Desks for Homeschooling & Distance Learning at Home

Ultimate Guide of Kid Desks for Homeschooling & Distance Learning

Ready for back to school season? This ultimate guide of kid desks for homeschooling and distance learning will help your kids stay focused. This school year will be quite different than it’s ever been before but that’s okay because we’ll be ready and prepared (and so will your kids).

In fact, having their own desk comes with many pros which I’ll share below. So check out this list of remote learning and homeschool desks for kids to use at home this school year to make it the best one ever.

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best kid desks for homeschooling

Best Kids Desks for Homeschooling & Remote Learning

With so many options to pick from, it can be hard to know which desk to get your kids. So that’s where this guide comes along. It puts all the best kids desks for homeschoooling and distance learning in one spot for you.

Below are a variety of kid desk sets to fit every budget and every unique style for kids. But I will warn you that these desks are selling fast as they are in such a high demand. Thankfully, many can be delivered within a few days but act fast because they are going away quickly.

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White Kids Desks

Aren’t white desks the cutest? Here is a list of the best white desks for kids including many that are perfect for small spaces.

Compact Desk

This compact desk is perfect for kids between the ages of 3-8. It has some amazing drawer space yet is still compact enough to fit in small spaces. It even comes with the built-in cork bulletin board which is perfect for hanging reminders, their school calendar or other important keepsakes.

Take a look at the full details to this white compact desk here.

Minimalist Desk with Extra Storage Space

Now this one is a cool minimalist design type desk with tons of storage space. It includes 5 drawers which is perfect for storing their school supplies and also has extra open space on the detachable hutch. This gives you two design options to setup this desk with extra storage space.

Find out the full details on this minimalist desk with extra storage here.

Desk with Shelving on the Side

If I had a girl, I think this would be the perfect desk for her. I love the simplicity of it with the extra open shelving on the sides. It makes one of the best desks for homeschooling as you can store all their supplies neatly at their desk. Plus, it’s compact enough to fit in small spaces, which is exactly what we want.

Take a look at the full details to this white desk with shelving here.

Simple Desk for Small Spaces

Have you heard of Melissa & Doug? They are well-known parents to six kids and so they got their creative brains thinking and put together this cute and simple desk for small spaces. It’s probably one of the most compact desks with a hidden storage drawer underneath the tabletop.

Check out this cool and simple desk for kids here.

Modern Desk

Now here’s another modern desk that can be used with or without the detachable hutch. Plus it also comes with drawer space with shiny silvery handles giving it that modern and elegant look. Personally, I’d keep the hutch on as it’ll give your kids more storage space for their homeschooling supplies.

View the full details to this modern desk here.

Girly with Pink Desk

Aw now this is another cute desk for girls with the pretty pink drawers. And in case you’re not a gold person like me, it comes with the option to change the knobs to silver instead (which would be my preference). And the different sized drawers help you store different homeschooling supplies from pencils to books and more.

Take a look at the full details to this girly white desk here.

21-22 back to school calendar for kids
Grab your back to school printable calendar for kids here (a fun project created by my son and me together)

Wooden Kids Desks

Perhaps you’re not a white desk type of person and I totally understand. Although they are super cute, sometimes a normal wooden desk works best (it’s what we got as well). So here are some brown, wooden desk options for kids.

Compact Laptop Desk

Oh now this desk for kids is one that’s super affordable compared to some of the others. Plus it’s compact and simple to fit in small spaces while still providing enough storage space via the bins and on the side shelving. Oh and it even comes in two other color options as well!

Take a look at the other color options to this compact laptop desk here.

Simple Wooden Desk for Small Spaces

Remember that white desk created by Melissa & Doug? Well this is the exact same one but in a different color. So if you’re more of a wooden color type of person, this one would be a better option for you. It still has the same secret storage area underneath the tabletop too so it’s a no brainer for kids between the ages of 3-8.

Take a look at this simple desk for small spaces here.

Foldable Desk

OMG now this desk is seriously perfect if you are really confined in space. Not only is it compact but it’s a foldable desk too! That means whenever you’re done using it or if you have guests coming over, you can easily store this desk away from sight. The downside is that it doesn’t come with any storage areas but you could always create your own homeschool organization storage.

Take a look at this easily foldable and compact desk here.

Walnut Brown Modern Desk

Here is another super simple and small desk option with no storage space. The tiny desk model keeps it compact so you can literally place this desk anywhere in your home. The best part about this desk is that it comes with the most variety of color options, 5 colors options to be exact.

So take a look at the different color options to this small modern desk here.

Espresso Study Desk

I’m going to be honest and say that I am slightly upset we found this desk after we had purchased ours haha. I love how much storage space this little study desk comes with plus the built-in cork bulletin board. Oh and how about those spaces to hold binders and papers? Yup, it’s a pretty nice desk to have.

Take a look at the full details to this espresso study desk.

Creative Kid Desks

Now these below are super cool and unique type of desks for kids. Depending on your child’s age, they may like one of these better than the more traditional style above. So take a look and see if any of these suit your child and their needs better.

Adjustable & Multi-functional Desk

Now if you’re wanting a more high-techy type of desk, this is the one for you. It comes in four different colors and has features not included in any other desk. These features include adjustable legs for the desk and chair, an attached LED light lamp, tilt functionality for desktop with hidden storage. Yup, it’s a one of a kind kid desks for homeschooling.

