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Tips to Start Reading With Your Children Today

Reading with your children is one of the most important things you can do. However, I know it’s not always easy to find the right book or know how to read with them. 

But don’t worry. Here, you’ll not only find out where you can get books for your kiddos, but you’ll also learn tips on reading with your kids to help make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Best of all, these tips will have them wanting to read some more since they’ll enjoy it so much LOL. No more grumpy faces thinking that reading is boring.

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Why Reading is Important for Children

Like I mentioned, reading with your children is incredibly important as it provides a lot of benefits for them.  

As a parent, you have the opportunity to create lifelong readers and learners by getting them ready for school in the best way possible. With benefits like cognitive development, improved language skills and more, it’s worth taking time out of your day to read with your little ones, no matter how young they are.

And of course, reading with your children is not only important for their educational development, but it also gives you a moment to bond with one another and create beautiful memories.

But of course, you need to have books available at home in order to be able to read with them. So below, I’ll share some of our favorite places to find books for kids.

Best Places to Buy Children’s Books

There are obviously so many places where you can find children’s books. From local places to libraries and online, here are some of the best places to buy books that kids will actually enjoy reading.


Librio is a top favorite place to get books from as you’re able to personalize the stories for your little ones. You do this by adding their name and creating an avatar that matches their same features. 

This is especially popular with the younger kids (like toddlers and preschoolers) since it gets them to imagine themselves in the story as you read together. 

But elementary-aged kids like them too. My 8-year old still likes being a part of the story if it’s one that matches his current interests.

Now of course, you can’t get every book personalized but it definitely makes a great gift for kids. One that can be enjoyed multiple times throughout the year while still supporting their development. is another great place to find books that your children will love. The best part about this site is that besides having a large selection, their books are discounted and pretty cheap.

Their website also makes it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for as they have organized their books by categories, age and format. Looking for board books? They got it. How about books for 5 year-olds? You can easily find that selection too.

So if you’re looking to build an at-home “kids library” or fill up their bookcase, this is the perfect site to visit. You’ll even get free shipping on orders above $35, which equals a lot of books LOL!

Kids Book Club Subscription Boxes

An increasingly popular trend lately has been to sign up to a kids book club subscription service.  

The way these work is you’ll select the age range and type of books you prefer and then each month, you’ll receive a package of books worth more than what you’re paying. There are several different boxes to choose from so you’ll definitely find something that suits your kids.

This makes it a great way to introduce new and popular books to your kids without the stress of trying to find books for them yourself. So honestly, going this route is pretty genius LOL. 

Plus, my son LOVED opening his packages as it made it feel like he was receiving a gift each month and would immediately want to read them haha.

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Of course, you can practically find any book for kids on Amazon. And if you’re a Prime member, then you’ll also receive free 2-day shipping of course.

The great thing about getting books from here is that they come with several reviews, making it easier to select a few.

Oh and several new children’s books authors also start out by selling their books on Amazon, so you may be able to help out a new author as well.

Resale Shops or Used Book Stores

If you’re looking for something more budget friendly, you can also check out local “resale” shops or used book stores. Once kids outgrow their books, parents sometimes take them to these shops to get cash in exchange.

Which by the way, this also a great option for you if you have a pile of unread books at home. It’ll be a good opportunity to exchange the books you have at home with ones you find at the store.

Keep in mind though, that the books from here have had previous owners so you won’t be getting anything new. However, even though the books will be used, not all books will be in poor condition.

Plus, you’ll be shopping in-person so you can decide whether you accept the condition it’s in or not. One of my favorite kids resale stores is Once Upon a Child as they only sell stuff for kids (including books) so be sure to find one near you.

Local Library

And of course, you can always check out your local library for books. But instead of purchasing books to keep at home, you’ll be renting them out. 

This is another budget-friendly option and it’ll expose your kids to even more books that they may not find at the local resale shops.

Plus taking a trip to your local library every now and then could be a fun activity you and your kids enjoy together.

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Tips for Reading with Your Children

By now, you already know that reading with your children is a great way to bond and spend quality time together.

And the best way to encourage your child to read more is by reading with them. So here are some tips to help you make the most out of this special time.

Start at a young age

It’s never too early to start reading with your children (yes, new moms, that means you too LOL).

But seriously, start reading to your kids at a young age so that it helps them not only fall in love with reading, but it’ll get them more comfortable with it too.

And like I said, reading helps with their brain development and language skills so the earlier you start, the better it’ll be for them and their future.

Place a bookshelf in their room

One thing we personally did at home to encourage my son to fall in love with reading was to add a bookcase in his bedroom.

Over time, the books in it have been swapped out as he grows but thankfully, many are being handed-down to his baby sister LOL.

