Super Bowl Halftime Show – Two Latina Moms Take Over!

Can I just say WOW? ? Last night’s Super Bowl halftime show was amazing!

It was the first time in history that two Latina moms took over the stage (even just thinking about it gives me the chills). Nonetheless, the first time a Colombian immigrant, Shakira, and a first generation US-born Puerto Rican, Jennifer Lopez performed at the most-watched football game of the year!

Of course, I am biased as I am a Latina myself with my parents being from Mexico. But even if you’re not, you can’t say that this show performed by TWO MOMS does not give you woman and mom pride. ??

Having J.Lo and Shakira perform not only makes history, but their performance was a hidden message to women all over the world!

Photo credit: Shakira's Twitter feed

What This Performance Taught Us

Like I said, this was not only a historic Superbowl halftime show – it was a performance with hidden, inspiring messages to our women community.

So what were these hidden messages? In case you missed it, here they are below.

Women Can Do and Be Anything

Remember back then when women were frowned upon for following their dreams? Yeah, those days are over.

Nowadays, women are taking a stand and doing what they love. Ever since our equal rights empowerment was granted, we are now able to do anything we want to do (like perform at a mostly male watched football game).

So what’s stopping you? You should not be afraid to go after what you want. If you set a goal and work hard to achieve it, you can do and be anything you want!

It’s just a matter of not being afraid and just going for it!

Moms Can Do Anything

I mentioned that Shakira and J.Lo are also moms right? I mean, I’m 27 with a 6-year old and they both look better than me! ?

But omg, how inspiring was it to watch these two moms perform at this show that was watched LIVE by millions of people around the nation? This means there was ZERO room for mistakes.

They had to put in tons of hours and dedication to ensure the halftime show went flawless. But at the same time, they would still go home after a long day to care for their kids and family. Completely mind blowing.

And how about that moment when J.Lo even brought her daughter to sing on stage with her? Just wow! Once again, proving to her daughter that she can go after any dream she wants, even if it seems too big.

Latinas Can Do Anything!

For some reason, there still seems to be hate in this world towards our Latin and Hispanic communities. And I’m not sure why?

We are all people who were created equally to live in this world… in this nation. This nation is where people come to realize their dreams, I mean it is America – land of the free, isn’t it?

So the fact that our Latina celebrities took the stage at an American football game is truly a game changer! It’s opening the opportunities for our community even further, proving that even those us with Latin descents can achieve their big dreams!

Follow Your Dreams!

Both of these women came from almost nothing. They were not grandfathered into their famous lives. They had to work hard for it.

Both of these Latina moms had a dream and then went for it. They did not let anyone bring them down and much less, stop them along the way.

They followed their dreams, even though they were big ones. So why would you let anything get in your way from following yours?

Take this performance as not only a Superbowl halftime show performance but as an inspiring reminder that us women, moms and Latinas can do it all too!

Watch the amazing performance again below:

Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever!

History was made last night. Two Latin moms took the stage at the Superbowl LIV 2020 and gave the greatest performance of all time, sending inspiring messages to all women including Latinas and moms.

So Thank You Shakira and J.Lo for reminding us of these empowering messages.

What did you think about the Super Bowl halftime show? Please share your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you!

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16 thoughts on “Super Bowl Halftime Show – Two Latina Moms Take Over!”

  1. It was an amazing show with good political messages like the kids in cages while they sang “get loud!”.
    The performance was so much deeper than first glance “just a great dance show”

    Karen |

  2. They KILLED it!!!! ?? I am so excited that these ladies (at their age) are showing all the boys that women’s beauty, talent, genius doesn’t end when we hit 30! We can rock it at 35,40,45,50 and probably at 89!

  3. I don’t really follow the Super Bowl 9 (or American football) as we’re in Australia. But I love both Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. They’re so talented and inspirational.

  4. Absolutely LOVE this post. I can’t believe all the backlash. Every year the performances are “sexy” and if a parent thought it was too much, use it as a teaching tool to be like this is the way they express themsevles and show love for thier bodies and look how talented she is for being able to dance and move like that. I think both women did an amazing job. They are so talented and athletic. I love how they celebrated their culture and showed that mom can do it all!

    1. Yes, I completely agree! There will always be backlash on something but we have to embrace the positives even more. I’m glad you enjoyed! ?

  5. Great post. I loved the mommy daughter performance. The dislike of the performance is not surprising which is very sad ? I guess that’s the world we live in ??‍♂️. Continue to spread love

    1. Yes, that mom-daughter part was a complete shocker to me but I loved it! I can’t believe her young daughter got the chance to perform at the Super Bowl at such a young age. And she completely nailed it!! People will always backlash but oh well, it won’t affect everybody!

  6. They are so stunning! But beyond their physical perfection, they are strong! When JLo walked out with the American flag around d her arms I had the chills! What a powerful message! I enjoyed their performances and love your post reminding women, moms, and those with Latin heritage that anything us possible!

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