graduation announcement cards and invitations

Fun Graduation Announcement Cards & Invitations

Wow, time sure does fly, doesn’t it? Our kids grow up right before our eyes. Before you know it, you are searching for graduation announcement cards and invitations because OMG they are graduating!

So whether your kids are graduating from Kindergarten or the real deal high school, it’s an accomplishment to celebrate. And thankfully, choosing and ordering your graduation announcements or invitations is easier than ever before.

[ Disclaimer: Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. Please note all opinions remain my own ]

graduation announcement cards and invitations

Finest Customization via Basic Invite

Now Basic Invite isn’t just your ordinary online stationary company. This is one of the few websites that allows customers online customization, unlimited color options, instant previews and custom samples delivered straight to you.

Plus, the online customizing part is extremely easy to do, trust me… I know because we ordered our wedding invitations from here.

Best in Design

They are truly the best in the business with their talented crew that consists of designers from all over the country. And because details matter, they take their printing process very serious to ensure that the colors and quality of your graduation announcement cards or invitations stay crisp and vibrant.

And speaking of vibrant, did I mention you can even make your invitations pop even more by adding color to the peal-and-seal envelope? Yup, you can also choose from over 40 envelope color options to really make them POP.

Change the Shape

Another great design feature (which could also backfire) is their option to change the shape of the invitation itself. They give you the option to choose between square corners, rounded, bracket or ticket shape.

If you’re like me, you may want something different than your typical rectangle invitation.

But be careful here, because although changing the shape may give your invitation a bit more “umph”, the design you chose may not look as good on that shape. When in doubt, order samples beforehand or request their designer take a look at it for you.

graduation announcement cards

Graduation Announcement Cards & Invitations

But don’t worry, I know it can seem a bit overwhelming to see all the different graduation invitations they have to offer. But wouldn’t you rather have a ton of options to pick from than to be forced to select from only a few?

Plus, you can choose from various graduation invitation templates to make customizing a bit easier. Do you want to showcase those awesome Senior pictures on the invite? Or maybe you want to keep it a bit more on the simpler side with no pictures.

And if there’s an element on the invitation that isn’t the right color, you can easily change the color of that element with the click of a button too.

So make it as simple as you’d like or make it flashy, the choice is yours. But since there are a ton of options, I’d recommend you get your Senior (or Kindergartner) to help customize so that their personality can shine through 😉

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Additional Services

Yes, there’s a bit more than can be done with your fun college graduation party invitations. I’m telling you, this site is amazing!

Basic Invite also offers a complimentary address capturing service that allows you to request and store addresses into your account for easy envelope printing (at no extra charge).

Some invitations even come with the option to add gold, silver or rose gold foil to them (making them look extra fancy).

other invitation cards

Have Fun Customizing!

So whether you are looking to customize invitations for the upcoming graduations, a baby shower or any special event, this is your online place to go for beautiful, risk-free invitations ordering.

What kind of invitation design is your favorite? Please leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you!

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