facebook support group for working moms called inspiring working mom life

Facebook Group for Working Moms: Inspiring Working Mom Life

Please note this group has been temporarily archived and will reopen in 2021.

Hey there working mama! Don’t you wish there was a magical place where you could seek connections and advice from other moms who “just get it?” Well, my brand new Facebook group for working moms has officially opened its virtual doors and I can’t wait to share all about it!

After months of research and spending time in other groups, there was always something that lacked… and that was fun and cheerful. So below, I’ll share all the perks that come with joining this new virtual community for working moms and what will make this one stand out.

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Purpose of Group

But before we get into the perks, why did I even start this Facebook group for working moms and what is its purpose?

The purpose of this group is to really drive virtual connections between us working moms because this life is not easy. Being a mom in itself has its own struggles and challenges, much less when you add working to the mix.

So I really wanted to build a community where working moms could come together and share what’s on their mind, whether it’s a sense of positivity, seek advice or simply vent.

I know the feeling of wanting to share something just because I need to get it off my chest but don’t want my friends and family judging me, especially those who wouldn’t understand. And so having a safe place to go to where you know people won’t judge is what this group is meant to be.

I want you to share your wins, your struggles and challenges throughout this motherhood journey. Ask questions or seek advice from other working moms in similar shoes. And if you want to show us that super cute picture of your kiddos, I’d love to see them and I’m sure other moms would too.

So come us inside Inspiring Working Mom Life to make connections and support other working moms who will understand you.

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Perks to Joining this Facebook Group for Working Moms

We all want to learn how to live a more balanced working mom life, don’t we? Well my hopes is that while you’re here, you’ll evolve into just that.

I know our lives are chaotic and we are doing the absolute best that we can. But at the same time, I also know that we can be a bit too hard on ourselves. We put ourselves last and that’s not the way things should be.

Collaborate, gain insight and share feedback

So throughout your time here, you’ll see various prompts where you can gain insight and share feedback. We are all working moms in different stages in our lives. Some may be good at things that you and I are not good at. But there is also things that YOU are great at in which others could learn from.

So the biggest perk to joining this group is that we’ll get to collaborate and share and learn from other working moms who get it.

Designated weekly threads

In addition, there will be two designated weekly threads in which I have never seen in other working mom support groups but find that they are actually very popular in other types of groups.

On Mondays, we will have a Motivational Monday thread 😄

Whether you just gone done working the whole weekend or whether you’re going back to work on Monday, this is your thread for motivation.

Who doesn’t love a good motivational working quote to start your day? This is especially if they are working mom quote specific. In fact, working mom quotes get searched so often that I decided why not bring them here to the group. So come by Monday mornings to get your weekly dose of motivation and share some as well.

On Sundays, you’ll get to promote your business!

There will be a weekly Self-Promo thread where you will get the chance to promote your service or business. This is HUGE because I know that in addition to working, many moms also run a side business. And for other moms, your business is your full-time work so why not support one another?

In this thread, it’ll be your chance to say what you do, what you offer and how you can help. At the same time, I hope that next time you’re looking for a service, you’ll use the search bar to see if anyone in the group offers that service. I’m a huge believer in reviews and research so definitely look around. But startups are also usually the ones that need a bit more help to get off the ground.

So on Sundays, swing by and share your business link and details. Then scroll through and see how you can support another mama friend ♥

Ask questions, share what’s on your mind and more

This will be your safe place to ask questions, share what’s on your mind, gain feedback and more.

Perhaps you’re struggling to get your toddler down for a nap and would like advice from other moms. Or maybe, you’re having a really hard time at work and just want to vent to someone else who may be going through the same thing. Perhaps you’re a working mom looking to jumpstart a side hustle so that you can leave your 9-5.

No matter what it is, come ask questions and share what’s on your mind. Help other moms as they ask their questions as well. We are one community of working moms who want to get to know one another and genuinely want to help each other succeed.

If this sounds like something you could use, swing on by and join us at Inspiring Working Mom Life as we grow this community together.

But before you do, take a look at the group rules below.

