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Fun Gratitude Challenge for Kids (Free Printable)

Do you want a fun way to teach your kids about gratitude? This 7 day gratitude challenge for kids will inspire them to be grateful.

Teaching children about gratitude is one of the best things you can do as there are so many benefits that come with it. Practicing gratitude will help your little ones feel more thankful and appreciative for everything they have.

So below are a few tips on teaching your children about gratitude along with a free gratitude challenge printable for you.

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Tips for Teaching Children About Gratitude

But before we move into the gratitude challenge activities, here are some tips to help you teach kids to be grateful. 

Ask them gratitude prompt questions

Start by asking your kids to answer daily gratitude prompts such as:

What makes me happy? What do I appreciate most in my life? What can I be grateful for today? What do I love about my family / school / siblings etc.? 

The gratitude prompt questions you could ask are endless. 

You can simply discuss these questions verbally with your kids when on-the-go or at home, or you could use a gratitude journal like the one included here, where they can write down their thoughts each day.

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little girl giving mom flowers as an act of kindness for the gratitude challenge for kids

Perform acts of kindness together

The best way to teach your children about gratefulness is to lead by example.

Start by performing little gestures of kindness for your kids to help them feel grateful. You can bake their favorite cookies, write a letter to someone special, or take them out for ice cream after school. 

The idea is that they’ll begin to associate gratitude with all these acts of love and affection you give them which will motivate them to do kind things for others too.

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Do fun gratitude activities 

There are so many different gratitude activities you can do with your kids or have them enjoy on their own, just like the ones in this 7-day gratitude challenge here

But in addition to this gratitude challenge for kids, some other activities you could do to teach your kids to be grateful include reading books, arts and crafts projects or playing gratitude-inspiring games.

And lucky for you, we have some great activities listed in the 7-day gratitude challenge for kids below to get you started.

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    7 Day Gratitude Challenge for Kids

    These appreciation activities for kids will help them learn how to be grateful. Be sure to print out your free gratitude challenge checklist and have them mark each activity off as they complete them.

    Here are the 7 fun and stress-free gratitude challenge activities for kids:

    Gratitude Challenge Activity #1: Draw Your Gratitude

    What You’ll Need: Paper, something to draw with (crayons, markers, pencils)

    Gratitude Challenge Activity #2: Gratitude Scavenger Hunt – Selfie Edition

    What You’ll Need: Camera, a list of gratitude items or things to take pictures

    Gratitude Challenge Activity #3: Write a letter to someone special to say thanks!

    What You’ll Need: Paper, pencil or pen

    Gratitude Challenge Activity #4: Create a Gratitude Tree

    What You’ll Need: Construction paper, markers/crayons, glue or tape

    Gratitude Challenge Activity #5: Create a Family Gratitude Time Capsule

    What You’ll Need: A shoebox and items to decorate it, markers/crayons, gratitude prompt questions

    Gratitude Challenge Activity #6: Write down why you are grateful for yourself

    What You’ll Need: Paper, pencil or pen

    Gratitude Challenge Activity #7: 5 Senses of Gratitude 

    What You’ll Need: Paper, pencil or pen

    little boy checking off his 7 day gratitude challenge for kids checklist

    Grab Your Free Gratitude Challenge for Kids Printable

    Now your kids can be as creative as they want with these gratitude challenges. The whole point of these activities is to inspire gratitude, creativity and kindness.

    It also means the activities don’t have to be perfect. At the end of the day, all that matters is your kids are more aware of their blessings and can start to see how abundant their lives really are.

    So be sure to grab your free challenge printable here and watch them have fun practicing gratitude.

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