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Delicious Kid Friendly Meals for Picky Eaters Without Cooking

Did you know there is a subscription service that provides kid friendly meals for picky eaters straight to your door? No seriously, I have a little picky eater myself and was shocked at how delicious he found these meals.

In addition to not having to prepare or cook lunch any longer, this service is a complete win for any mom who could use a daily mini break. So let me explain how this service works (along with special tips), our honest review and what amazing benefits this brings to your family (especially you).

[Disclaimer: A special thanks to Yumble Kids for gifting us with this amazing service! Please note this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if clicked at no extra cost to you. Though the opinions remain my own.]

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What is Yumble?

Yumble is a busy mom’s biggest time saver as it delivers fresh and delicious kid friendly meals for picky eaters right to you doorstep!

All of their fruit and veggies are carefully sourced to ensure quality and freshness for your kid friendly meals.

boy picking his delicious kid friendly meals for picky eaters on computer
My son excited to choose his own weekly meal plan ?

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Choose your plan

There’s three different weekly meal plans you can choose from on the Yumble website. The more meals you select per week, the more you save. But when selecting your plan, think about how often you actually need the meals as you wouldn’t want any to go to waste.

The best part is that their subscriptions are completely flexible. You can pause, skip or cancel at any time without any penalties, so if you wanted to do every other week, you could. You can even add extra meals to your plan (and get the discount) on any given week. With so many options, it’s kinda hard not to want to sign up and test it out for yourself, huh?

Step Two: Select your meals

Once you have selected your plan, it’s time to select your kid friendly meals for picky eaters like mine! And because he is soo picky, I wanted him to get excited to receive his Yumble box. So I decided to let him choose his own meals.

To be honest, that’s probably the best thing you should do too. He felt like such a grown kid with authority for those 15 minutes! ?

boy finishing up his delicious kid friendly meals for picky eaters and laughing
He reallyyy enjoyed this one, he was in such a good mood afterwards!

Step Three: Delivered to your doorstep

With Yumble, you never have to worry about shipping because they ship your kid friendly meals for picky eaters to your house for free!

And you don’t have to worry about packaging because your meals will be delivered in their industry-leading sustainable box. Watch the unboxing video below to see for yourself!

Step Four: Enjoy and eat!

The meals come in microwave-safe trays and are fully cooked. So when your child gets hungry, all you have to do is slide their meal into the microwave and it will be ready to eat in less than two minutes!

Watch this super cute unboxing video my son did for his Yumble meals ♥

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Giving his meals a thumbs up on Day 2

Our Honest Review of These Kid Friendly Meals for Picky Eaters

Sounds like an awesome service doesn’t it? Well, now that you know how Yumble works, we’re going to give you an honest review.

The Process

The process of ordering our Yumble meals was extremely easy. Even my 6-year old son could easily navigate through the page to select his own meals without my help.

The only thing I had to do was make sure that he was selecting a variety and not just 6 meals of the same thing. ?

The Packaging

Not going to lie, I was a bit worried about this one. We’ve never ordered a meal delivery service unless it was from a local restaurant to be delivered within an hour.

But to our surprise, the packaging was a lot better than I had expected. In the Yumble unboxing video above, you saw exactly how it came in – with extra padding all around and two huge ice packs. When we recorded the video, the package had been sitting out for about an hour (because you know… life..) so I was extremely happy to see that everything was still cold!

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Want some more helpful busy mama tips? How about some free activity printables for your kiddos? Sign up below to always stay updated with new and awesome stuff!

The Meals

Alright, now onto the most important part of the Yumble service, the special kid friendly meals for picky eaters. And sure of enough, I still have a picky little eater.


So the meals each come in their own trays with individual wrapping and heating instructions. Perhaps it’s because we have an older microwave, but for some reason, we normally had to add a few extra seconds than what is listed. So before serving it to your child, I recommend you do a temperature taste test.

Portion and Size

Right now would also be a good time to add that my son is an almost seven-year old athletic boy who eats more than he probably should. ? There are even times where he eats more than me! And the reason why I bring this up is because the Yumble meal portion was sometimes enough and sometimes not. However, I would estimate that the portion size is perfect for ages ranging from 2-8.

Favorites & Dislikes

So of course my son didn’t like all of the meals… he’s a picky eater remember? Haha.. but every child has their unique preferences and funny enough, the ones he didn’t really like, I did!

Okay so I’m busted. Yes, I would also eat some of the Yumble meals that I ordered for my son as they were quick and easy to warm up on days when I had to work from home. So I totally took advantage of having these meals in my fridge LOL.

Anywaysss… my son’s favorite meals were the Perfect Pizza Bagel & Veggies, Classic Cheese Ravioli and Creamy Mac N Trees.

