bedtime routine chart for kids

Fun & Easy Bedtime Routine Chart for Kids

How many times have you needed to tell your kids to stop getting up from their bed? Don’t you wish there was a simple bedtime routine chart for kids that would simplify your evenings? 

I mean, I don’t know about you but getting my son into bed used to take foreverrrr. He would forget to pee and then he would need to drink some water and then he would remember we hadn’t read a bedtime story yet. Does this sound familiar? 

If your kids’ bedtime has been a struggle for you, you’re not alone. That’s exactly why I created this simple bedtime checklist for kids. One that’s easy for them to follow, but fun enough to where there are no excuses left on why they’re getting up 5 minutes later. 

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Empowering Kids to Use the Bedtime Routine Chart

Like I said, using this bedtime routine chart for kids is extremely easy so there’s no reason why your kids shouldn’t be able to do everything on it themselves. Of course, it will take a little help from you the first few times, but after a few days they should have the hang of it. 

In fact, you should empower your kids to use the bedtime checklist themselves. It’s a great way to start introducing responsibilities to them no matter how old they are.

You can start by getting them involved in the setup process. This will help make it feel as if they had something to do with this routine versus it being something you are forcing them to do. 

bedtime routine chart for kids

How To Use the Bedtime Routine Checklist

Now the great thing about this bedtime routine checklist for kids is that you don’t need many supplies. You may even already have the supplies at home, especially if you’ve grabbed my kids morning checklist or after school routine checklist.

Here is what you’ll need to do for this routine to be a success and how to include your child in the setup process.

Step One: Print checklist

Included in this bedtime routine checklist are two versions, a pre-made one following the routine below (which is what we follow at my home) and a fill-in-the blank one. How you involve your child in this initial phase will depend on the version you choose.

For example, if you will be following the pre-made bedtime routine chart, then have your child help out with the printing. If you have a different routine in mind, have them help you fill-in the blank template. You can do this by having them tell YOU what they think the routine should be (with your guidance of course LOL).

Step Two: Place in picture frame

This 8×10 picture frame is perfect because it is simple, cheap and comes in a duo package so you can put your other checklists in it as well. But any 8×10 frame will do just fine. In fact, you could even have your child pick out a pretty or cool one they like.

With assistance, have your kiddo help put the bedtime routine checklist into the picture frame and find a visible spot at home for it. Some options are in their bedroom, near the dinner table or by the stairs.

Step Three: Grab dry erase markers

Now because this is a checklist, you will need dry erase markers with erasers to be able to check things off the frame daily. Let your child pick the color (or colors) for them to use or set up a little station with their favorite colors in a cup for easy access. 

Yup, setting up this bedtime checklist and getting your kid involved is super easy. Now let’s go into the actual tasks involved for this routine so you can explain to your sweetie pie that it’s time to go to sleep once and for all haha!

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Kids Bedtime Routine Checklist 

Like I mentioned earlier, the point of involving your kids in this process is to help teach them responsibility. However, kids don’t want to be responsible LOL. They want to have fun! 

So whenever you’re going through these bedtime routine chart tasks with them, make it exciting. Show them that it’s a big deal that you’re letting them “handle bedtime on their own.” It’s a big kid task and they will want to make you proud. 

Use the guide below to help explain how to do each task to your little ones. There’s even some tips for you!

bath supplies from bedtime routine chart

Take a bath

After your kids have followed the after school checklist, it’s time to start the bedtime routine beginning with a bath. 

If your kids are anything like my 8 year old son, they try to get out of this one as much as possible. I don’t know what the deal is with boys and not wanting to shower (LOL), but before this checklist, I used to always have to remind my son to TAKE A BATH! 

But hey, no one wants to go to bed stinky or dirty because that makes your bed stinky and dirty, right? That’s why taking a bath is done towards the end of the day. 

It gets your kiddos nice and clean, plus it could even be relaxing to them. Use some lavender body wash to help them sleep better at night too.

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kids brushing teeth

Brush teeth 

Brushing teeth could honestly come before or after the bath. Sometimes my son brushes his teeth right after dinner and other times, after he’s nice and clean from his bath.

He used to have his teeth brushing supplies in his bathroom but we couldn’t really keep an eye on him to see if he was brushing them right. So, we moved his kids mini toothbrush station and gave it a spot in our bathroom.

Giving him his own little “station” actually helped as he felt special seeing his stuff next to ours. And now, we can make sure his teeth are actually getting brushed correctly. We definitely don’t want stinky breath when they kiss us goodnight LOL.

little girl pouring water before bedtime

Drink some water

Please tell me why kids don’t like to drink water during the day, but all of sudden remember they need to right before bed. Usually, they remember AFTER you’ve tucked them into bed, am I right? 

So of course this is part of the bedtime routine chart. In fact, my son now even has a refillable water bottle he keeps in his room so that he doesn’t have to leave when he’s thirsty. 

Use the restroom

The rule at our house is if my son wants to be tucked in by me or dad, he cannot get up again after we leave his room. This includes to use the restroom immediately after being tucked in so instead, have your kids use the restroom right before getting into bed.

Of course, if they need to go, they need to go as holding it in is never good. However, this at least gets them into the habit of using the potty before climbing into bed.

family reading a bedtime story

Read a bedtime story 

Oh this is my son’s favorite bedtime routine task. He absolutely loves reading and has his own bookshelf in his room. 

For bedtime, let your kids pick the book or chapter they want read for the night. It will help them feel like they have control (which they love). And depending on their age, you could switch things up and have them read to you instead.

When my son was younger, we used to read to him. Now that he’s older, we all take turns reading together each night (dad, me and him). He prefers it this way and helps us bond together more as a family.

If possible, I highly recommend involving both parents during story time. Your kids will really appreciate it!

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mom praying with her kids at bedtime

Pray Together

We are huge believers in Christ and have been blessed in so many ways. So in our home, it’s extremely important that we say a nightly prayer. Perhaps, it’s the same in your household as well.

When my son was younger, we actually created our own family prayer which is what we pray each night. It’s simple enough for him to remember, but even then, we take turns as a family saying each line. And now that my son is older, we have added on the Our Father prayer.

We will continue this tradition once my newborn gets old enough to talk and give her a line to say as well. This is something you can consider doing in your home to continue the nightly family bond. 

family tucking their son into bed with hugs and kisses

Hugs & kisses good night 

Lastly, we close out the prayer with some “I love you’s” and “sweet dreams” type sayings. It’s almost as if we have a ritual we say each night haha. 

But it definitely helped my son love bedtime. He gets so many hugs and kisses while getting tucked into bed. And if he’s lucky, his dad will wrap him up like a burrito and give him some tickles LOL! 

Who said bedtime couldn’t end with some laughs? Bedtime can also be fun! 

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bedtime routine checklist for kids

Easier Nights Ahead With This Bedtime Routine Chart

So you see, it IS possible to simplify your bedtime routine and make it fun! When you follow and use this bedtime routine chart for kids and tips above, you’ll be shocked at how your child will look forward to bedtime (or at least stop complaining about it LOL). 

But hey, fair warning – if you empower your kids to follow this chart, but then YOU miss out on storytime or praying, they may come after you haha. 

What is your bedtime routine like at home? Do you have any special bedtime traditions or rituals? Please share below as I would love to hear from you!

Grab Your Bedtime Routine Checklist Here

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