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Best Places To Buy Cloth Face Masks for Kids (So They’ll Actually Wear Them)

So we’re living in a world where the new fashion accessory is a face mask. Okay so perhaps this isn’t by choice but it is what’s being required in many states, especially for kids going back to school. So I bet you’re wondering where are the best places to buy cloth face masks for kids?

The demand for face masks spiked when the medical kind went on an extreme shortage. Thankfully, the CDC confirmed that cloth face masks are a good alternative. So below are the best places to buy cloth face masks for kids along with some extra information regarding them.

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face masks for kids

Are cloth face masks safe for kids?

But before we even get into where to buy these face masks, we moms need a peace of mind that they are safe for our kids to use. Well according to an interview done by LA Times where they interviewed a pediatrician, the clear answer is yes BUT only for kids over the age of 2.

The main reason why kids under the age of 2 shouldn’t wear masks is because of their speaking abilities. If the mask is too tight or if they are having trouble breathing, they cannot communicate this to us. But otherwise, it’s fine as long as “it can be worn safety without obstructing a child’s ability to breath,” according to the article.

This is great news for us moms of school-aged kids, especially if you plan on sending them back to school this fall. So here are some great face masks for kids options.

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Face Masks for Kids

Now I just absolutely love all the mask options below. With so many color, pattern and character options, your kids wouldn’t mind wearing these around. Plus they’ve been carefully selected based on the awesome reviews at the time of this post (July 2020). So take a look at the best places to buy cloth face masks for kids.

Washable Kids Face Masks

colorful face masks for kids

These masks from GoodDayMasks are great for kids between the ages of 4-10. These double-layer masks are made with thin cotton, making it breathable for our kiddos. And can I just say that their variety of color and pattern choices are amazing? They have over 25 designs to choose from so matching your kids outfits will be no problem LOL!

Check out all the face masks design and color options here.

Cute Character Face Masks for Kids

character face masks for kids

These super cute character face masks from LuckyLynnShop include two different size options for kids. You have the choice to pick a 3-6 years old or a 6-9 years old size, making it an even more custom fit for your child. It’s also a three-layered fabric with adjustable ear loops so talk about comfort and cuteness in one!

Visit the shop here for the full face mask details.

Cotton Face Masks for Boys and Girls

face masks for boys

Aren’t we lucky to have so many pattern options out there? These cute face masks for kids made by CottonStoreLatvia are made with yup, cotton, and include a filter pocket as well. Designed mainly for ages 5-10 with lightweight and breathable material so they’re perfect for your kiddos heading back to school this fall.

Check out more face mask patterns for boys and girls here.

21-22 back to school calendar for kids
Grab your back to school printable calendar for kids here (a fun project created by my son and me together)

Character Face Masks for Schoolers

character face masks for schooler kids

Aww so much more cuteness and character options in this TangibleComfy shop. Your kiddos wouldn’t mind wearing these character type masks and would probably actually feel cool doing so. The best part about these masks is that they are made of 3 layers for a filter to go in-between and the sizes range for kids from 2-13 years old.

For the full details and dace mask design options, visit the shop here.

Matching Mommy and Me Face Masks

matching face masks for moms and kids

Now how cute would it be to match with your child. Thanks to LittleMiaBella, you can! This shop includes the same color options for both adults and kids so it’s a great choice if you want to sport out some matching face masks. These will especially come in handy if you plan on taking any family photos (like you know, the COVID pictures lol).

Click here to see the adult and kids face mask options.

Washable Character Face Masks

superhero face masks

And because kids LOVE anything with characters, they’ll also love these face masks from HappyFins. With their super soft elastic ear loops and breathable inner layer, they’ll not only be cool-looking but will be comfortable for them to wear as well. But hurry because this one is a popular shop with kids masks selling fast.

View all the kid mask options available here.

Adjustable Patterned Face Masks

girl face masks

Yay for another adjustable face mask option for schoolers and pre-teens from SumasBlankets. And don’t you just love it when you can specify your kid’s age to ensure a more perfect fit? In this shop, you have the option to pick from size 3-6 or 7-12 years old in any pattern of your choice.

Visit all the face mask pattern options here.

What If My Child Doesn’t Want to Wear One?

Yes kids are kids and sometimes they will try to resist as much as they can when they don’t want to do something. This is especially true when they are not used to it. Wearing face masks when in public definitely falls into this category.

So here are some helpful tips to try to help your child feel more comfortable wearing their cloth face masks.

1) Teach them the importance

Just like you’ve taught your kids the importance of hand-washing and not putting their hands in their mouth, teach them why it’s important to wear a mask. Depending on their age, they may not need the full details but you can still explain it in the “germs” lingo. By letting them know that wearing a face mask can help “reduce germs to avoid people getting sick” could be enough.

2) Let them pick their own

Make it fun for them by letting them pick their own face masks. I promise they will be much happier wearing one of the cute character masks than the ugly medical kind. Plus, the medical kind isn’t made for kids, it’s made for adults. So the cloth face masks for kids are made specifically to fit their tiny little faces. And if they themselves get to pick the Batman or Frozen design, they’ll more than likely be willing to wear it.

3) Model the behavior

Just like anything else, it all starts with us. We play very big roles in our children’s lives and it’s important that we model the behavior that we expect from them as well. So by us wearing our cloth face masks, we are showing our kids that it is okay. Yes, it’s different than what we are used to but it’s our new temporary normal.

4) Have fun with it

Lastly, have fun wearing your masks. That’s why there are so many bright colored options to pick from. It’s a way to keep things bright in a not-so-shiny situation. So take silly pictures and make funny videos while wearing your masks. Children are all about having fun so this is a great way to get them to relax a little and actually put on the face mask.

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Which Face Masks Are You Getting Mama?

Or are you going to let your kids choose? My son came over while I was writing this post and even without me asking him, he had already started telling me which ones he wanted me to get. ? I guess that’s proof that letting them choose their own works haha!

So let me know in the comments below which ones were your kids favorites. I’d love to know! But before you go, I bet you must be more on-edge than usual given this whole situation. So let my brain dump journal help you remember the important tasks you need to do each month. Grab your brain dump journal for moms here.

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