For some reason, he wasn’t a big fan of the Chicken Marinara & Alfredo or the Chick N Casserole, but these were my favorite LOL. He also wasn’t a fan of the meatballs but that may very well be because we’re primary chicken eaters in this household.

So in the end, would I recommend this service? Honestly… yes! I found the Yumble services so valuable and I’ll explain why below.

Benefits to Using This Meal Delivery for Kids

So yeah, I think by now you can tell that I am totally digging this kid friendly meals for picky eaters subscription service and here is why:

1) It’s a huge time-saver!

I am a busy mama and I’m sure you are too. So time is extremelyyyy valuable to me, especially now that I’m having to work from home with my son and help him with his digital homeschool at the same time.

So because I’m having to juggle this during my work day, the Yumble meals were only eaten at lunchtime. This saved me “lunch break time” from having to cook or prepare a meal. Thanks to Yumble, his lunch preparation time was less than 5 minutes.

2) They are healthy & delicious.

We’re not a frozen food type family and thankfully, neither are these Yumble meals. They actually don’t go in the freezer and stay fresh for up to 7 days.

But because we don’t typically eat refrigerated meals, I was a bit iffy to try them. However, once I did, I was honestly shocked at how good they tasted. And I was more shocked that my picky-eater son actually had a handful of meals that he enjoyed.

3) Less dishes, pots and pans for you to wash.

Need I say more? Hahaha… Since you are not prepping or cooking anything, and the meals can be eaten out of the trays – there is not much for you to clean. I mean, it kind of doesn’t get better than that. ??‍♀️

Yeah, it’s seriously an amazing service and we cannot wait to receive our next weekly service. So if you’re a busy mama who needs to catch a break every now and then, click below to visit the site for additional details.

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Enjoy Your Delicious Meals!

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go order my next week of kid friendly meals for picky eaters. I’m already out of meals for this week and am dreading the fact that now I have to prepare lunch tomorrow. ? So if you do the same, I hope you enjoy your extra minutes of “free time.”

So what are your thoughts on this kids meal delivery service? Do you have any questions? Please share below as I would love to hear from you!

All images excluding the graphic images were taken by Cheers to Life Blogging

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33 thoughts on “Delicious Kid Friendly Meals for Picky Eaters Without Cooking”

  1. Thanks for this helpful review. I think it’s so great that there are meal services aimed at kids too. There was a great meal delivery service that was delicious and plant based but I knew for a fact my kids wouldn’t eat it, so we cancelled the subscription. So it’s nice to have options for kids.

    1. yes for sure, plus kids are all completely different so I’m glad to have found this subscription that worked for my son 😀

    1. hahaha sorry to say it doesn’t get any better ? not for a while at least lol little by little my son is trying new things… he’s 7!

    1. Oh man, I would totally use it also with three boys haha man boys can eat! ? and of course, glad it helped! ♥

    1. I am actually not a fan of frozen food at all so rarely buy it. What makes this different is 1) it is not supposed to be kept frozen, only refrigerated and 2) it is fresh and should be eaten within 7 days (because it’s fresh) versus frozen food that has many preservatives to make it last longer. So yeah haha… still not a frozen food person and glad these aren’t 🙂

  2. I have never heard of this company before. I like that it gets kids involved in the meal planning process. That’s definitely helpful in getting them to not be so picky. Thanks for sharing! Looks like it’s a super easy website to navigate!

    1. for sure, i thik that really helped my son get excited for his meals to come! And yes, super easy 🙂

    2. for sure, i think that really helped my son get excited for his meals to come! And yes, super easy 🙂

  3. I’ve tried several food delivery services, but I have never heard of this one! Wow. My youngest has a sensory processing condition so taste and textures is a big sensory issue for us. In turn, he’s an extremely picky eater. I may have to try this! I just have 3 boys and I’d be curious how this service plays into big families and budget. Thanks for sharing, now I’m curious.

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that but hopefully this will help. The good thing is that they have pictures on their website to show the meals so hopefully it’ll give you a good idea of what the texture will be. And with three boys, it’s definitely worth a shot! Not sure how you do it right now ?

  4. Wow, this sounds like such a great idea! It would definitely save so much time throughout the day. I used to be a picky eater, and now my kids are picky eaters :/ It really does suck but it happens. Great review post! This is worth checking out!

  5. This sounds absolutely perfect. My toddler is such a fussy eater at times and I absolutely hate wasting food. Feeding my family during lockdown has been a nightmare. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Me too, wasting food is a big no-no! and tell me about it, I’m not a big fan of cooking and now I’ve had to do even more! ? so this was pretty great!

    1. yes i agree! it’s so hard for me to have to prepare lunch when sometimes I have to jump on a conference call right after!

  6. Oh wow that is such a huge lifesaver! Didn’t know there’s a subscription specifically for kids meal. Will check it out. Thank you!

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