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group rules for inspiring working mom life group

Group Rules

Of course all great groups have rules because that’s how we keep things awesome! My group for bloggers wouldn’t be nearly as successful had I not had rules.

These are here to keep things fair for all and are quite simple to follow so don’t worry. But because Facebook doesn’t allow me to get super detailed, I’ve decided to list them here as well.

1) Start Here – Read Group Rules & Answer Pre-Approval Questions

See, you’re already following the first rule! It’s not so bad huh? Haha this rule is pretty much asking that you follow the rules. But to get approved, you must answer the pre-approval questions. This makes sure that we are letting in the right people and no spam.

2) The following can join:

So this group is specifically for working moms whether you’re a single or taken working mom, working from home or outside the home, run a side business online or in-person in any field or career. We also welcome moms-to-be or any moms who are looking to learn about the challenges and benefits to becoming or being a working mom.

But hey, as I once told a friend of mine – all moms are working moms in my eyes. Stay at home moms have a lot on their plate as well so if you’re a stay at home mom who just wants to hang out in an awesome mom group, swing on over!

Dads on the other hand…. well let’s just say this group is all women and even my own fiancé isn’t allowed in here haha!

3) Type of Posts Allowed

This is a working mom support group where you can share your wins, struggles and challenges. You are always welcome to ask questions or advice. And of course, please share your cute and adorable kiddo pictures with us (they always make us smile).

Posts that provide value to working moms are fine to post as long as they follow the rules below. Please just ensure that all posts are motherhood, parenting or working mom related as that is the purpose and theme of the group.

4) No Self-Promotion Posts Allowed

This is not the place for you to advertise your business. This includes providing free leads, looking to hire, shop pages, blog sites etc.

There are ONLY two exceptions to this rule. One is if another mom is specifically looking for a service you offer. This helps keep spam and unwanted posts / comments to a minimum in a group that’s supposed to spread cheer.

There will be a weekly self-promotion thread on Sundays in which you will be able to provide details on your service, product etc. This is the second exception to this rule. Otherwise, please do not expect this group to be a part of your marketing plan.

7) No Political or Controversial Posts

Like I said, we want to keep things friendly and cheerful in the group. Yes, we all have our own opinions for certain matters but this group is not the place to discuss them.

Therefore, political or controversial topics are not allowed in the group.

5) No Links on Main Wall

Links are not allowed on the main wall. This includes links to articles, blog posts, shop pages etc. However, if you know of a link that answers a member’s question, these are okay to comment.

I’ve been in many groups with link droppers and DO NOT want that for this group. Please do not share unrelated, affiliate or spammy type links on the wall nor in the comments.

6) Respect Each Other’s Privacy

We will follow the Las Vegas motto in this group. What’s posted or shared in the group stays in the group. This means no copying or screenshotting what another member posts to post elsewhere.

This especially includes any pictures. We are here to support one another which also means we respect each other’s privacy.

8) Be Kind and Genuine with Each Other

There is absolutely ZERO tolerance for hatred, bullying, trolling or discrimination of any kind. No negativity, positive vibes only. Be kind to one another, always.

9) Engage and Have Fun!

This group is meant to be interactive and lead to lifetime mama friends. Without interaction or engagement, we can’t help each other navigate through this working mom life. So let’s make this an awesome working mom support group, get to know each, help out and vent when needed. But most importantly, have fun and make friends!

facebook support group moms Inspiring working mom life

Request to Join Now 🙂

I am so excited that this group is finally live and would love for you to join us. This Facebook group for working moms is not like any other and I hope that it’ll become your favorite to engage in.

Let’s build up this beautiful and cheerful community of working moms and help one another balance out our busy lives with prioritizing what matters most – our family.

So request to join Inspiring Working Mom Life here and I can’t wait to connect with you soon!

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  1. This is a great idea. I have joined several moms groups in Facebook but they most of the posts revolve around drama between parents, and exes, who is in the right and who is wrong. It is nice to see a group that is focusing on helping moms as well as brining cheer to moms!

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