special christmas gifts for dad

Unique Special Gifts for Dad He’ll Actually Love

Don’t just get the special dad in your life something boring he’ll never actually use. Instead, get one of these unique and special gifts for dad… that he’ll love and actually use!

I mean, as hardworking as he is, he definitely deserves something great, don’t you think? Plus, there’s some pretty funny ones that’ll for sure put a smile on his handsome face.

But what makes these gifts extra special is that they can’t be found in stores. Nope! They are specially custom made for you (so order with time). Plus, you’ll be supporting small businesses in the process. It’s a win-win.

So take a look at these super special gifts for dad that he’ll actually use and love to get him this Christmas, Father’s Day or even for his birthday!

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chirstmas gifts for dad

Special Gifts For Dad

Because these gifts are extra special and mostly custom made for you, keep in mind to order ahead of time to avoid paying in expedited shipping (like my fiance did for me for Mother’s Day LOL!) << True story. Apparently, I still have one more coming haha!

So don’t be like dad and order these special gifts soon! 😂

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Dad Socks

dad socks

LOL the minute I saw these unique dad socks, I laughed so hard! Does your husband or dad also fall asleep on the couch while watching TV or a movie? Both of mine do! So my son thinks these funny dad socks would make the perfect gift for dad since they’ll fit him perfectly haha!

Click here for more details on these dad socks.

Engraved Wallet

Now this is such a cool wallet for dads. It has so many areas in which you could choose to engrave a customized message, including the front and both sides in the middle. Plus it comes with RFID block technology to protect you from those scammers! And if you were to ask my fiance, he’d say his favorite part of a wallet is the flip pocket for the ID. So I’d say it’s pretty perfect.

Click here for more details on this engraved wallet.

Custom Beer Glass

custom beer glass

Okay, the beer glass is not just for beer but it looks much cooler with beer in it LOL. Last holiday season, we actually gifted dad a custom beer glass of his own and is now the main glass he ever uses. And since my son’s name is on it, he gets all happy whenever he sees him using it. This alone makes it one of the top special gifts for dad.

Click here to see all the personalization options for this beer glass.

Beard Comb

real dads have beards beard comb

Is the special dad is your life also growing out his quarantine beard? My fiance has always had a beard but this is the longest he’s ever had it. He now even has his own comb and beard care set for it! I never thought I’d see the day where I’d watch him care for his beard as much as he does now LOL. So anway, yup, this beard comb is a great birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas gift idea for any dads with beards!

Click here for more details on this beard comb.

Custom Engraved BBQ Grilling Set

fathers day custom bbq grill set

If you have a dad who loves the grill, then a personalized BBQ Grilling Set would make one of the most special gifts for dad you could possibly get! Plus, it might get him out there grilling some delicious meals shortly after he opens it up LOL. So honestly, it just makes an all around awesome gift for everyone haha!

Click here to view monogram options for this BBQ grilling set.

Engraved Pocket Knife

engraved pocket knife

Oh yeah, now my fiance does NOT leave the house without his handy pocket knife. I guess he gets it from his dad who also doesn’t leave the house without it. LOL! Like father like son. So yup, if the dads in your life are like these, then an engraved pocket knife would make an awesome gift for dad!

Click here to view the knife style selection.

Dad Shirt

"I'm not sleeping I'm resting my eyes" dad shirt

Haha! You know I just have to get the matching shirt right? I mean how could I not get this hilarious and super true dad tee? If I had a dollar for every time I heard this, I’d probably be rich by now. It’s the perfect Friday movie night shirt for dad. I can already hear it now… “no, I’m not sleeping, I’m resting my eyes.” ?

Click here to view more dad tee color options.

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Desktop Organizer

desktop organizer

OMG I got this for my fiance for Valentine’s Day and he immediately put it to use. You can find his desktop organizer next to his side of the bed on the side table. Not going to lie, it looks a bit messier than this picture haha. But it’s because on the back, there’s more space where he has dumped his loose change and a few other smaller items. But I guess it’s better there than scattered elsewhere right?

Click here for more details on this desktop organizer.

Personalized Drinking Mug

personalized drinking mug for dad

Aw how cute! Now this is almost the exact drinking mug my fiance uses all the time. We got it for him last Father’s Day and is now where he drinks all his Micheladas from. And yes, my son loves it when he uses his mug since we “created” (aka personalized) it together online. It’s a special gift for dad that he can use on the daily which makes it a great Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas gift idea option.

Click here for more details on this drinking mug for dad.

Dad Bod Tee

it's not a dad bod it's a father figure tee

Hahaha you have to admit this dad shirt made you laugh, didn’t it? I can totally hear my fiancé saying this, in fact, I’m pretty sure he has. But hey, we love them with their dad bod, I mean father figure and all don’t we? So that’s why it makes yet another perfect gift idea for dad this holiday season.

Check out all the color options for this dad tee here.

christmas unique special gift ideas dad

Make This One a Special One!

I know that special dad in your life is such a hard-working man who deserves to be treated like a king (at least this once) ? Just kidding! Of course they deserve more than one day but for this one special day, give them a gift they’ll truly love and appreciate. Oh and one he’ll actually use!

Which one of the gift ideas for dads are you aiming towards? Which of these would the special dad in your life absolutely love? Please share your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you!

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21 thoughts on “Unique Special Gifts for Dad He’ll Actually Love”

  1. Lucy, thank you. I needed one more perfect thing. And that beer mug, I had to have it. Love the personalization that makes it special.

    1. Yes, it always does! They are always my favorite gifts as it’s definitely more meaningful, even if it’s something small ♥

  2. Cute ideas! I haven’t seen my dad in a few years and won’t again this year so I’ll stick with the usual gift of gift cards. I’m not sure if my kids will see their dad either because you know, 2020 problems, but these are great gift ideas for Father’s Day.

  3. I’ve gotten my husband the personalized beer glass before and he absolutely loved it. It’s the only glass he will have ‘drinks’ from. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Oh great idea… I didn’t even think about moms getting it for their sons as well, mine is only 7 so not in that mindset yet ?

  4. I love the mug and the beer glass. Such cool gift ideas. Ordering early is a good tip as I always find myself running after a gift at the last possible moment.

    1. Haha that was my fiance for me this Mother’s Day. I ended having almost a week of presents because they all came in late ? so yes, order early! lol

  5. I’m thinking about those socks and that beer glass for my dad. Thanks for the suggestions, it’s a good idea to start shopping early with so many people buying online right now!

    1. LOL I just got my sock order before they sell out ? and yes, so many online shoppers so longer shipping times and things selling out

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