Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Under $35

Whoa, I can’t believe it’s already time to start shopping for meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts for him. But this year, let’s give him something he ACTUALLY wants and will look forward to using. 

Here I’ll share the top meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts for him (you know the kind he’ll love), but without costing you hundreds of dollars. 

I’m talking about special and unique gifts under $35 because Christmas was like a month ago and we need gifts on a budget LOL.

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Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Luckily, I shop for budget gifts all the time and this time, I got help in putting these gift ideas for him from my husband. I needed to pick a man’s brain to see what gifts they would really want that wouldn’t break the bank.

So, here is your list of Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for him under $35.

All prices below were last verified Jan. 04, 2022.

Personalized Gifts for Him

Just because we’re shopping on a budget doesn’t mean we can’t get something personalized. Here are some personalized Valentine’s Day gifts he’ll actually use, with a few being great gifts for dad too.

Engraved Pocket Knife

Let’s face it, guys don’t always want a lovey dubby heart-shaped gift. They prefer something manly that they can show off. A pocket knife like this one is the perfect example of this.

It’s easily transportable and can be carried around with them every day. Plus it looks very “manly” with the black and wood tone (this color combo is actually my husband’s favorite).

Check out the full details of this engraved pocket knife here.

Engraved Photo Wallet

How cute would it be to gift your husband an engraved photo wallet like this one. You could find a picture of you both or have a family picture engraved instead.

It’s one of the meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts for him that’ll put a smile on his face. Plus, it comes with RFID blocking too which only sweetens the deal.

Take a look at how to customize this wallet here.

Customized Music Plaque

These personalized music plaques here are becoming increasingly popular amongst millennial couples, and for good reason. They represent such a cute memory.

You can choose to put “your song” or the song that was played for your first dance at your wedding. Then all you have to do is scan the code to have it play instantly on your device. How cool right?

Check out the full details to this customized music plaque here.

Knock Knock – Fill in the Love Books

Okay, some guys like cute lovey dubby stuff too (mine likes both) ♥ This “What I Love About You” mini book is super cute and special because the prompts inside are answered by YOU.

Each page has a phrase with a blank for you to fill in, taking you down memory lane. My husband and I actually swapped these books filled in on our first Valentine’s Day and it was the sweetest thing ever. Some of his responses made me laugh while others made me cry LOL.

So grab one (or two) of these love books here and have a super special holiday.

plate with heart gift box as a valentines day gift for him

Gift Ideas He’ll Actually Use

With so many gift ideas for him out there, it can be hard to know which ones he would actually use. This list below are the meaningful Valentine’s Day for him he’ll really appreciate.

Some of which could even turn into a stay at home date night for the two.

Premium Beard Grooming Kit

If you have a bearded man like I do, he will love this beard grooming kit, even if he doesn’t currently own any beard products. Sometimes we have to get them the things they won’t get for themselves.

So let’s help him grow a healthier, fuller and softer beard to give him a bit of ego boost LOL. And no, his beard doesn’t have to be long in order to be well-maintained. This is great for beards of all sizes.

Check out this premium beard grooming kit here.

Wooden Organizer & Docking Station

Yup a handful of men like wooden gifts. I actually got my husband this exact organizer for his birthday a few years ago and still uses it to this day.

He used to just dump everything on our bedroom end table (which would create a disastrous mess), but is now able to neatly put his items away, like his loose change, phone, wallet and more.

Take a closer look at this wooden organizer here.

Grill Accessories Kit

What better way to show your man you appreciate him then by getting him a special grill accessories set like this one? This lets him know you LOVE his skills on the grill.

And if he’s not grilling yet, well now is your chance to help him learn LOL. It’s the complete package and comes with everything he’ll need to cook you a delicious meal.

See everything that’s included in this grill set here.

Sports Stainless Steel Tumbler

If your guy is into sports, then a stainless steel tumbler like this one of their favorite team will make a great Valentine’s Day gift for him. In fact, my husband uses his every morning.

Not only do these tumblers have new, unique designs on them, but they’re also guaranteed to keep your drinks hot or cold. Shoot, I even have a few myself LOL.

Check out the tumbler here and pick your favorite team.

All prices above were last verified Jan. 04, 2022.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

Aren’t these seriously the top Valentine’s Day gifts for him? I hope you found the perfect gift for him and wish you both a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Which item from the list did you decide on? Do you have any recommendations on other gifts he may like? Comment below as I would love to hear from you!

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