21 Resources For the Mama and Kids Who Are Stuck At Home

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First of all, I am NOT a homebody and DO NOT like being stuck at home. I love going out every chance I get. Is this you too?

Or maybe you love being home but with the different dynamics going on (aka stuck at home with your kids 24/7 – literally), is making you go a bit crazy.

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And don’t even get me started on the new homeschooling task that has been added on to our plates. Man, this world is crazy right now.

I think we could all use a bit more “easy” in our stressful and chaotic lives right now. So what if I told you I have an awesome bundle resource and tips that would help make your life a bit easier?

Keep reading because I do!

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What To Do When Stuck at Home

So tell me, what is your new stay at home mom schedule looking like nowadays? Is it driving you nuts yet? It was for me. I had reached my limit.

With working from home, having to homeschool my 1st grader, household duties and keeping up with my blog – all at the same time!… Yeah, I was about to break.

So I made some changes and updated my routine with the help of the resources below. Here’s exactly what I did to stay productive, organized and sane using these resources, and what you can implement right away as well!

boy learning how to draw
My son using the “How To Draw eBook” – in the past few days, he’s drawn over 10! It’s his new favorite things to do ♥

1) Plan out a list of all the possible stay at home kid activities they can do while you get things done.

This will help prevent you from scrambling each time your kids find themselves being bored. It also helps save some time and slight annoyance (shhh, don’t tell my son ?) of having to continuously hear “what can I do now mommy, what can I do now?”

My son’s personal favorite from the list of resources below is the How-To-Draw eBook and has kept him entertained for hours! This was used as his “art class” time. My favorite for him was the Gratitude Journal as it was a great way to help teach him something they normally don’t at school. So this was given to him as an “extra credit” assignment. ?

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Like I said, I’m still working my way through this bundle including this awesome Digital Scrapbooking eCourse!

2) Plan out a list of all the possible fun things to do at home as a family, for reasons very similar to the above.

I can’t imagine your kids are the only ones getting bored while having to do social distancing at home. I’m pretty sure you and your spouse are also getting bored at home. So, it’s also a good idea to put together a list of fun things to do at home as a family.

And your list can literally be anything! The most common things we have been doing includes playing games, having more movie nights than usual, coloring and more.

And thanks to the Family Conversation Cards below, we have now added a new family dinner activity that we’ll do from time to time to keep us from running out of topics to talk about. I mean, when we’re all home all day together, there’s only so much left to share.

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3) Get additional income flowing into your household.

If you’ve ever thought about or considered starting your own business, NOW is the time to do it.

Why? Well for starters, you have more free time in your hands and starting a business takes time. Time to put your thoughts together, time to plan and time to strategize. My side hustle is this, blogging. I work full-time but blogging is my newfound passion that I work on around the clock.

But if you don’t want to start a business, that’s okay too. Find something (anything) that can get you some extra income flowing into your household. And thankfully, there are two awesome resources below to help you get started to work from home including pitch templates, company names and more!

21 Resources To Help You Get Back on Track

Don’t these resources sound amazing? We bought our bundle the minute it became available to us and whoa, I am in shock! All of the resources are seriously a huge help to getting back on the right track.

I am still working my way through everything in this bundle but feel like I have enough to keep me entertained for quite some time. Not to mention the tools to keep me organized! And right now that we’re stuck at home, it’s perfect!

Introducing the Stay at Home Survival Bundle! Cool name huh?

The awesome team at Ultimate Bundles partnered with many experts to put together this extremely affordable bundle for you. We all know these are stressful times for everybody so these resources were collected to help out all the busy parents out there, especially if you’ve been stuck a home for a while now. We are all in this together.

So how to know if this bundle for you?

  • Are you a parent stuck at home with your kids?
  • Do you want creative and fun activities to keep your children busy?
  • Do you want personal support during these challenging times?
  • Are you a feeling a bit overwhelmed?
  • Do you like shopping at a discount?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, then this bundle is definitely for you!

These 21 resources are worth $493.19, but for a limited time only, is selling for an extremely reduced price of $24.97!

What’s Inside This Bundle?

As you may have guessed by the name, the sole purpose of this bundle is to help you survive being at home for this extended period of time. The Stay at Home Survival Bundle is packed with various activities, e-courses, workbooks, print-outs and more!

