Would you rather see a cool trick or get a yummy treat?

193.) Would you rather be able to see ghosts or walk through walls?

194.) Would you rather have a black cat cross your path or break a mirror for bad luck?

195.) Would you rather get bitten by a vampire or hexed by a witch?

196.) Would you rather be chased by a zombie or be chased by the headless human?

197.) Would you rather have a pumpkin for a head or have skeleton hands?

198.) Would you rather be able to fly on a broomstick or have a magic wand?

199.) Would you rather be able to transform into a bat or a black cat?

200.) Would you rather play a prank on your siblings or play a prank on your parents?

easter would you rather questions

Easter Would You Rather Questions

Lastly, let’s end these with some cute ones. Below are Easter Would You Rather questions for kids.

201.) Would you rather hide the Easter eggs or find the Easter eggs?

202.) Would you rather eat a giant chocolate bunny or a giant jelly bean?

203.) Would you rather have big bunny ears or a fluffy bunny tail?

204.) Would you rather decorate 1000 Easter eggs or decorate 1000 Easter cookies? 

205.) Would you rather eat only lettuce for a month or eat only carrots for a month?

206.) Would you rather visit a chocolate factory or a candy factory?

207.) Would you rather search for Easter eggs at the bottom of the ocean or on the top of a mountain?

208.) Would you rather be followed everywhere you go by ducklings or have butterflies constantly flying in a circle around your head?

209.) Would you rather have to waddle like a duck wherever you go or have to hop like a bunny wherever you go?

210.) Would you rather have the ability to make it rain or have the ability to grow flowers?

211.) Would you rather get a huge Easter basket filled with your least favorite candy or get a small Easter basket filled with your favorite candy?

212.) Would you rather be allergic to grass or allergic to chocolate?

213.) Would you rather have a magic Easter basket or a talking bunny?

214.) Would you rather have Easter grass for hair or jelly beans for teeth?

215.) Would you rather have 10 pet baby bunnies or 20 pet baby chicks?

216.) Would you rather ride on the Easter bunny’s back or swing from his floppy ears?

217.) Would you rather swim in a pool of jelly beans or a pool of marshmallow peeps?

218.) Would you rather find eggs with $1 in them or eggs with 3 of your favorite candies?

219.) Would you rather know where all the eggs are hidden or be surprised?

220.) Would you rather have flowers growing out of your hair or carrots as hair?

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would you rather questions for kids

Time To Ask Away

Like I said, these questions are not only good for their development but they are great for your next family game night or party. So go encourage their creativity and imagination with these kids Would You Rather questions and have some fun too!

And don’t forget to grab your 300+ Would You Rather Cards printables here so that you can have them handy anytime. 

What are some of the funniest questions you’ve heard? What were some of your kids’ responses that had y’all laughing out loud? Please share in the comments below as I would love to hear from you!

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