But the reason why you want to add a bookcase in your child’s bedroom is mainly because it’ll be something that’s completely theirs. Children like to have things they can call “mine” and a bookcase is definitely something we want them to be proud of.

Plus, they’ll want to keep it full of books meaning they actually have to read them.

mom reading with daughter

Let them pick the book

You also want to let them choose the book as it’ll make them more excited about reading it. This means they’ll be more focused when reading which is exactly what we want.

If you’re forcing them to read a particular book, it may even lead to a whiny child, which no parent really wants to deal with. Plus, it gives them a sense of control which kids absolutely LOVE haha.

And by letting them choose what they want to read, they’re also realizing which type of books they prefer. This all leads to higher independence as well.

Have the right type of books

Even though you’re allowing them to pick the book, you still want to make sure that it’s at an appropriate reading level. 

If they’re having a hard time understanding what they’re reading, it’ll take away from the experience. It can also become frustrating for them when they’re unable to read certain words.

That’s why it’s good to choose books for your kids that are around their reading level (or perhaps just slightly higher). This way, they won’t be discouraged while trying to go through the book.

Help teach them how to read

Speaking of books based on their reading level, it’s okay if they’re not great readers yet. By helping them sound out the words while reading, it’ll be just what they need to get better at it.

But if you feel like you need some extra support on teaching them how to read, Hooked on Phonics is a great resource that’ll make this 10x easier on you.

In fact, they’re so confident in their reading program that they offer a 30-day guarantee on getting your child to read. Plus, you can test it out for a month for only $1! That’s honestly such a steal for all the material they’ll provide you with.

So if you want to help your kiddo learn how to read a bit quicker (and in a fun way), definitely check them out.

Find books they can relate to

It’s also nice to find books for your kids that can relate to their own personal lives. If the book has characters that have similar interests as them, it’ll make them more excited about reading it. It may even spark conversation about those interests as well.

That’s also why these personalized books are so popular – because it really gets the kids thinking they’re a part of the story LOL (even if it’s fictional).

Turn off distractions

When reading with your kids, make sure you turn off all distractions. This includes turning off the TV, tablets and putting away your phone. 

We want all the attention to be focused on the book as that’s the whole point of reading, right? Distractions would only give our kids the opportunity to look away which defeats the purpose of reading.

It also helps kids feel better when they know they have mom and dad’s full attention.

Check for understanding

To encourage critical thinking while reading with your children, we want to check for understanding. This is done by asking questions about the story, its characters and by discussing what they gather from the illustrations.

We want to make sure that they actually understand what is going on in the story. If they’re having a hard time picking up on what’s going on in the book, take a moment to explain it to them.

It also gives you an opportunity to let them share their thoughts on the content, including if they have any questions of their own. This can happen especially if the book is teaching them something in the form of a fictional story. 

By answering your child’s questions, you’re opening up a two-way conversation which is great for bonding and language skills too.

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Be consistent

Reading is not something you should only do every once in a while. Instead, make an effort to read with your kids at the same time each day. 

The perfect time for reading with your children is during bedtime. You can add reading a book to either their bedtime or after school routine. Whichever works best for you.

But by adding it to their one of these routines, it’ll become a good habit and will be a great bonding moment for you to have each day. If you opt for bedtime story, this may even help them sleep better at night, so it’s a win-win situation LOL.

And it doesn’t have to take long. I would set aside at least 5-15 minutes to read with them, depending on the book they choose.

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Have other family members get involved

Things are normally more fun when done with more people. And if your kids are anything like mine, they definitely like the attention they’ll receive from having all family members involved.

What I mean by this is to read to your children together as a family, not just you and them. Instead of taking turns with dad each night, get everyone involved for bedtime stories daily.

Plus, if there are several characters in the story, the different voices will be more enjoyable to them.

You also want to encourage other family members to give your children books as gifts so that they can continue to grow their love for reading.

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Have fun reading together

Just like in every other activity, make sure to have fun reading together. 

There are several ways to make reading entertaining, even if it’s a chapter book assigned by the school haha. 

You can do funny voices and really put the emotion being portrayed in the book. Or you could even act out some moments with their stuffed animals. I’m sure they would love this! I know my son does LOL.

By having fun while reading together, you’re not only showing them that reading isn’t boring but it makes the bonding experience so much stronger.

tips to help you read more with your children

Time to Go Read

The benefits of reading with your kiddos are endless. Not only does this lead to strong cognitive development skills, but it also helps them grow a love for reading at an early age. 

So don’t forget to pick up a book tonight and read it to them tonight. It’s never to late to start.

How often do you read with your children? Do you have any other tips to help make reading fun for your kids? Please leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you!

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