Here is EVERYTHING that will be included in your bundle for only $24.97.

Kid’s Activities

  • Calendars for Kids: A calendar is the first tool for teaching your kids to stay organized. Just give it a year!
  • How To Draw – Step by Step Instructions: A collection of 200 tutorials created by an art teacher and my son’s personal favorite
  • Letters Around the World: A preschool learning packet that introduces children to 26 new countries around the world, one for every letter of the alphabet!
  • Life Cycle Workbook Bundle: Learn all about the life cycle of both the monarch butterfly and the frog, with these two printable activity packs.
  • Nature Journaling: A place for you to document your time observing all the wonders that nature has for you.
  • Teaching Reading Through Play – A 36-week Early Reading Course: Help your child take their knowledge of the alphabet and learn to read with these carefully sequenced games and activities.
  • The Activity Gratitude Journal For Kids: Help your child cultivate an attitude of gratitude in a fun and creative way!

These 7 Kid’s Activities are already worth $140.95!


  • Back to Basics – The Screen Time Formula Course: Find your family’s screen time formula!
  • Digital Homeschool Convention – America Homeschools Edition Course: A crash course in how to homeschool when you never imagined you would be homeschooling!
  • Family Conversation Cards: Spark fun discussions with your family as you go through these 80 conversation starters.
  • The Intentional Stay-at-Home Mom Course: A course to help moms find more joy and meaning in their role at home by focusing on mindset change, self-care and activities.

These 4 Parenting products are worth $179!

Preparation & Organization

  • Better Than a Box eBook: A tutorial recipe book on in real food cooking, reverse engineering processed foods and creative recipe development.
  • Digital Scrapbooking for Absolute Beginners Course: Learn the simple steps to create your very own digital scrapbook pages. So cute and so much fun!
  • Emergency Medical Information Set: The much needed pages to keep all of your important emergency medical information at your fingertips.
  • Spring Seasonal Living Course: Flourish in all the goodness of the spring season with an eCourse dedicated to using all the earth provides in its natural rhythm.
  • Your Footprint – 64 Ways for you to Save the Planet: Learn different ways that you can make changes or adjustments in your life to help save the planet.

These Preparation & Organization resources are worth $92.82!


  • Anti-Stress Mandalas Adult Coloring Book: 20 fun and relaxing patterns to color and enjoy.
  • Gratitude Builds Fortitude 30 Day Challenge: Embark on a 30-day journey where you will learn the benefits of gratitude, along with the steps to implement it in your everyday life.
  • The Tired Mom’s Guide to Getting It Done: This guide will reveal the things that have been holding you back and show you how to overcome them by creating a realistic plan of action to finally get it done.

These Self-Care resources are worth $43.44!

Work at Home

  • Profitable Work at Home Starter Kit: All you need to unlock the secrets and launch a profitable service-based online business in a short time.
  • The Best Work-From-Home Jobs For 2020 – 144 Legitimate Remote Jobs That Are (Almost) Always Hiring: This book links you directly to 144 work-from-home companies that are nearly always hiring.

And these Work at Home resources are worth $36.99!

Yeah, seriously. This entire list of resources is included in your bundle at the low price of $24.97! But this bundle won’t be on sale for long and will then no longer be available. And purchasing all these resources on their own would equal $493.19.


If you’re interested in blogging and would like to learn how to start your own blogging business as a side hustle, email me your receipt once you’ve purchased your bundle. I’ll then send you my 20-pg Blogging Resources Toolkit for free to help you get started!

And because the team is so confident that you will love your bundle, there is a 30-day guarantee!

And if you wish to be notified when more awesome bundles like these become available, sign up below!

Have You Grabbed Your Copy Yet?

But seriously, take this and run with it! Let’s make the most out of this stuck at home situation. And these resources can definitely give you that little push you need.

So before this deal ends, make sure to grab your copy while it’s on this massive sale (thanks to COVID-19). Not to mention, all the resources that will remain valuable even after this is all over. So seriously, grab your bundle on sale here while you still can.

Which resource are you most excited for? What are some stay at home kid activities you have been doing? Please share below as I would love to hear from you!

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    1. It is an amazing bundle and yes, that’s probably the absolutely best part of the bundle in our opinion haha

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