Take a closer look at this multi-functional desk for kids here.

Fun with Multiple Compartments Desk

Now this may look like a toy type of desk but it is by far that. Out of all the desks here, it actually has the most unique storage spaces perfect for any type of homeschooling supplies you may need. These storage spaces include areas for books, markers, water bottle holder and so much more. It even has a working desk light and hidden storage space. So yea, it’s not even close to being a toy.

Take a closer look at this desk with multiple storage compartments here.

Creative Projects Table

Similarly to the desk above, this one is another desk / project table for kids with plenty of unique storage compartments. It even has plenty of space for two kids to work together (it does include two stools for this reason). So if you’re wanting something with plenty of storage space, this is a highly considerable desk option.

Take a look at this creative projects table here.

So there you have it. Your ultimate guide of kid desks for homeschooling and distance learning. And yes, there are reasons why kids should have their own desk, reasons which are explained below.

son at kids desk for homeschooling
My son excited to get his very own desk

Why Should Kids Have a Desk at Home?

There are quite a few reasons why desks for kids are so popular. In fact, kids desks are bought to use as a homework station and not only for kids who will be schooling at home. However, if you are schooling from home, then it just makes so much more sense to go ahead and get them their own desk once you’re able.

Below are the top reasons why you kids should have a desk at home, particularly if they will be doing the majority of their studies at home this year.

Something for them to call their own

So honestly, when we bought our son his desk, we had no idea that he was going to be super excited for it. We thought he wasn’t going to care since it was well you know, just a desk. But surprisingly, he was super excited at the fact that we was getting his “very own desk.” He sees me work from home at my desk quite often so I suppose this is where that stemmed from.

But it did show me that even something as simple as a desk can make him feel a sense of ownership. He now has his own desk and enjoys working from it because it’s his. We have him do workbooks over the summer and so I was able to see first hand how much less he complained about doing these since he was now doing them at his desk instead of our dining room table.

So yes, even though it’s “just a desk,” kids will still love it and gain a sense of pride and ownership for having one.

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Teaches them neatness and responsibility

Now this one is my absolute favorite. You can probably understand my frustration when I was having to constantly remind my son to clean up his mess from the dining room table so we could eat. But now? He doesn’t like seeing his own desk disorganized, nope. He likes having his desk nice and neat because it looks better that way.

So now I don’t even have to tell him to clean up his mess because he’s already doing it. And no, I’m not saying that he never put away his stuff when he was working from the dining room table, but now it’s almost a given that he’ll leave his desk organized before walking away. Plus, if they don’t clean it up, it’s pretty obvious who left the mess (they can’t blame it on a sibling or anyone else).

So it not only teaches them to maintain a neat workstation, but teaches them to be responsible for all their things housed at their desk.

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Back to School Homeschool Desks for Kids (Plus Printable Calendar)

Found Your Perfect Desk For Kids?

I hope this ultimate guide of kid desks for homeschooling and distance learning helped you find the perfect one for your kiddos. Let’s help get them prepared for an awesome school year, even though this year will be different than the rest. But you know, we all got this and we’ll get through it.

And because school is right around the corner, don’t forget to grab your back to school printable calendar for kids here.

So tell me, how do you plan on organizing your child’s desk in preparation for back to school? Let me know in the comments below as I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Very thorough! I wonder if standing desks are also popular for kids? They seem to be important and popular for adults and work from home. It seems like a standing desk for a kid who wants to wiggle would also be nice.

    1. Lucy | CheersToLife

      Hmm it probably is. In fact, I did find my son standing at his desk quite often. Shoot I wish I had a standing desk myself haha great idea!

    1. Lucy | CheersToLife

      Haha aw that’s so cute! I remember when my son was that little, he would be in my arms while I worked haha what about a little play table in your office?

  2. What a great post. My daughter isn’t quite school age but I put so much consideration into getting her her own little table for play that I can imagine I’ll be doing double that when she’s ready for a study desk!

    1. Lucy | CheersToLife

      Haha oh yes, play time table was a must for us as well but he’s outgrown that and needed something more mature haha

  3. Ohhh what a great post! I love how you broke down all the options, not to mention the benefits of having a designated spot to do schoolwork/study time 🙂

  4. We purchased a desk for our daughter before distance learning was a thing so she could have her own space to do her homework. I’m so glad we did because when we had to homeschool, she could go in her room and have somewhere to concentrate while her little brother used our kitchen table. I think I might get one for him too, I love the idea of him being just as excited as your son to have something if his own!

    1. Lucy | CheersToLife

      Oh that’s awesome about your daughter! I can totally see how having her own desk in her room can keep the siblings away from each other haha if you’re going the distance learning route, I think a desk for your son would be a great idea!

  5. Finding a desk for your kid can be really difficult. Most of the time you want something that they may be able to grow into so it lasts more than just a couple of years. This is the perfect lists of desks all in one post so I can compare them all. My personal favorites are the modern white desk and minimalist desk! Thanks for the awesome desk ideas! By the way, those calendars are too cute!

    1. Lucy | CheersToLife

      Yes exactly which is what I loved about most of these desks. They are adjustable so they can last a few years so definitely a long-term investment. Aw and thank you! We had fun making the calendars 🙂

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